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This story is a sequel to Twilight Sparkle: Night Shift

We are the dark of the night
We are the sermon of fight
We bring the nightside sacred and wild

Two years after the rise and fall of Decadence, Fluttershy is trying hard to forget what was done to her that night; made all the harder by the strange behaviour of Applejack as she and her family mourn the loss of their beloved Dog, Winona.

When Trixie comes knocking at her door, telling her that Applejack is in trouble, Fluttershy will have to confront a magic even more infectious than anything Decadence put forward.

This story is a spin off/unofficial sequel to the fanfic "Night Shift" by Jawjoe. It is recommended that you read that fic first to get some basic ideas about the world, as this fic may contain spoilers for the events of Night Shift.

Jawjoe's story can be found here; http://www.fimfiction.net/story/57463/twilight-sparkle-night-shift

Chapters (4)
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Comments ( 32 )

I'll be keeping an eye on this. :raritywink:

Do the story the same justice as JawJoe did to Night Shift.

7629723 Thank you! I was so engrossed in Night Shift, I just had to add to the universe myself~.

I'm watching this now considering I enjoyed reading the Night Shift. :twilightsmile:

Great start, can't wait for more. Watched

7685944 I'm a bit of a scatterbrain, so I'm constantly bouncing between fic to fic. But seeing as I have more time at college, I will absolutely be coming back to this very soon! I even know how to finish it =D.

Sorry took me an awhile to come see this work, been busy with a lot of other stuff, but am pleased by this story greatly.

7803755 Thank you! I have part two finished in first draft, it just needs to be edited.

I like the horror theme of this story. Keep on the good work. :moustache:

Excellent chapter, can't wait for more.

is it just me or are those chapter titles makeing want too go on a powerwolf jam binge?

I literally quote Powerwolf song lyrics in the story description :P.

ahah so i was right! now ima need too go back and read the series out of respect for that been in my read later for ages... xD

Any critiques you can give are appreciated! I am determined to finish this fic, though that'll be a month or two off yet ;).

il need too catch up lol like i said never got around too reading the first ones but il happily give some help if needed.

Great chapter keep up the good work like the premise so far. Although I think referring to them/theu instead of he/she is getting confusing with moonlight and specter when talking about one of them doing a singular action.

I did this because Moonlight is gender fluid. I know that a singular "they" isn't used as often in casual conversation, but it's a gender neutral pronoun that's more recognisable than something like "Xi/Xim".

Gender non-binary people get almost zero recognition in fiction, so I aim to change that.

When you kept using it I figured it might be this so thanks for just clarifying it. When I put that option in my mind it was easy to follow with it. And I agree that they don't get used enough and this was a prime example of it.

Wait a minute, are all the titles just Powerwolf songs?

Yes :P. I'm a massive Powerwolf fan. They were the primary inspiration for this fic to begin with.

Nice. I only recently discovered them listening to bands like Sabaton on Pandora. I still need to download their music to my phone so I can listen to it in my car. There's another band called Gloryhammer I think you might like. Their albums tell a story across the whole album, and both of them interconnect. You should look them up.

I am a big fan of Gloryhammer! I've seen them live Twice already, and they are absolutely epic =D.

Oh shit, I've only seen the Eagles once. I don't think they're coming to my area anytime soon, though.

Hmmm..... this story was good. I give it a 9.1 out of 10. Keep on the good work in your other stories. :twilightsmile:

Also I find this story a good sequel to "Twilight Sparkle: Night Shift " You really capture the tone and style of that world.

Thank you! JawJoe's works are a massive inspiration to me, so I'm glad to have done his universe justice =3.

You know, Sacred and Wild was the first song I listened to on my way to school today. Now I just need to read the first two and then I'll start on this one.

He is the prince of the land of Fife,

Are those lyrics in the description Powerwolf by any chance?

Comment posted by Mystic Mind deleted Mar 18th, 2018

Yes they are! Powerwolf are the primary inspiration for this fic.

I have their logo on my bedroom door.

"In the Name of God (Deus Vult)" and "Son of a Wolf" are my favorites by them.
They're like Dark Christian Power Metal. That's freakin' awesome.

If anyone tells me Christianity isn't badass, I'm gonna tell them to look up Powerwolf.

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