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There is a legend among the Outlaws of Equestria's southern deserts. They tell of a ghost, a blind pony dressed in black, carrying a raven on her shoulder. For Silver Steps, this legend is all too real. Once a young colt with big dreams of becoming an Outlaw, now he is on the run, endlessly chased by the mysterious hangmare.

But what could he, a hapless excuse for a stallion who wouldn't hurt a fly, have done to invoke the hangmare's wrath? Perhaps the answer lies in the minds of the dead, for whom the hangmare seeks to avenge?

Inspired by the Volbeat song, "The Hangman's Body Count". Rated T for moderate gore and suggested suicide. Happy Nightmare Night, everypony!

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This is a damn good story.

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it. I worked myself to the bone for it to be ready before Halloween ^^'.

This was one dang good story.

This was amazing.

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