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"You think you know me..."


I haven't eaten in days. I can feel the hunger inside me getting worse. It's clawing inside me like a raging beast ready to burst. I try to hold on, hoping for rescue for both of us.

Me... and my pony friend Earthstar.


My friend.

My delicious friend.

Entree for the Halloween in April Horror Contest with the Barcast

Edited and Pre-Read by Titanium Dragon and DarthLink22

Cover Art Done By: Nauyaco

Chapters (1)
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Oh this is a really good read

Like their idol Smolder, our unnamed protagonist will likely go down in history... but for all the wrong reasons. After all, this seems like the sort of incident that could inspire a lot of anti-dragon movements...

Great story, by the way!

"Entree" into the contest? I don't care whether it was deliberate, leave that as-is.



*heavy metal intensifies*

*BFG Division intensifies*

well at glance this reminds me of a cannibalism IRL where people on a crashed plane ate their dead friends on a moutain. 80 days I think? I forgot

I can tell you took inspiration from the Donner Dinner Party. Good show on this story, a great piece of shocking content that makes you question your sense of the world is always a refreshing read.

I never heard of the Donny Dinner Party

Oregon Trail-era pioneers who got lost in the Sierra Nevada mountain range. When they ran out of food in the winter, many resorted to cannibalizing the dead bodies in order to survive.


TL;DR: In 1846, a group of American Pioneers got lost on their journey and ended up stranded on a snowy mountain. In their desperation, some resorted to cannibalism. 48/87 members survived.

That was legitimately disturbing.

Seeing how that's clearly what you were going for, nice work

I personally wanna see the outcome of this. What happened with Osha? Does he ever get rescued? Will he eventually feel remorse for eating one, possibly two, of his friends? Will others try and sympathize with his need for survival or make him an outcast? How will the others in his group look at him? Will he be welcomed back into the school or thrown out? These are the questions I need answers to.

Interesting, I’d suggest looking into the topic for the sake of historical education. The situation in this story is quite similar to the tragic event.

Valid and interesting questions that would be very intriguing to see answered. In my personal opinion I feel this piece is meant to force the reader to decide those things for themselves. A truly eye opening question would be, “What would you do if you were there?”

A nice read, a little simplistic I suppose but well written.

I think the main thing that brings me out of the story is the seemingly unaffected personality of the protagonist. There IS a very good bait and switch where he tries to leave before giving in to his hunger only to eat his friend without warning, but then the aftermath feels a bit shallow to me. Like it almost had no effect on him and the only struggle was before the act, but afterwards he has almost no hesitation towards becoming a mountain dwelling yak serial killer to get more meat like an addict. Which is also a little funny since he's had meat before, so the reaction is a little odd.

That aside, good chilling atmosphere, writing that gives way to vivid visuals and a feeling of potential about it earns my thumbs up. Overall, is nice. Granted this is about murder and murder is not nice, but still. Is nice.



I thought ponies were going to eat ponies. But I guess I was wrong. I've never read this kind of story before. Interesting in it's own way.

Wow, just...wow:rainbowderp:. How do you do this Rated? Seriously, just...how do write like this?! It's so good, dammit:fluttershyouch:!!!

Chilling, dark, and horrifying to the bone:pinkiecrazy:.


Well, you know what they say about ponies.

You can't have just one.

Well done.. he will be the terror of the yaks... Hell if he lives long enough maybe get the yetis back for eating his other friends

Here is a version with Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash, this is another very good read, I hope you enjoy it.


edit: please tell me which story do you prefer and why

That was, damn that was creepy. Awesome, but creepy

J-90 #23 · Last Friday · · ·

I was also reminded of the said unfortunate pioneer party. Certain desperate situations can bring out the cannibal in anyone...:twilightoops:

Thanks for the entry! Really looking forward to reading it. :)

Sometimes democracy sucks. Especially when the minority turns out to be right in the end.

That hits home for me

"On a hot summer night, would you offer your throat to the wolf with the red roses?"

"Will he offer me his mouth?"


"Will he offer me his teeth?"


"Will he offer me his jaws?"


"Will he offer me his hunger?"


"Again, will he offer me his hunger?"


"And will he starve without me?"


"And does he love me?"


"... Yes."

"On a hot summer night, would you offer your throat to the wolf with the red roses?"


<soft chuckle> "I bet you say that to all the boys."

Man, I gotta tell ya... this fic really is intense as hell! I freakin' love it! It's got so many hooks that lure people in, ya make it exceptionally interesting with the level of detail and story structure, and it truly is an unforgettable read! I hope ya don't mind, but I had to make a little reading on this! It's too irresistibly juicy! ;D

Audiooooo Liiiiiink: https://youtu.be/JWzFnRADbzE

(I don't mean to offend anyone with this comment!)

It was a very good read not gonna lie, the only thing that I feel wrong is the cold. Dragons can breathe fire right? I don't see a dragon with cold if he literally has fire inside of him and if he can fly, why didn't he took his friends out flying or even go himself to ask for help?
Again, a very good read nevertheless.

Spike has gotten cold before, my guess is that younger dragons can't warm their bodies all the time like adult dragons can. Also the wings were damaged thanks to the yetis its in the beginning of the story

Read this story and thought of this song


Inhospitable environments fight wars of attrition, not wars of power. A dragon can make themself feel warmer with some internal fire-breathing... but for how long?

Oh! I remember the wing now, yes.:twilightblush:

Ah, that was awful. Really, quire awful to read; good stuff.
I kind of feel like it was kind of inorganic to feed the idea of cannibalism by having Ella show up at the end -- not unbelievable, but convenient.
The starvation scene was very nice to read, pleasantly horrifying and well constructed.

SirReal #36 · Saturday · · ·

When you eat your best friend alive.

Sometimes democracy sucks. Especially when the minority turns out to be right in the end.

Oh yes

Isseus #38 · Saturday · · 3 ·

It's fun to note that during the Donner dinner party, the native americans tried repeatedly to bring them food and guide them to cover from the place they'd camped at, but they got shot at so they kept their distance. Then when the natives saw these brave white folks eating each other's corpses, they decided to GTFO. Makes you think who the savages were...

SirReal #39 · Saturday · · ·

Native Americans and American settlers didn't have a good history with one another. It's little wonder that the settlers were wary, stranded and paranoid as they were, with people who could just as well butcher them as help them. They wouldn't have shot at the natives out of "bravery," but fear.

But I find it interesting how this story connects to Native American folklore, specifically that of the wendigo. Wendigo are a terrifying enough creature on their own, but the circumstances are even more horrifying: they're spirits that possess those who cannibalize the dead. But in order to become a wendigo, it's not enough to simply eat the flesh of a human for the hell of it; you must be desperate, cold, isolated. It's a grim myth that connects very well with this story.

Actually, now that I think on that, maybe it would have been scarier if I had him possessed instead of falling prey to his predator desires and like them so much he'll keep doing it from now on.

I wonder how Equestria would react if they heard our stories of wendigos. Our wendigos are creatures that are nearly invincible, incredibly tricky, super human, and are cannibals that are cursed to be ravenously hungry for eternity. That is a far cry from their story of spirits that bring cold and snow.

SirReal #42 · Saturday · · ·


Actually, now that I think on that, maybe it would have been scarier if I had him possessed instead of falling prey to his predator desires and like them so much he'll keep doing it from now on.

One of this story's greatest strengths is that things could have gone differently if the characters made different choices. They came to the mountains because they chose to; Osha left for help and possibly died in the snow because she chose to; Ella left Maxi to be devoured by yeti because she chose to; and the main character ate his friend because he chose to.

Of course, these choices were made in desperation, but in the end the choices were theirs to make. Possession would have hurt the impact by taking away their autonomy, especially in the case of the main character.

Just imagine the damage a single MLP wendigo could do depending on how strong it is. The wendigo in MLP act similarly to liches, transforming the lands they occupy into cold, desolate, lifeless planes. Something that brings "cold and snow" simply by living is just as scary to imagine as the Native American wendigo, because food grows scarce, economies plummet, and many could die in the worst case scenario in a sudden flash freeze in an environment where a year-round winter is abnormal.

The starvation and consumption scenes were very well written and it all came across as believable. Although I typically don't read these kinds of stories, I am going to add it to my one of my shelfs.

Damn, can I just commend you on the usage of the red text? It's so simple, yet it's effects are so powerful. It depicts that moment to be bloody, brutal, horrible, savage, primal... satisfying, pleasure, heavenly taste...




True, a sudden flash freeze, complete destruction of all plant life, and year round winter is equally as terrifying. I'm just saying how scary our wendigos might be to Equestria. You can't reason with it, you can't intimidate it, you can't satisfied it, you can't outrun it, it's extremely cunning, and it's almost impossible to defeat. A creature like that to a population of herbivores must be terrifying.

The dragons might be the only ones that even stand a chance in a fight with them.


You can't reason with it, you can't intimidate it, you can't satisfied it, you can't outrun it, it's extremely cunning, and it's almost impossible to defeat. A creature like that to a population of herbivores must be terrifying.

Makes sense, but a creature like that would be terrifying to any species. And the ponies have faced greater threats, like Nightmare Moon, who can effectively turn off the sun with a flick of her horn, Discord, who bends reality to his whim, and the Changelings, an army of nightmarish shapeshifters who abduct ponies in the night to feed on their emotions. And they won. The Native American wendigo may be more lethal than these threats, but if the ponies were to become aware of it after a string of disappearances, a little magic from a halfway decent mage and the wendigo is a problem no more. We can't underestimate the ponies.

I think of it like this: the Native American wendigo is a creature that is a code red in terms of how much of a threat it is, but the wendigo of MLP are forces of nature. They would devastate entire ecosystems and drive hundreds of plants and insects to extinction by merely existing, decimate the grounds on which we harvest our crops, and leave governments scrambling to contain them.

Thinking on it, the Native American and MLP wendigo are both awful in their own ways: the Native American wendigo could take years to find because of its relatively isolated nature, meaning it could kill hundreds over the course of that time, while the MLP wendigo is a walking winter. The difference is scale. But I shudder to think that the wendigo of MLP could cause desperate people in isolated places to Donner Party one another, and then we'd have both invincible cannibals and frosty bois running around.

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