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Fluttershy is your friend. She has been for awhile now. You hang out with her quite often, doing many activities together.

But lately, she's been having you meet her alone in a local park for picnics, and during these picnics, she's so... quiet. Perhaps there is something on her mind...?

Got the inspiration for this story by listening to "Quiet" by the band Lights

Coverart by Miokomata

Proofread/edited by Deus Foalt

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Aww, that's sweet. Fluttershy is truly Best Pone.

You carefully scoot your tea and plate of sandwiches aside and move over beside her, looking off into the distance. "Fluttershy, what are you talking about? I haven't gotten any hints from you about anything. All I know is lately you've been really quiet, asking me to come out here alone and very far from the other ponies. I don't understand."

John Jacob Jinkleheimer H. Christ of the Celestial Sunbutt, my man, make your move! screamed the crimson-coated thief pony, voice unheard in the window she had to this wonderfully written scene before her. Even now, Viscera's rebel heart was now a jackhammer in her chest, about to burst in at how so demure a pony as Fluttershy could stand waiting so long for such a context-immune character.

Kidding, I swear (Viscera is basically Sweetie-Belle-In-the-bush on a normal day, wanted her to keep in character): this story is the bee's knees and I loved every second leading up to the revelation. You really make such a great tapestry in terms of setting up the background - in a way I will always envy and adore in equal measure. And your characterization is top-notch, especially about how disarming Equestria's favorite-buttery-coated benevolent is (even to those she's just met.)

And how cute Flutters is in her patience for this reveal at the end is something that I just couldn't resist before I dropped the like on this story. You're a truly once-in-a-lifetime talent, Dandershy, and I thank you for yet another fantastic, flowery, fluffy FIMFic.


Cutest pone is cute indeed. :)


Heh. Your kind words are much appreciated, and I'm so very glad you enjoyed this story, considering I was worried the reception wouldn't be all that great since it was written pretty quickly and on a whim. Thanks!

Hmm, I think the protag is a bit too oblivious, and similarly Flutters is really being super obvious for someone supposedly so shy about revealing her feelings.


Thanks so much for your valuable input!

Wish there were more fics like this. This is the first one I’ve seen that doesn’t seem rushed and immediately precedes lewd scenes. Nothing wrong with that btw, but it’s a nice change.

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