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After Princess Celestia summons Twilight to Canterlot for an urgent matter, she is informed that one of her friends is a disguised changeling. Twilight must figure out which one of them it is, but it's going to take a lot more than simply asking to attain the answer.

(Note(spoiler): Story takes place before Tirek, but after Twilight's promotion to princess.)

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I knew Twilight was acting strange, dumb strange, but strange nonetheless.

Your comment spoils it.

Can you put a spoiler over your comment so it doesn't spoil it for anyone else, please?


Both of these comments spoil it! :raritycry:

If he puts a spoil over it, mine wont.

This was beautifully written, and had an interesting and quite original plot, since most changeling stories don't have Twilight as the changeling GREAT WORK!!!

If I had been the changeling, I'd have killed Twilight. Just saying.

I thought the changeling was going to be Spike. I thought he was acting odd, but the real changeling was a pleasant surprise.

7498979 This is completely appropriate.




Then my plan worked. :scootangel:


For the sake of keeping this E rated, what has been done was necessary.


Thank you very much! :twilightsmile:

First "Idiot Ball" of the day: Celestia and Twilight not realizing that members of the Mane Six couldn't have been replaced at the time of the wedding. The defeat of Tirek required all six Element bearers to be present. That means that any switch needs to be either very recent, or "she" was always a Changeling and they are now overreacting. :facehoof:


Good point. A flub on Celestia's part. :ajsmug:

Actually, having read the ending, it comes across a Fridge Brilliance in hindsight. The real Twilight should have caught that. As she didn't, Celestia now suspects that something is off. ...if she didn't before, that is. The whole point may very well have been to trick the Changeling into revealing herself without getting her own hooves dirty. And as we all know, Celestia can be quite the **** when she's trying to teach a lesson. :trollestia:

"Look! A distraction!" Twilight pointed off to the left, and the ponies all followed her pointing hoof. When they looked back, Twilight was flying away, and reverted into the changeling form.

Works every time.

Twilight was later found bound and gagged in her own closet, in a magic-proof box.

She was in there since the Canterlot Wedding. I hope she at least got watered (as in something to drink) and a good book to kill time.

At first I even suspected Spike to be the Changeling.

Say, will there be a sequel or ist that supposed to be a One-Shot?


Depends on how successful this one goes. I may just keep it a one-shot. :pinkiesmile:

Is Twilight okay?? Please make a sequel???:pinkiehappy:

Well, and here I thought it was Spike. It would've been the perfect disguise! Nopony would've expected it, and it'd make sense of some of the inconsistencies in Spike's aptitude/ineptitude when written by different show-writers. ;-D

(Hasn't read it yet) I'm betting it's Pinkie. Would explain how she can do some of the things she can.


Two reasons:

1. Diversion of attention,
2. Framing an innocent pony so nopony grew suspicious of her.


It was much longer, in-depth mission.

Comment posted by Twilight Connor deleted Oct 14th, 2017

The description said that this was before Tirek.

My memory might be faulty, but I suspect that the description was edited after my initial post. In fact, it was probably added due to said post. See reply chain next chapter.


The description was never edited.

The author has proved you wrong, or they are lying. One can never take anyone's word for granted, after all. Triptych!Applejack is interesting in that way. Honesty, yet a secret keeper by birth. But that is another story, separate from this universe. It is irrelevant at this moment in time.

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Odd. Given the author's original reply to that post, it would have made sense that the spoiler note about timeline placement was added later. Otherwise the author should have called me out on missing it. As it stood, I clearly left this fic giving Celestia too much credit. See my reply to the author's initial reply. Either the author added that footnote after I left and forgot that it was edited in, or s/he was deliberately mocking me last year, and I choose to believe faulty memory over malicious intent in this case.

Goodnight. *Goes back to watching DB Super*

*Goes back to reading diaper fics and chatting on Discord*

I actually sort of called it..

This is like a game of among us...

Applejack was not The Imposter
Rainbow Dash was not The Imposter
Fluttershy was not The Imposter
Pinkie Pie was not The Imposter
Rarity was not The Imposter
Twilight Sparkle was The Imposter

there is 1 impostor among us

"Look! A distraction!" Twilight pointed off to the left, and the ponies all followed her pointing hoof. When they looked back, Twilight was flying away, and reverted into the changeling form.

then a distraction appeared

To be honest, fake Twilight's ideas were so stupid (Why wouldn't the replacements have at least some of the skills of the pony they replaced? Why are most of her tests comparing the rest of the mane 6 to her, when she lacks most of the skills they have?) that it was obviously her.

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