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You like Sunset Shimmer- not that you'd tell anyone, of course. Somehow, someway, you've managed to wiggle your way into the periphery of her social circle at Canterlot High, and now she's taken notice of you enough to ask you over to help her study for the next history exam.

EDIT: Featured 5/19/19!
EDIT: Now with an AUDIO READING by Lonely Fanboy48!

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Sunset is best girl~ :3

As I’m sure you will all remember from reading your books class, this was the era known as Cuddledown. You will want to make sure that you differentiate between the Cuddledown Era and the Snugtastic Era. Both time periods contains great deals of adorable cuteness and warmth, but there are many differences nonetheless.

Man, I like the outsider's perspective on the magical pony-turned-teenage girl. This person might find it odd that a girl who is good at math can't find Panama on a map.

Aww, this was the most adorable story I ever read. Shimmy's so cute

Cute. Too cute...


*shout in the distance* "So adorable!"

Cute, yes, but is it supposed to be in past tense or present tense? It keeps slipping between the two.


Copulation is overrated. Just sharing body warmth and feeling eachother's heartbeat is enough. If you ever feel like a relationship is in need of rekindling, go on a camping trip and bring a queen-sized two-person sleeping bag. Also, bring a half-gross bag of balloons and fill the tent with them and frolic together with them. Girls love that. Just ask Pinkie.


Unless they have a latex allergy, which would really suck.

Always good, wholesome fun


“Copulation is overrated. Just sharing body warmth and feeling eachother's heartbeat is enough.”

Well, I think it's less that copulation is overrated. And more: People don't understand that sex is cuddling. And a cuddle, without any “dawww”, is nothing.

A wise man once said, “there is nothing more overrated than sex, and nothing more underrated than a good dump.”

“Thank you so much for agreeing to help me study for the history test! You know everything about it.”

yup, and that's immersion out the window :rainbowlaugh:

Good lord that was cute. Very well-written, too.

Knowing everything about a history test? HA! That's funny.

Now, I wanna cuddle with Shimmy, she's too cute! Raise your hand if you want to cuddle with Sunset Shimmer!

Cuddles are great and you can't really have enough of them :yay::heart:

That's some cute cuddling

This was sweet.

(Fun fact: I based this story off of a real life encounter I had with a girl in high school. She had no idea what a cuddle-obsessed madman she would create)

You lucky bastard.

(Fun fact: I based this story off of a real life encounter I had with a girl in high school. She had no idea what a cuddle-obsessed madman she would create)

This is surprisingly similar to my first time cuddling with that friend I mentioned to you once, except we don’t get on top of each other.:rainbowderp:

Brony Novice was here and he likes this cuddlefic :twilightsmile:

It was a brilliant story it made me chuckle at the akwardness of the main character when faced with the girl he has a crush on my only bit of advice is to put the comedy tag on the story

Hah, funny stuff. I usually read this forum and https://studyhippo.com/essays-on/air-travel/ when I'm air travel to London. I can't say that I fly very very often but one a month of course. Maybe next month I'll fly to Canada.

This is so kyoot❤️


Thank you <3

This guy is so lucky. Also, is there going to be a sequel?

I need a sequel, I loved this it made me feel happy ngl. Great job.

So very kitty of you, Sunset :rainbowkiss:!..

This is warm :pinkiehappy:! But!.. We can't get enough! Snuggling must intensify!..

wow it looks great!

Sunset Shimmer is undoubtedly a genius, but she’s also more of a math girl. Her brow perks up slightly as she tries to digest your words. “…Uh-huh…”

I can agree with that.

Your whole body is flush with warmth and excitement as your crush snuggles up to you and asks increasingly disinterested history questions. Slowly, she leans more and more into you, and soon you find yourself in an uncomfortable, oblique position.

I'd so love to experience this myself 1 day.

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Did she even have parents?

She is a orphan confirmed!!

That's my Sunny-honey. :twilightsmile:

I wish something like this happened with me in my high school days, but I didn't have as many friends at the time back then.

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