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This story is a sequel to Scholarly Snuggles

After Twilight snuggles you (on Princess Celestia's orders) to learn about how the magic of cuddling relates to the magic of friendship, Twilight decides that her other friends should learn the same lesson- and sends you to Rainbow Dash first. Adorable cuddling and some surprising truths about Rainbow Dash (eventually) follow.

A sequel to "Scholarly Snuggles" and "Seraphic Snuggles", and the third story in the "Snuggles" series.

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you are an amazing writer

Don't try to fight it Dashie, give in to the cuddle side of the force, let it flow through you deeper and deeper.

Ah! My heart! I love this series so far- Good work!

7823869 Thank you so much! I'm glad you like it.

Rainbow Dash turned her attention back to Twilight, who smiled. “I suggest you two start by getting to know each other a little better before you make with the cuddling.” Then she did a fairly impressive backflip off of Rainbow Dash’s cloud lawn and fell toward the ground below. “See you tomorrow!” she called as she disappeared from sight.


Fffffuuuuuuuuuu that made my heart rate go up xD

My I join in on the pony snuggles?

Well at least Lyra hasn't found out yet. He'd need to get a restraining order after that. :rainbowlaugh:

7826734 Thank you! :raritystarry: I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Do you have any idea what these are doing to my crazy shipper side?

7828238 Teasing you beyond any measure of relief?
There's a reason that 'You' isn't interested, which will be featured in the conclusion of the series.

Cuddling, the gateway drug to... belly rubs!

This reminds me so much of that other HiE fic where the guy starts a "physical therapy" business (cuddles, ear scratching, and even belly rubs for the hard core customers). Needless to say, it becomes ridiculously popular as a way to help ponies relax and de-stress.

WHOAAAAA this was so amazing. Can I make a reading of this?

7978388 You absolutely can! Please send me the link when you do it! :)

7851980 Could you link or PM that story? I wanna go read it!


If I could ever remember the title... Sorry.

7985020 Drat, well pm me if ya ever remember it

Great story, loved every word! :twilightsmile:

8014582 I'm glad you enjoyed! Keep a lookout for more in the series coming soon!


8015075 I like how u put us in the main characters point of view it makes me feel like I'm in the story forget my username call me Chris:twilightsmile::scootangel:EEYUP:eeyup:that's my name

“Well, that depends,” you told her. “What would you like? We can lay down or sit up, and there are a whole bunch of different positions we could try.”

I swear you're doing this on purpose.

This was pretty good.

“Well, that depends,” you told her. “What would you like? We can lay down or sit up, and there are a whole bunch of different positions we could try.”

I hope you're not doing this on purpose... :applejackunsure:

I actually wasn't...but everypony seems to think I was :/

Ok, just checking. :rainbowlaugh:

In that case, I really appreciate the mature and somewhat professional take on snuggling. It's... refreshing to see someone write something like this with a clean mind. :twilightsmile:

Either way I thought this was absolutely great, and adorable. :pinkiesmile:

D'aww. This is nice. I wasn't expecting a non-tomboy (tomstallion?) Rainbow, though it's a nice touch.

me likey!:twilightsmile:

Need more Dashie cuddle stories tbh

I'm sorry

B-but on February 25th you said it was amazing... :fluttercry:

Lol it is amazing tho, probably my favorite story ever written

*Dabs aggressively*


Wait, I reread this 3 times. How is Rainbow not a tomboy?

Sorry if I wasn't more clear. I was referring to the higher, less raspy voice that she was described as using.

“Sure thing. What’s on your mind?”

2,180 words or 12,149 characters into the story it finally starts resembling the other stories

“It’s good for your health, too. Helps with emotional and mental health, bonding, and even helps your heart and your muscle recovery.”

It is all true, my dude. Oxytocin is a magical polypeptide.

Now I REALLY want to cuddle!

Plenty more stories where that one came from :D

With Dash most of all.

That was 220% more HNNNNNNGGGGGGG-inducing than I was prepared for. Excuse me while I have a heart attack.

“Well, that depends,” you told her. “What would you like? We can lay down or sit up, and there are a whole bunch of different positions we could try.”

That is the lewdest unlewed thing I have ever read. And I read a LOT.

“It shows,” you tell her, tracing a little circle around her cutie mark.

Bad touch! Bad touch!

“Oh.” She thought about this realization for a second, her coat and mane sticking up all funny from the attention you had paid to her. “Well, it’s time for you to adjust to Equestrian culture.”


great story, I liked it very much, good job and I wait for more than that:twilightsheepish::rainbowkiss:👍👌

Anon's got no idea what he's getting himself into... Heheh~

Talk about adorable! This story is great! ^-^

I'm barely midway through these and I am enjoying them very much. I think you captured Rainbow Dash very well here.

*squeee* So cute :rainbowlaugh: What a lovely story :yay:

“Ow,” you moaned. Rainbow Dash fell silent.

Yes on a cloud how could it hurt?

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