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Hi! I write pony fiction--mostly involving those silly humans stumbling their way into Equestria. Comment if you like! Constructive criticism welcomed! (Avatar by Sundown, will remove on request)

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Well, if you liked Herding Instincts, and Quantum Leap Xenophilia, I strongly suggest you check out Kitsy-Chan. She has a LOT of input on my stories and if you like my writing, you'd love her Snails 1/2 and Velvet Nighfall, even Gotham Knights.

Of course! You're a phenomenal author! And it just now clicked that you're the same SparklyBrony (duh!) that wrote the Quantum Leap: Xenophilia. That is quite possibly my favorite crossover yet, of all time. It's *perfect* for so so many reasons ^_^ I've added a bunch of your stories to my read later list, definitely stuff I'm going to try to churn through soon, but between everything I've got to read, trying to get my own writing restarted on a somewhat consistent basis, and just--real life :twilightoops: it'll be slow going. But seriously, keep up the AMAZING writing. 10/10!

And now, thanks so much for the watch!

First off, I'm quite happy to see your comments throughout Herding Instincts. Good feedback is something an author absolutely craves. So, thanks so much for the comments. And also, thanks so much for the fav. If you want, check out my other stories, might find something else you like.

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