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After undergoing a life-saving surgery at the Ponyville Hospital, you end up in Fluttershy's care as you take the time to recover and regain your strength.

Cover art by hioshiru!

EDIT: Featured on 5/10/2023!

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Praying for your success! :heart:

A nice heartwarming story. Adding this to the favorites.

It's sweet and cute,fits Fluttershy perfectly.

Crimson Eclipse77,

My thoughts exactly!

Especially since her Element of Harmony is Kindness, successor to the Pillar of Healing.

An elite story, I enjoyed it!

PPEF1 #6 · May 12th · · 3 ·

Maybe it's just me, but I would've liked this story even more if it was the EG Fluttershy

Very cute story, warm fuzzies and soft smiles abound. However, having gone through a lot of surgeries, including one that was life-saving, the foundation to the story was weak for me.

Having patients lying still all day post-surgey has long been found to be counterproductive, both for healing and for not dying of pneumonia and other complications. Additionally, it adds stress to the patient, slowing down recovery directly and increasing the chances of them taking a rash action that will also impede their recovery.

Our self-insert was awakened with "searing, radiating " pain from the incision site, yet neither we nor Fluttershy actually check it to see what the cause is. Stitches tearing open, bleeding internally or externally, swelling, infection, hematoma; Fluttershy treats the pain and only the pain. Pain is not a problem in and of itself, it's a symptom and a vital source of information for determining the existence and nature of harm or irregularity in the body. To use a car analogy, pain is the 'Check Engine' light on your brain's dashboard; turning off the warning light doesn't fix what made it turn on.

Lastly, Fluttershy and our self-insert have this touching moment and confession immediately after Fluttershy gives us a painkiller so incredibly potent that despite it being in capsule form, it almost instantly nullifies post-surgical pain without needing to be digested and distributed through the bloodstream. Our self-insert is now mentally impaired and under the influence from this incredibly potent mind-altering medication, and Fluttershy suggesting her way into bed with us and then steering the conversation to our feelings about her takes on a much different appearance in light of that.

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