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"If we can't be together in Heaven, I'd gladly run away to burn in Hell with you."


Your marefriend, Octavia Melody is stressed out practicing for her performance in a week's time at Canterlot. Being the only human in Equestria, and her coltfriend no less, you try to change that, one cuddle at a time.

Fluff. Just plenty of fluff.
Rated Teen for implied sex, to be safe.

Special thanks to 13 Shades of Sunset for proofreading for me, you should check them out, they write some cute stories!
Cover art not mine, check out NCMares at DeviantArt!

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Honestly, I never cared for romantic stories, but this one was really good. I commend you for this well-written story! Although, I did find a couple of mistakes:

"Oh, the usual. We double-checked the final drafts of the story today, before we noticed that the chapters were all backwards ." he smiled sheepishly.

"He" needs to be capitalized.


Instead of using ellipses to indicate time or point-of-view changes, just click the "H" in the formatting bar or press ctrl+h to add a horizontal rule, like this:

Anon stood up and began to walk to door, calling out behind him. "Well, here I go, off into the cold , cold night, with nothing but the shirt on my back and our fondest memories together..."

Oh, Anon did not just go there!:pinkiegasp:

Thanks for taking the time to read! Honestly, it means so much coming from you, I'm so happy you liked it!:twilightsmile:
I'll fix those, don't you worry.:raritystarry:

Octavia is my all time fav and reading this was a breath of fresh air
You've earned my follow and a fav :heart:

Tysm!! I'm happy you enjoyed it, have a lovely day!:twilightsmile:

This is an incredibly heartwarming story I had to stick it in my fireplace :derpytongue2:

I'm glad you enjoyed it!:twilightsmile: Hehe I tried to make it as warm as possible.:twilightblush:

Very nice bit of fluff. :yay:

I got a little bored at the end. When your loved one needs the space to do their job, you should let them be. And this site could use a Cadance emoticon.


I won't tolerate hate comments for no reason. If you don't like it, no one forced you to read it.

Come on. This is a pony site. The harshest comment you'll receive on average would be 'get an editor'.

Anyway, being this defensive is a poor tactic. Show some confidence in youself, your text and your audience. Terms of use and common decency are a thing, after all.

Thank you for the feedback, will try to improve!

Always love a good Tavi story, great job! :twilightsmile:

I really appreciate this work and just wanna make a translation version of it.I hope that you can approve of this idea.
And I would offer a link to the translated version if it was ok.

I can feel my heart melt ohh...

Man, I am an absolute hopeless romantic for cuddles and kisses and sweet nothings. I don’t think I’ve read this many stories from an author that actually makes me feel so warm and cuddly inside. I love how you describe Octavia’s and Anon’s affections and relationship, hopeful but realistic, something that could very well be real for some of us some day. Absolutely loved your writing, 10/10!:rainbowkiss::twilightsmile:

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