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"This first step onto the planet of Mars is brought to you by a cooperation between NASA and SpaceX. And now, a special thanks to our sponsors: Red Bull, Nike, Ford, Pepsi, Hasbro, Starbucks, Coke..."


"Uh... attention, all personnel. There seems to be a problem with the SCIP Network. No Foundation computer at this site seems to be able to access the Control Systems, and that includes the Door Control System. We fear we might have been hacked by a Splinter Group, or a massive system glitch has occurred. Whatever the case, we are initiating a site-wide Class A1 Lockdown out of precaution, until control can be remotely restored. We will update everyone shortly."

This was never supposed to happen.

"Attention, all personnel! The Door Control System is being accessed remotely from an unknown source. An immediate Class B3 Lockdown has been initiated per direct order of O5-█! We advise all personnel to seek out a safe space, or prepare for an evacuation."

Why? Why did she have to do this? She- she was curious, fascinated with it. So enamored with the possibilities she didn't even begin to consider the potential dangers. And now look where she is.

"Attention, all personnel! Somebody is opening up the containment chambers! This site is now experiencing multiple Keter and Euclid Class Containment Breaches, and we advise all remaining personnel of Class-C or higher to enter to your nearest evacuation shelter immediately! Full-site lockdown initiated!"

Stuck. In a room, with a horrifying abomination, something so terrifying she couldn't even begin to comprehend had she not seen it first hoof, outside the door, ready to devour her. Smashing it's huge body into the door in an attempt to break it down. Snarling. Growling. Waiting for it to give way.

"We've dispatched several MTF Task Forces, including Epsilon-11, to this facility for immediate re-containment purposes. We advise all personnel to remain in your evacuation shelter and to ignore any and all personnel attempting entry unless verified to be both human and at least Class-C. We can't take any risks in a breach of this magnitude. The following SCPs are confirmed out of containment: SCP-002, SCP-005, SCP-008, SCP-009, SCP-016, SCP-017, SCP-019, SCP- wait, what is- OH MY GOD!"

And now she was going to die.

"...You... disgusting, RETCHED creatures... you... you think I am secured here... you think... I can be contained. That... you... are... protected. That you... are in control. That any of these... ABOMINATIONS... can be... locked away. That you can win."

And now they were all going to die.

"You... are gravely mistaken..."

And it was all her fault.

Crossover with the SCP Foundation Mythos.

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Neat, cant wait to see where you take this.

I wanted to write this for a while.

And I for one, am glad you decided to. Can't wait to see where this goes. :pinkiesmile:

I love it. Now, are you following the plot of the game or will you be using other SCPs in your story?

You have my attention.

Just from the description itself I can safely say, GOD DAMNIT TWILIGHT! And another SCP Foundation story! I'm excited to read this one. Gonna have to brush up again on my SCP knowledge, especially ly after that last crossover.

Haven’t read it yet, but I will! I’m guessing it’s SCP-682 that’s broken loose, from the description? That should be. . . . interesting. I wonder how Twily’s gonna deal with this.

Bad places, very bad places.

ooh boy, let's see what 9341 does with Twilight.

everything you write is featured

Honestly? I've already written out a rough plot, and it's similar in nature but still different than the game. I intend to add other SCPs (specifically SCP-457, SCP-162, SCP-058, SCP-091, SCP-093, and others), as well as new situations. It's loosely based around the game plot, though.

I look forward to reading more!

As a massive fan of the SCP-universe, I'm looking forward to more from this!

I feel this should be tagged Mature just from reading the tags, but that's me.
After reading the story, DEFINITELY.
Still good though!

This is really good so far. Gimme moar!

Ask, and your wish will be granted. I just uploaded a new chapter, literally minutes after your comment was posted!

You magnificent bastard.

This is a good morning. I like you.

I admit I am a coffee addict for about ten years now. I have not gone a day without it until today, when I saw an SCP crossover that actually had fucking potential. Thank you for waking me up without the use of the black nectar.

But I still want my two creams four sugars motherfucker.

i love SCP stories :D

Yep, this is my new reading material. MOOOAAAAARRRRR!

small snack for her


Setting the qualifications

Would requirements work better.

Ah, thank you. Fixed.

Oh yes, another update!

Hah, never heard him being called Cap'n Crunch before. Heard him being called Peanut and Gingerbread Man though.

How is it all food?

Great so far! I really like the SCP universe. Kepp going on with the story, its pretty neat so far.
In my opinion you use "She" a bit too often at the beginning of sentences. (might be just me tho ^.^)

you have my like

Seesh. I was quite sceptical at first, but now i just want another chapter. 7/8 Containment Points from me.

This looks very promising! I'm already enjoying what's been put up. Good job!

Oh Twilight, you are in for a world of trouble when you two have to go down to the basement levels, of all SCP's why'd you have to claim to be that one?

Dang it, SCP is the only thing that can get me to open more tabs than fimfic.

Yeah, I doubt D-9341 is dead. Well, as long as you play with the idea that he's an SCP himself, according to one of the endings of the game.

Damn, she needs some SCP-999 in her life right now

I saw the chapter title and I was like


And then I remembered

SCP-173 was in the last chapter.

"SCP-047? Haven't seen you around here. Listen, I just checked the storage area, it has fuck-all. We need a keycard to get out of here and if you intend to survive, you need me to help you get one." The biped shouted, gesturing towards SCP-173, who still stood next to the bodies, albeit in a slightly different position.

SCP-047 is not Twilight. At all.

Although, neither of them probably know what it is. Seeing as he is D-class

Well done so far, you got me looking forward to seeing more of this.

Shame we aren't in Site-17. Maybe then Twilight could get some help from Cain.

I don't know if you need any ideas, but I will note that it was never stated which site SCP-261 was in. Could be fun to mess with.

Oh man. She is about to get the Markiplier experience 10X worse on the hardest difficulty!

I think the guy would be more surprised and a little bit too cautious to ask twilight her designation

The innumerable links and related material on the Wiki doesn't help at all, right?

The only site I know of that surpasses the SCP Wiki is the TV Tropes wiki; that site is hell for curious but time-constricted persons. A site that matches the SCP wiki would be the The Wiki, Wikipedia.

"Call me D-9341."

Would you object to me calling you Ben instead? Because I'd prefer a first-name basis.

"...I don't know. They... they must have done something. I recall them being able to use amnesiacs, or something like that." D-9314 said, sighing. "I think... it was Benjamin. Benjamin... something. I don't know." Silence.


Hmm I wonder if Ben has save/load powers in this fic or not? The CB game implied he was an SCP that could experience things multiple times until he got it right while to an outside observer appearing as if he was getting it right on the first try.

I'm calling it now benjamin is gonna come back cause when you go to SCP-106 pocket dimension you dont die and can find a way out

I hope hes gonna come back. I think it would hurt the story immensely if not....

I wonder if ben had save and load powers cause I remember by the end of the game the player was literally classified as an scp because of how he could save and load

Please gib more amazing chapters! :D

Working on one right now... it'll be a bit short, though. Maybe 1-2 thousand words, potentially a bit more. It's more of a transitional chapter before I get into the bigger stuff. I already have the basic plotline completely written and refined, so I should be able to get a chapter out maybe every 1-2 days if I work on it hard. Probably finish this one before the end of the day.

Oh, by the way, are there any SCPs you want me to include?

This is ultimate custom night, but it’s 20/20/20/20/20....20/20/20/20 mode. She should’ve left it well enough alone, and now will suffer the consequences.

"Call me D-9341."

We found Ben!

Off the top of my head my favorite SCP is 951 but I don’t really think Twilight would play video games during this mess. Maybe she could get some use out of 3108. Oh and I, SCP-426, could be amusing. Finally, because Twilight likes books so much, she might like 423.

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