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Someone recently did an SCP file for Lyra. I was inspired to post this bit of sillyness which has been on my computer since 2012, so apologies for now non-canon elements.

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Creepy stuff, man. Is this your first fic? Welcome aboard! Keep em coming. Have a moustache: :moustache:

Ah, the SCP. Fearlessly arrogant in their striven desire to bundle SCP's with numbers and lack of genuine sympathy! Also, when Discord shows up, I hope that REDACTED that they implanted into Pinkie just drops at their feet. Wait, no, it should drop at Dr. REDACTED's feet!

Always nice to see SCP-Ponies.
Still would be interesting to see an extended story, but short ones are fine.
Always wondered if Equestria has a Foundation, and if a human is an SCP there.

Without a doubt, this is the finest SCP write-up of a Pony.

Complete with the traditional dark twist at the end.

Nicely done.


I've actually occasionally idly - as I do with almost all my fanfic ideas - ruminated on their being a sort of SCP Celestia keeps under the palace and what might be contained therein. (One idea being a book of histroical blunders (ala the Military Blunders series by Jeffory Regan), only this particular copy records rather nasty events that never happened). Like most such things, it's unlikely to see the light of day, due to the set-up required and effort and time I can never find.

Redact the following information:
Site where anomoly is contained.
in a conversation with Agent Rankine Agent's name is to be redacted to retain anonymity
SCP-1927, like SCP-173 or SCP-650 redact all non-related SCP designations, as these are not related to the anomoly itself. This rule may be ignored in the rare case of cross-testing.
comparable to SPC-239 see previous.
– Dr. Sorenson See above.

Syntax and structure corrections:
Incorrectly placed excerpt from D-4221;1927-A-5. Please move this information to the end of the referenced note, and not in description of anomaly.
“joy buzzerPlease close the quotation.
indicateREDACTED. please separate these words, the computers are very dumb regarding typos or missing punctuation.
"funny nose-eyeglasses combo" These are called 'Groucho Marx glasses'.
"apport" We are not the Global Occult Coalition, please refrain from using parascientific terminology in reports.
"triggered _after_ the" please italisize.


Yeah, that implant isn't going to work.

When the ponies hit the SCP facility and forcibly reform it, there is going to be SUCH trouble and strife. On the other hoof, for the aftermath the main reason the SCP Foundation is so vicious is that they don't have any understanding or better options related to their magic. Ponies though, ponies can help. They'll just file most of the Foundation as among the monsters.

You should add this to the foundation, and get a new designation

I'd love to see an epilogue if the others actually do come. This is good stuff, nicely written.

This was very well written, but I was expecting something like this at the end to be honest.

Addendum 1927-3

REDACTED days after the “Pinkamena” incident, agent REDACTED went missing and a large search party was sent to look for him under the risk of a containment breach. After four hours and twenty minutes of searching, his butchered remains was reported in the kitchen strapped to the floor. One hour after the incident, SCP-1927 offered agents REDACTED and some “special cupcakes”. After consumption, the agents reported them as being “chewier” than normal and noticed that SCP-1927 appeared to have blood in its mane. Now all agents are required to carry trackers in their REDACTED while working and have one fellow agent with them at all times.

And that would definitely put Pinkamena in the "now this is where things take a decidedly creepy turn" category, as a good chunk of SCPs normally are. I mean, Pinkie is creepy in terms of comparing her abilities to our world (and to some extent, even her own), but Pinkamena is a whole other level of "Dear God in Heaven, what in the world!?"

I like it!


A corrected version will be filed by REDACTED.


Well, canon (and more-or-less canon: I suspect Pinkie of being more than a little bit Eldritch Abomination) Pinkie isn't a killer. She's suffered a severe shock and is more than a bit traumatized (these sort of things just don't happen in Equestria) but so far she's not going beyond some rather imaginative fantasies.

Now, if she finds out about some of the even worse stuff the Foundation gets up to - say, Procedure 110-Montauk - the consequences could get very ugly indeed.

How does one do multi-quote, BTW?

I agree with that, but I was just putting down how I thought it would end, seeing how this is an scp story.

Thank you for the alert.

There is an SCP mod with Pinkie as the SCP and Rainbow as the black - can disappear through walls - guy that will put you in the dark maze but the maze is multi colored. Although, I really doubt anyone would be finding it anytime soon because it's old

Really nice fic. It looks like an actual SCP document that would be on the website.

Once again, they're trying to contain story characters.
——05-D, in which 'D' stands for 'Downvote'

I noticed one or two typos, SPC instead of SCP for instance, but otherwise this one has been pretty good. Really nicely done.

I can file it in the official wiki if you want me to... It'll take a bit but it can be done... Also 1927 has been taken


I'd like to do some modifications to bring it more exactly in line with proper format first. I'll let you know when I'm done.

ok ill be available most of the weekend(hopefully)

Hey, I did Lyra, but I took it down for a reason I now forget. However, now I’m going to rewritte it and post it back up. Wish me luck.

Holy crap yes. This fits perfectly with the setting of the sight

you must've read my mind or you beat me to it. I'm playing with making a story about Pinkie.
I have her as SCP 6775- "Cupcake" OC-Safe maybe upgraded to Euclid. well done. I like to see

Really good stories, but can you please change the cover? Please, I can't stand the scary face

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