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How the mighty have fallen.

My descendants are weak shadows of myself easily summoned and easily banished by the mere emotions of these equine creatures that rule the land.

They are treated as mere pests that must be driven away before an infestation overwhelms a small village at worst.

Their true powers are lost to them after eons of disuse, and only retain the call of ice and snow to use against our prey.

Fear not Brethren, for your last elder brother has been freed, and I will restore our true home to its ageless glory.

The last place to retain the old ways of nature and beasts, if only at its core.

Our Everfree Forest of Wendigo


Just a cool little idea I had. Enjoy.

FEATURED: 2/12/19

Chapters (2)
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You had me with the use of the native american Wendigo. Not the watered down sack of horseapples Hasbro feeds us with the show's version.

Upvoted and faved for sure.

Hmm, interesting. Although the MLP version are called WINDIGOS, the WENDIGO is by far the better version, having innate power over ice and snow? That's a little new to me since I thought they were forest creatures that cannibalized on one another

Orrm #3 · 1 week ago · · · Chapter 1 ·

....... A demigod tries to fight a force of the World itself?

There's a reason Discord is invulnerable, he is chaos incarnate. And his imprisonment is only due to his "physical" form. Imagine, a force like discord only invulnerable.

Imagine an enemy that assualts you from the very ground you tread on, the air you breathe the animals that lie, one you cannot see nor harm nor even touch for doing so would destroy the very things your civilization uses to live.

Bad touch Celestia. Bad touch.

holy crap. bruh. das legit right dere

First of all I always love it when someonebrings up the similarities between the European and Native American Wendigos, I think this is an amazing way of showing some understanding of these differences and then saying screw it and mashing them together to get a relevant, distinct, and entertaining comparison to the originals.

next chapter please

This reminds me a lot of the Lich (Adventure Tine)

Please more I’m craving more CRYPTIDS. This story by far is one of the best I have read keep it up!

The mage in that one anime is totally a wendigo.

9453625 The Jersey Devil is a draconequus. :raritywink:


He's Discord's brother Corruption... so it makes sense his home base is in New Jersey. :rainbowlaugh:

9453205 Except they weren't really all that powerful. Gamers have power-gamed the heck out of them, like they do with everything else.

They were actually spirits that could possess a human being, and became cannibalistic and gluttonous. In several versions, they would grow in proportion to what they ate, meaning they would become enormous in size, yet always ravenous and starved-looking, as they could never be full (one might be correct in assuming the Titans from AoT were influenced by this trait.)

Its existence threw the local environment out of balance and tilted it toward destruction. They were seen as the embodiment of gluttony, greed, and excess. It would certainly NOT be something a forest was begging for!

Though, if one wished to similarly over-power them and keep them in the theme of the show's aspect-like entities, the wendigo traits are the perfect fit for another draconequus: Avarice

cdna.artstation.com/p/assets/images/images/007/905/476/large/philip-sandstrom-hannahrender001-56graded008.jpg?1509280377 Don't know about you guys, but Wendigos are the scariest fucking thing I've seen in my entire life. If you've played/watched the game Until Dawn, you know what I'm talking about.

Snow #14 · 1 week ago · · 1 · Chapter 2 ·

And then someone set a weasel on it, making it shriek like an 80s cartoon housewife over a mouse and flee.

What with weasel being a Wendigo's natural predator and all (enough so that it's apparently a chippawa fable?). They climb up through the rear and eat its still beating heart out of its chest. ... I'm not kidding, this is actual folklore.

Wow. That’s, uh......interesting?
Great story!

And the statue breathed.

”You know what this shit means...it means Flutter Butters will lose her powers over the animals...it means the weather won’t be as easily manipulated...it means the Everfree will get more so active...but mostly it means they’re all fucked.”

Modified quote from Far Cry 5

One interpretation of the myth is that the wendigo is a spirit of nature - specifically that of survival through any means necessary. Most tales of wendigo origins that I've heard don't have the creature start out being some random tribesmember who randomly just decides to eat flesh; rather it was more often a "donner party" scenario. The necessity of survival drove them to eat the flesh of their party members, and supposedly opened them to be influenced and possessed by the spirit, transforming them into a wendigo. They aren't necessarily or innately evil like skinwalkers and such, but are wild. Territorial, losing most if not all speech functions, eating raw animals and humans alike, et cetera et cetera. Moreover, in this case it's clear that the wendigo isn't a "normal" being at all, but is likely an avatar of some force, such as Nature, which throws all the expectations out the window.

In real life just thinking of a Wendigo can summon one. Look it up in native American folklore....also please hold off on eating each other.

Wow DC universe Lorax is really dark

"There's a mysterious force confronting me, that's more powerful than me, that I know nothing about. I know! I'll turn it to stone, the way I solve all my problems!! That couldn't possibly upset the natural balance of the world or spectacularly backfire!" Nice job "fixing" it, Celestia. :trixieshiftright:

Great story, Windegos are some of my favorite cryptids! Looking forward to more.

I promise nothing.

I wonder if the leshen or the chort is related to the wendigo...
And did geralt of rivia ever faced a wendigo?

I’d say the closest that Geralt has ever come to facing a “Wendigo” would have to be the Striga that Princess Adda became in the first Witcher game. In Witcher lore, Strigas are women- typically infants and young girls- who are cursed, for one reason or another, to become a monstrous nocturnal predator with an innate hatred for all living things and an insatiable appetite for flesh- not entirely unlike the Wendigo. The Striga in the first Witcher is also the only Striga that we the players have encountered in any of the games.

Im kinda on the Everfrees side on this one, anyone else?

Same celestia was just being irresponsible and selfish.

I love if other mythical beasts emerge from the forest to assist the Windego.

Good job breaking it hero. This isn't gonna end well for them, i can see it now.

this thing looks like the monster from The Ritual movie i.4cdn.org/tv/1550090183277.jpg

OH, this is gonna be good.

Nice... Let's see how THE Wendigo returns the balance of the natural cycle.

Keep it up:moustache:

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