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Eric Longtooth

And sometimes, when the world is already burning, there is little more to do but dance with the flames...



An iron heart, born of worlds lost to death, beating into infinity.
Harvesting evermore, unstoppable and unkillable.
Expanding… Growing… Evolving...

A ruined city of steel and iron is found under Manehatten, archaeologists from all over Equestria flock to the site in hopes of becoming the next ‘Daring-Do.’ But, soon, exploration parties are going missing, and the more… fanatic explorers claim to have seen tall figures stalking them throughout the city.

But these have been dismissed as drunken ramblings, after all, nothing could be alive down there. Could there?


I DO NOT own Factorio or My Little Pony. Factorio is owned by Wube Software, and MLP is owned by Hasbro.
Please support the official releases.
Edit [10/01/19]: Holy... This has been featured. I was not expecting this... at all.

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Don't think I've seen any (or heard) of any Factorio stories having been done, let's see where this goes.

Huh nice to see someone else doing a story on that game actually have a idea for it my self tho its more space travel over then world of the game becomes equastria

I glad you've found me then. :D

Well, I hope I don't disappoint. :twilightsheepish:

I'm glad. ^^
Let me know if there is anything I can do to improve.

I haven't played factorio really, more of a rimworldoholic myself, but I have heard scarcely about the game and at least think I know the premise.. So when I saw this I knew I had to read it, how were you going to turn it into a horror story of all things? Still not sure yet but I'm impressed so far by your words. Looking forward to this one. :pinkiecrazy:

Hehehehe, don't worry. I'm writing the next chapter now, and there is a reason I spent so long debating Teen vs. Mature. I still might have to change it later. :trollestia:
Also, personally, Rimworld is a bit micromanage-y for me. But that might just be that I'm really bad at Colony sims. Factorio is a bit more my speed.

Also, also, what do you mean 'impressed'? Are you sure you are reading my stuff? xD

And so Spark has heard the song of the machine

Oh Sparky... You poor, poor colt.... Don't you know that no one from the hoof ever gets off easy? :/

After all.... Hoofington Rises

Oh and the story seems interesting o.o Gonna give it a go ^^ I expect pipes =P and 100% efficiency XD

Oh YES!!!!! Distorted views of reality!!!! You're making the ponies take the place of the wildlife from factorio XD OH man that's brilliant XD after all... why would you stop the factory when it's the only thing keeping you safe from the ''horrible monsters'' out there? XD

And there you go Sparky XD I told you... You might get out of the hoof... But you can't get Hoofington out of yourself XD Now go forth and feed the machine :3

Hehehe, I'm glad it wasn't too cheesy, I was worried for a bit there. xD

*PTSD flashback to pipes*


The factory grows! xD

Now then o.o Will the factory be truly efficient and re-purpose the ''insect'' into a flying unit? Or will it waste precious materials? xD

Note: That last line... Wouldn't it work better as ''Never before had this unit been so excited!'' ? o.o

Oh my goodness yes this is amazing!

Hey that's pretty good
Edit: inalso demand a train with 6 artillery wagon.
Chad trains > virgin belts

Eh, I personally feel it depends on what you are doing.
Long distance = Tracks
Short distance = Belts
Support/fuck-it-I'm-too-lazy-atm = Bots

And thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed. :D

That was pretty goddamn great.
The factory GROWS.
not gonna lie tho I expected it to be much longer.

Comment posted by Eric Longtooth deleted Jan 10th, 2019

Yeah, sorry about that.
I was trying to do a relatively short story so I don't end up procrasting it to death...

Perhaps I'll make a longer version at some point.

Damn. Eric that is amazing.

I hope you write a longer version.

So... i wonder how this "Factory" started, is it the same factory our character from "Factorio" builds? I'm guessing he got sick of continuously building stuff so made a Grey Goo factory, and then once he got enough materials, just left and didn't turn it off. Once the original planet ran out of resources, it decided to make another rocket and go search for new planets to expand into. While expanding, if it reached an advanced civilization, took their knowledge and left.

Perhaps one day I'll get into it.
The next step I have lined up isn't that particular note, but it's a good idea.

This gave me chills.... The factory MUST GROW.

And grow it shall, for there is nothing that can stop it.
For now at least. ;P


A nice bit of soft horror. Well done.

Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed my little mess. :P

Some more environmental descriptions would have been nice, as it is now it's not even clear weather the ruins he is talking about walking through at the bottom of the sinkhole are still Manehattan or or if they have already entered the factory, other than that it was a nice and suspense building first chapter. :twilightsmile:

Edit: actually i guess the ruins are mentioned before going into the hole so i guess it's Manehattan, still i think the point is otherwise still valid.

Well this was an enjoyable little story, like a few others have mentioned i certainly wouldn't mind a more fleshed out version but this was good on it merits as well. Congratulations on finishing your first multi-chapter story and i look forward to seeing more good things from you in the future. :twilightsmile:

Alright, I'll see what I can do.

Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Wait, what's Factorio?

"Factorio is a construction and management simulation video game in development by Wube Software. It has been available as an early-access game since 2014. Development of Factorio, based in Prague, began in 2012, and there has been crowdfunding to support it since 2013." - Wiki

Good game. You build stuff, that is used to automate the production of stuff, all in the effort to kill the insects that infest the planet, and to build a rocket and leave.
Not to mention the thousands of mods for it.

Damn your story!
Damn your story to hell and back!
It's making me want to play factorio again.
This is fun ^^

Hehehe, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

its fun and disturbing :D
and makes me envious that i have no idea how to work them little drones XD

You in a rather minimalist fashion made the factory rather terrifying to behold.
Did that factory exist before that city was built or did that city collapse from the factory making planetfall and punching through the earth?
What happened to Luna.
What did Celestia do or hasn't done to make the ponies fear her?
Questions everywhere.
Definitely hopping to the sequel.

Hehe, questions questions.
Hopefully, I'll be able to get out of my funk and get around to finishing the sequel, but what I have there is hopefully not too terrible.

Holy shit.

I knew.

I knew I shouldn't have started reading.

I have been pulled into this dark and twisted story just as Spark has become one with The Factory.


The end already?

I must see the next.

To the sequel.

To be honest this doesn't feel like Factorio.
However, this is the almost perfect Broken God story.
Now Equestria is facing its own Apotheosis Event

Glorious! production for the factory, efficiency for the machine!



techpriest horse dissolves into mastermind factory as The Engineer dresses up as a Skitarii Ranger in the backrooms

I finally got my lazy ass to finish reading this story ( it was on the third chapter since last year ), and the verdict? It’s better than I expected, I had a slight hunch as to how the interaction between the factory and the ponies would go, with they discovering a reawakened factory that was dormant since the engineer left millennia ago. However, the path you chose was really interesting and original, with the factory, now led by an AI, mechanizing the beings into its servants, and soon after the entire world and more.

Now to get to finish my own stories that I left in a dust-filled folder and upload them.

Kinda looks like some Broken God scp, I like it.

Sing Praise to the God of All Machines…

Praise the Omnissiah

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