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Planet 8953 Prime
Type: Terrestrial
Resource Rank: S
Size: Medium
Environment: Habitable
Inhabitants: TBD...

Prep the drop pod, send down your tech, prepare for resource extraction, compete with other prospectors, and most importantly, make loads of money.

This story is going to be based off a combination of some of my favorite games "Terratech" and "Factorio". There may be some other large references too.

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I like it so far.

This is a story I really look forward to read.

i saw the gso starter tech and promply jump on to read

Ah yes the turkey in the end is the true winner

I’m just waiting for the factorio aspects to kick in

Well this is certainly a new one! I have NEVER seen fanfics about games like Factorio before, hell imagine seeing a fanfic about Space Engineers or From The Depths?! Just imagining the crazy shit people have made in those games somehow showing up in MLP would be AWESOME! Just imagining the awestruck/terrified faces of EVERYONE seeing something like a 1:1 scale(technically possible in SE, but NO computer you could get could possibly handle the physics calculations for that thing) ISD show up would be awesome, or perhaps a massive fleet of Megalodon(From The Depths) appearing over the horizon and obliterating any and all fortifications on the coastline would be nice to read.

You'll be happy to know I do in fact have plans for Factorio style content, to give a hint, why do you think that the manufacturing equipment in Terratech is so easy to move? Then what happens when you don't have to move it anymore?

Never played terratech myself, mostly cuz I don't have the money. But depending on the setup you use, its certainly possible to have segments saved as separate techs and just assemble them when you need them. Oh a truly optimized/efficient setup would be possible if moving it would not longer be required, but lag would be an issue in-game.

I do know what you are talking about, I have this great trick of having a plane tech saved so I can just reassemble techs on the go, however, in this story, it's explained in Chapter 1 how the MC doesn't have access to these commodities due to their distance from their storage.

ya geocorp and halkeye's blocks are the heavy blocks with everyother corp being lightweights

Ah, truthfully I normally wait until a fic is at least 10 chapters in before I start reading. I just bookmark any I find interesting.

quick question is there a person/setient living thing in the cab or is the cab alive in a sinse?

I will explain this further into the story, however my idea is that prospectors aren't actually there, I mean cabins get destroyed all the time, yet you still come back into the game. I think it's something like a downloaded conscious, not technically alive but still able to think and feel.

The latter I suspect. Depending on game-story integration, the cab might be the person, like an AI brain, it might be remote controlled, or it might have a person inside it. the last is unlikely given the lack of life signs, but the pilot might be a robot or something, and the first is unlikely if respawning Is a thing.

Two chapters in one day,I'm surprised.

Would've been three If I could just figure out this dialogue. :ajbemused:

This looks to be shaping up to be a rather interesting fic.

And we've established proper first contact. Nice.

First one to contact the machine with no hostile actions was zecora.

Great chapter its getting really good.

Man, you are certainly cranking these chapters out. Good on ya, but careful you don't burn yourself out.

Also, given that he's situated in the crevasse outside the Castle of the Two Sisters (unless I'm mistaken on that), I'm surprised he hasn't detected the Tree of Harmony nearby. That's gotta be some kind of high-tier material.
EDIT: Whoops, nevermind. Checked a previous chapter and saw he noticed it right away. Looks like I somehow managed to jump straight from the prologue to chapter two without realizing it.

Oh my gosh this is inspired by Terra tech XD I love that game

To the author, thank you. I haven't been on in a while be i freaking love terratech. And its nice ti get a fic of it. I hope you keep going.

and he's going to try to add some factorio with it

Will I need to know anything about these games in order to understand this story?

Having prior knowledge will definitely help, but isn't required. If you feel my explanations aren't good enough. I'll put in an optional chapter explaining everything that might be confusing.

Being a player of both teratech and factoro I can add to anything said

Probably would help a bit.
Watch like 10 minutes of someone's letsplay, and maybe take a look at the wiki's crafting page. That will give you a mental image of what techs tend to look like and how he is making stuff.

As always though, the interactions between the outsider and the ponies is the important part.

I'm sure you could, but at the moment I'm good on my own. I'm not just writing about 2 games I know nothing about after all.

So, just as a point of reference, how large are his current forms in relation to an average pony? Or compared to other creatures/objects of known size in Equestria, if there's a handy comparison there.

I actually drew up a comparison, but I couldn't figure out how to add the image to the website. Also, in one of my Author's notes, I roughly explained the scale. But to reiterate, the average pony is about the same size as a standard block, a little bit taller, and can barely see over the top of one. Weight was another issue, so I made it so that a pony could move a GSO block with effort, a Venture block with ease, and they couldn't move a Geocorp block. If you need to know more, I can always write a small explanation chapter.

So he just raided a dragons horde? Unless this is after the dragonshy episode I feel like something is gonna bite him in the butt sooner or later for that

You'll get to see later what's in store.

it's from the moon isen't it

There were some odd mounds of dirt methodically placed around the mountain top, upon closer inspection they were obviously made by something.

...I really hope he didn't just dig up an ancient burial ground and steal the gemstone headstones. That'll be terrible for future relations.

I was not hoping to make any enemies, so I kept my guns lowered, but ready just in case. It wasn't easy to see inside from just the window, however from what I could see were many pots and urns capped off with lids. There wasn't any words on these urns, however there were pictures drawn on. It wasn't easy to make out, but on one urn was a depiction of a bright green dust, another depicted chunks of a black substance, and the final one depicted a dark red liquid. Just my luck! This random dwelling in the middle of the forest held just what I needed, I would have to ask for it though, I wasn't just going to steal it! I did not need to be making enemies just yet.

Wait, the MC isn't a total douchebag like most player controlled characters? NICE!

quick question how would i show you one of my old techs that don't quite work anymore? i made a silly tech that surprised me that it flew with ease before the control change happened. it was basicly a T 3by 5-7 blocks 5 ven tails wings (4 where the "wings" of the craft and a 5'th as a rudder and two ven propellers one on the front and one on top. it took off veto stile.

Lol, you mave "kaspian monster". Hmm, it probably should be classed hovercraft now, did you try those controls?

It certainly wasn't easy to get a screenshot from ingame into this website. First I took the screenshot, the funny thing though is I haven't found a way to save your screenshots from steam, so I just cut and pasted it into paint. Then I had to edit it with the labels(optional) then I took it and had to upload it somewhere, the easiest place I found was Discord. Then I just copied the link and pasted it into the image option, done and done.

What? Steam got own system if you use overlay. F12 is default hotkey. You shift-tab and you ca\n see View Screenshots and Set Shorcut entry. They are saved on disk in steam's folder by default, but you can set that folder.

Good to know, I'll have to try that next time.

"Well, not you exactly, just ponies in general, but you seem like the right person to meet with. As to why, we need help, surviving is easy enough, but doing what we actually need to do isn't possible right now." I answered.

Unlike all his other text this one doesn’t seem underlined

Guessing it’s just a error so best to fix it when the chapter just came out

Still a good job even if I’m a little annoyed in how he lied about what the federation actually is even if that’s is the smarter option

the tech i posted in the last chapter flys in airplane mode thankfully it's kinda slow but maneuvers like a champ

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