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Born in a Empire of Intrigue, Emperor Orondion VIII, better known as the Philosopher King, seeks to turn his state to a Empire of Enlightenment.


After his ship is damaged from an unexpected meteor storm, notorious Bounty Hunter Cad Bane crash lands on a mysterious planet in the Outer Rim. With his Ship heavily damaged, Bane resolves to find a way to fix his ship, but he soon encounters a species that seems to value something other than credits; Friendship. Can the Duro Hunter survive such an encounter?

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This is exactly what I’ve been waiting for!

I'm going to give her an offer she can't refuse

Which Timeline in the Star Wars Galaxy are we?


I know it's from Disney's canon! I meant which season of the Clone Wars are we? Or this is after the Clone Wars, and this during the rise of the Imperial Empire?

It’s just after the Clone Wars ended


So he already got his own episodes from the Clone Wars done and over with? Good.

Then he got his own great bounty hunter reputation to scare the ponies not to get on his bad side.

Indeed, however, as we go further, some will not heed this warning DOM DOM DOOOOOM

A surprise, to be sure, but a welcome one

Looking forward to it. I got a friend who might like your Story.

And now...i wonder about bad batch landing in equestria...

I’m sticking to one person landing in Equestria at this time, Once I feel I’m ready for such an undertaking I’ll try something like that

I haven't said you have to do that. It was a what if thought.

Plus, their show could make it tricky to work out what could happen, Plus at which point of their adventures it would happen

Very Nice story! The only complaint I have is that the reaction to Bane was a little bit too casual like "oh cool and alien" I feel as they could've freaked out just a tiny bit but other than that It's really good and I'm enjoying it!

I wonder if Celestia and Luna will send Bane to do what he does best and hunt down some criminals or prehaps even the villainess 3 at some point!

Yeah agreed. Though I do think I’ll be doing a bunch of Star Wars crossovers in the future

looking forward to it, i did 2 myself

By any chance is mr. Bane going to be like a father figure for Spike oh you think the darkness is your ally I was born in the dark molded by it I didn't see the light to all the grown man by then it was nothing but blinding to me

Are Duros what Cad specializes in hunting or is it the name of his species?

It’s the name of both his species and his planet

Speaking my language money is no issue but I won't go over $60

how bout a nice $62.5?
neither of ya end out happy, and that's the sign of a REAL compromise

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm………. Fair enough

Better later than never

The Good the the bad ugly

“Ok” he finally said. “I’ll help, but let’s not go into town, someponies might get a little… upset if they saw you walking around.”

How rude.

Whatever the equal to 10,000 credits on this rock and we have a deal

The Stallion laughed at his confusion “I can see I need to explain myself, you see growing up in Appleooza I was a nobody, but now that I’m a notorious outlaw I can finall-“


The light blue circle of a stun bolt slammed into Desperado’s face, knocking him out.

Bane just walked over to his unconscious target and shook his head “Why is it some of these slimos want to tell me their life stories?” He wondered out loud. He didn’t really care for how his target got to this point, after all that wasn’t his business.

Honestly have to agree with bane, that guy was an idiot for monologuing infront of a professional even if he didn’t know it.

Plus trying to make himself that famious is never a good idea, especially the way he went about it.

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