• Published 14th Sep 2021
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Bane of Equestria - CaesarJ

Cad Bane lands in Equestria, awesomeness and hilarity ensues

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Canterlot and first Job

The train ride to Canterlot the next day was largely uneventful. Aside from the awkward glance or two, most ponies paid Cad Bane no mind. The only thing that happened before the trip was Both Pinkie Pie and Spike bombarding him with questions.

Some of them were admittedly good, like asking how long he’s been a bounty hunter, and how blasters work both of which he answered. Then there were the confidential questions like who’s his best employer.

Then there were the completely nonsensical and ridiculous questions (mostly asked by Pinkie), like what’s’ his favorite color?, does he like parties?, Why does he always seem to have a perpetual frown?, does he like parties? that particular question came up frequently .Fortunately for Bane’s sanity and patience, Twilight finally told them to knock it off and went with Bane on the train. Thankfully, the trip itself was quiet.

After an hour the train stopped at Canterlot Station and the two got off. Bane noticed that security was tight, more than likely in response for his arrival.

As they walked on through the courtyard Twilight strode next to him. “Now Mr. Bane when you’re standing before the Princesses…”

“This ain’t the first time I’ve been near important people.” Bane cut in. “Lots of bowing and kneeling right?”

Twilight nodded. “Yeah that’s about it… Though something tells me you’re not the bowing type.”

“You got that right little lady, I don’t bow to anyone.” He then saw the purple Alicorn give him a look. “Don’t give me that. I’ll tip my hat or something if that makes it better.”

Twilight sighed. “I guess that’s the best I’ll get from you. In any case just try not to fire those things like yesterday.”

“I said I was sorry.”

“But did you mean it ?”

Bane remained silent and walked away from Twilight and into the castle. As the Duro looked around he couldn’t help but admire the artwork in the windows. He wasn’t an art guy, but he did admire the stain glass windows depicting the deeds of supposedly the rulers of the land, he had seen these types of art before, but something about these tapestries and stain glass work in particular that seemed almost humble.

Going to the main doors to the throne room, two armored unicorn guards stepped in front of him. “Sir we’re going to have to ask you to hand over any weapons you might have.” The first guard said.

“I ain’t going to assassinate your princess, she’s my ticket off this rock.” Bane replied.

“Sorry sir.” The second guard apologized. “It’s standard procedure.”

Sighing, Bane reluctantly pulled out both his LL-30’s and placed them beside the guards. He also pulled out a Vibro knife from his boot and put it with the blasters. Satisfied the guards stepped aside and let him through.

As he walked past them, Bane whispered to the first guard. “Anything happens to those things I’ll know who to blame”. He then walked into the throne room and the doors closed behind him.

In front of him sitting on two thrones were two Alicorns whom Bane presumed were the Princesses. The one on the left was pure white with a golden crown on her head, her mane different colors of purple, green and blue, flowing. The Alicorn on the right was black as space, with a mane of dark blue and what seemed like stars twinkling in it.

The white Alicorn spoke first. “Welcome Cad Bane to Equestria, I’m Princess Celestia, and this is my co-ruler Luna.”

“Ma’am.” Bane simply said as he tipped his hat at Luna who nodded to him.

“From what my Student has told me, you’re not of this planet,my sister and I find that… Fascinating.” Celestia continued. “She has also told me your ship troubles, and I assure you that we will do what we can to help you.”

“Well that’s pretty generous of you Princess.” Bane said. “What’s the catch?”

Luna was confused. “What do you mean what’s the catch? We’re helping you with your ship. There is no catch.”

“Sure there is.” Bane continued. “you really expect me to believe I’m just gonna get my ship repaired no strings attached?”

Luna was about to respond when Celestia raised her hoof. “ I don’t know where you come from Cad Bane, I don’t know your experiences or struggles, but on this world, and in Equestria in particular, we help those in need without thought of rewards.”

“How you gonna fix my ship with the Tech Gap in the way?” Bane asked

Celestia smiled knowingly. “Don’t worry Mr. Bane, we have our ways, but if you doubt our abilities, come with us and we’ll show you something.” The two princesses got up and motioned Bane to follow them, which he did. The three walked to a wall on the far side of the room and to a wall.

Celestia pressed one of the tiles and the wall opened like a door, showing a staircase that went downward. The three walked down the stairs until they reached a room at the bottom. Opening the door, Celestia and Luna led Bane inside and took him to a table.

Bane’s eyes went wide as he recognized several parts of a starship strewn about. Power cufflinks, shield generators, power cells, everything. All of it was there, and not just on the table they were at, but several others.

“Only my sister and I know of this.” Celestia finally spoke. “ A thousand years ago, a few months before my sisters’” she paused bed looking at Luna.

the black Alicorn smiled softly. “The past is done sister, go ahead.”

Nodding back Celestia continued. “A few months before my sisters’ Temporary banishment, another creature arrived from the sky. He was not of your race, but he did walk on two legs and had gone through a similar accident to get here.

“During his stay, he talked to me and my sister extensively about the galaxy, about how we were not the only life out in the universe, how there was technology greater than our own, and how he could help us advance. Eventually the stranger left and he gave us spare parts of his ship and some instructions to help us.”

Luna then spoke . “The project was put on hold after my… incident, but when I returned, we started up again. We haven’t told the wider public yet because we wish to be sure that we got everything right. As such we trust you not to tell a soul.”

“Makes no difference to me.” Bane replied. “As long as you can fix my Ship I’ll keep quiet about your project.”

“Good” Celestia said. “If word got out too early, everyone would rush too quickly and try to build their own ships without fully understanding it and that could lead to disastrous consequences.”

“Whatever” Bane said impatiently. “Can you fix my ship or can’t you?”

“We can.” Luna replied. “But it will take time.”

“Until then” Celestia finished. “Do you have a place to stay?”

Bane shook his head. “Not really, my ship’s a little too beaten to stay in.”

“Well you are more than welcome to remain in Ponyville until your ship is prepared.” Celestia smiled as they walked back into the throne room.

After arriving at the throne room, Celestia looked at Bane. “Now that we have that business out of the way, we have something else to ask you.” Bane looked at the two Alicorns with a look of interest.

“You’re a bounty hunter correct?” Luna asked.

“That’s the rumor.” Bane said.

“We’d like to hire you for a job.” Luna stated. “And we will reward you handsomely for your troubles.”

Bane perked up. Finally, someone was speaking his language. “What’s the job?”

“There’s an Outlaw in Appleooza who’s been stealing from the Orchards of the farmers, he’s called Wily Desperado, I’ve sent my guards, but many don’t come back” Celestia explained.

“Sounds like you need a professional.” Bane smiled. “But just so you know, my fees are high.”

“Money is of no issue.” Celestia continued. “Just capture him alive and we’ll pay you handsomely.”

Bane smiled. “You got yourself a deal, where’s Appelooza?”

“Take the train you came from and it’ll take you there.” Luna said.

Tipping his hat Bane walked out of the Throne room and picked up his weapons and headed out. Bane was a little relieved that his ship could be fixed, it’d take time, but the bounty hunter was a master in the art of waiting. For now he would head to Appleooza and find everything he could about this Desperado.

Walking in the Courtyard Bane went past Twilight who ran next to him. “So how’d it go?” She asked.

“Can’t talk now, gotta get to Appleooza.” Bane stated as he made his way to the train.

“Appleooza? Why there? What’s in Appleooza?”

Bane turned around and smirked “a job.”

Author's Note:

Another Chapter done. Next we’ll see Cad in action. Until then see you soon.