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3 years after the first Death Star was destroyed, a Stormtrooper who is a family man finds a pegasus fillly in a trap made by Ewoks. Can he help her get home?

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Stormtrooper, family man, on endor?
Gary is that you?

i know its a streach for character but please please have vader silently squeeling in hes head when he meets scoots

7588116 I have this planned in a later chapter, let's just say the meeting goes similar with that

You used robo chiken starwas lol love that bit plese use more

7588675 I like that too, but any idea what of the other episodes would fit for a story like that?

7588742 the yo mama fight with scoots doing it to vader or palpatine

7589751 I know this one too, palpatine will only be mentioned, but Lord Vader will help Scoots to get home, so much I can tell you.

7590438 yup but dude you gotta admit that be funny like the emperour and vader being beat by a filly in a yo mama fight

7590571 Indeed, maybe I make that as a dream Scootaloo has.

*Reads story description*

Stormtrooper who is a family man

G-Gary? :rainbowderp:

7590753 My Stormtrooper OC was inspired by him

Oooo your mama so ugly she makes jarjar seem pretty or yo mammas so stupied shes dumber then jarjar

Ooooooo if ur using ocs i got one whos a merc in equestria and stuff he even tracks escapess from tarturus

7590852 Nice, I tried to make lines that would match Scootaloo and MLP in general. Any more ideas for that?

7590868 I just read it. Nice, you got my like. Don't give, no matter the rating. That's what i do as all my other story's got rated down but feel free to read them too. I actually like all three CMC members I don't have an favorite of all the three but I have planned a story for all three of them in the future, if you're interested.

7591055 thanks and my guy may seem op but u notice he dosent willingly control it but hes one of the best and lol imagin him meeting vader and vader trys to choke him only to get a look like * wat are you doing

7591764 My Oc in my first Story My little Twily may also sound op but I guess that's is what happens if you have a lot of imagination

7592908eyup but it shows just how understemated ocs are sure op but theres alotta limits to wats possible for a op to do before they hurt themselves

7593046 exactly, everyone has his strengh and weaknesses. Just uploaded the next 3 chapters if you're interested.

7593104 read them and is it wrong im thinking of crule and unusaul ways to hurt the pirates

7593250 They'll pay. They will definitely pay. I don't want to have a chat with the interrogation droids the Empire uses.

7593491 At least her nightmare is over. By the way, ever played Half LIfe or the fan mod Black Mesa? The next story plays in the Half Life universe. Or have you read any of my other storys?

7593645 first stiry and never played em

7596642 Glad you liked it. Check my other story's too if you want

7594071 Glad to hear it. I just got finished with it. I would be glad if you wour read my other storys too.

Dude your forgetting starkiller fromthe force unleashed games

Hold on hold on you pulled out star killer vaders equle and a clone one at that dont u think vader would have stayed to challenge him and vice versa

7597127 he escaped before vader was able to reach him

7598304 what im saying is to vader starkillers more important then rebles hes one of there leaders with kota hed ignore the rebles for him amyday to deliver a crushing blow at them

I understand you, galen and kota were in the Base to evacuate as vader attacked,they escaped in the last possible moment like han and leia in the battle of hoth.
After he failed to kill or capture them,vader leaved the imperials in anger "behind"
Still i hope you enjoyed it and i hope you like my othet storys as well

7598885 i will though i wish starkiller didant leave so fast id love to dule him

7598923 yeah me too maybe in the force unleashed 3 (if this game will be ever releashed) need to know what happened after kamino

7598929 oooooooo can u have starkiller return in another fic so i can fight him

Sorry I never had planned something like this
Why don't you make your own? I would read and help you if you want

7599251 oh can u let me know when ur next fics out

Next one is already out called black Bloom
Why you don't follow me? With that you are always infoformed

Bahaha ( extended laughter) I loved it lol I wish Vader was like that lol

What a emotional rollercoaster I feel for him like Vader said" hits me where I live" taps chest over heart btw I want the drugs they pumped into scoots to have a yo mama battle with the emperor priceless lol

7664689 Sometimes, our brain comes up with the stranges ideas. Dreamed once i was playing my first match in Battlefield 1 and owned everyone or from the night from Sturday to sunday, I dreamed that I was playing Payday 2 with the youtuber GeneralMcbadass

About the fight, It was redspohie's idea

Hm...interesting start.

“Ewoks. I hate Ewoks.”

Oh they're so cute, are they? Are they?! Well, when you've spent two years in the forests of Endor where everything and anything wants to eat you and you see those cuddly little bears throwing spears and stones that punch through armour and flesh at you and your friends, when you've seen them throw logs the size of Rancors at your tanks and walkers that send them toppling to the ground in flames, when you've seen them hang their victims in nets, burn them on pyres and play drums with their severed heads...we'll see if they're so cute.
Sequel-Induced PTSD!
I'd definitely give your stories a little more build-up when the pony is introduced. Let's not forget these are human soldiers witnessing a brightly coloured foal appear from nowhere and start talking to them.

I wonder how Grand Admiral Thrawn will react to the news...

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