• Published 14th Sep 2021
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Bane of Equestria - CaesarJ

Cad Bane lands in Equestria, awesomeness and hilarity ensues

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Crash Landing

Alarms flashed red all over the console as Cad Bane tried to regain control of the ship as it was spinning out of control. The Duro bounty hunter had been having a bad day; first he was forced to kill his target when he would have been paid more if he were alive, then he was paid half of what he got promised if he brought him in dead, and then to top it all off, he had been pursued by a rival bounty hunter, forcing him to make an emergency jump in which he found himself in the midst of a meteor shower that heavily damaged his ship’s hyperdrive and its shield generator.

If I don’t find a planet soon I’m space dust Bane thought bitterly to himself as he scrambled to regain control of his ship. After half an hour he was able to regain control of the ship and got most of the alarms shut off finally I can hear myself think. Bane then looked on his holomap to try to ascertain where he was and where the nearest system lay. Unfortunately the Force seemed to conspire against Bane as his computer was mostly inoperable, leaving the Duro to having to eyeball where he could be.

Finally after two hours he spotted a planet, it was a sizable world that was colored like a rainbow. Bane steered the ship towards the planet’s atmosphere; since his computer was heavily damaged he couldn’t hail the local authorities for permission to land, but he figured if he landed and they saw his ship’s damage, surely they’d make an exception. and if they don’t… I think weapons systems are still operational. Bane made his descent, but unfortunately he was coming into the atmosphere too fast and try as he might the emergency landing gear wouldn’t work.

Bane decided the only thing To do was to steer as best he could away from a civilized place on the world, didn’t need to get in trouble for vehicular manslaughter in addition to his other deeds. Grabbing the controls and pulling with all his might, Bane could see a large forest as he entered the planet’s atmosphere. Seeing it as good a place as any to land, he managed to steer his ship towards the center of the forest.

The ship landed with a large crash as it slid several yards into the woods, knocking over trees and flinging dirt as it skidded across the floor. Finally the ship stopped when I hit a massive boulder,the force of the crash sent the Duro flying into the next room, fortunately he had left the door open when he had gone in, so he flew back and hit against the wall. After recovering from the crash, Bane walked out of the ship to see the damage. The whole front of his ship had been smashed up to the pilot seat and the meteor shower had done a number on his left wing.

“Great, just What I needed to cap off this perfect day.” Bane grumbled to himself, taking off his hat and dusting it, he went back inside to see what could be salvaged. In short, very little; a few packs of rations, several blaster cartridges, and a first aid kit. Bane sighed but he had worked with less and came out no worse for wear. Believing he had seen a town on his way in, Bane decided he would set out for it tomorrow as it was getting dark, and if there was one thing he always made a point of, it was never walk around on a planet you’ve never been before after dark.

Settling on finding a part of his ship that wasn’t wrecked, Bane walked in to get some shut eye. Unbeknownst to the bounty hunter, another pair of eyes was watching him from the bushes, a pair of eyes that were determined to find out more about this blue two legged creature the had disturbed the forest and its inhabitants.

The next morning Cad Bane woke up early, wanting to get a fresh start as he hoped to make it to the town before dark set in once more. Gathering his things he got ready to leave and ate a light breakfast before setting off. As he walked out of the ship he suddenly got a feeling, that feeling of danger, a feeling he had honed for many years. Bane wasn’t force sensitive mind you, he just had grown used to the paying attention to his surroundings even without thinking, it had saved his life many times and it had never been wrong before. Bane whipped out one of his LL-30 pistols and fired it in the direction he thought he heard movement.

“I don’t like being sneaked up on. Whoever you are, come out and show yourself!” Bane exclaimed as he turned around towards where he shot.

“There is no need for alarm!” The voice shouted back. “Put away your weapon I mean you no harm!”

“Prove it!” Bane called back. “Come out and show yourself, real slowly.”

The figure complied and slowly walked out of the forest, revealing a horse like creature with grey fur and black stripes, she was wearing several gold rings on her neck and legs. Bane slowly lowered his weapon and holstered it. He then walked up to the creature and stared down at her.

“Apologies if I startled you” the creature said. “Though to be fair you startled me too.”

Bane lightly scoffed. “Please I’ve seen far scarier things, in any case, why were you watching me?”

“I heard a massive crash on the forest floor, something that has rarely happened before. I decided to investigate the crash, I made sure to stay hidden and not be rash.”

“Well you’re a local here, maybe you can help me. Where am I and where’s the nearest civilized town?”

The creature pondered for a moment before pointing “Equestria is where your at, you aren’t from around here, that’s a fact. I can help you greatly on your quest, but first I have a small request”

Bane looked at her intently There’s always a catch. “Ok what’s your proposition?”

“I will help for a small fee, that is you come to my hut and have some tea.” The creature smiled friendly. Bane meanwhile was surprised bordering on annoyed. On one hand he was glad the creature hadn’t asked for money (since he currently didn’t have much), but was also annoyed that this creature was asking him to drink tea as payment. But then again it was better to indulge the local so as not to offend her. After all if he got her mad, she might lead him intentionally into danger.

“Fine” he finally said as he followed her to the bushes.

As the creature walked she turned her head “I am Zecora you see, and if I might be so bold, what might your name be?”

Bane was silent for a while before finally speaking “The name’s Cad Bane”.

Author's Note:

This is my first chapter of my first crossover, I love Cad Bane, he’s one of my favorite characters. Look forward to more chapters soon.