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Ragnarok, the fate of the gods, the definition of the end. It has long since been predicted that this is how Equestria, no, the entire world will end. Centuries of preparation can only do so much, and no matter how hard you try, it is impossible to dodge your fate. It's the beginning of the end, and Celestia stands waiting.

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Maybe I'm overthinking this, but given the the explicit presence of both Tartarus and Cerberus, as well as a variety of other references, MLP is a much closer to fit to Greek mythology than Norse. Granted, Skoll chasing after Celestia makes sense in the Norse context, but intuitively something about Loki's grandson being antagonistic to Celestia doesn't quite feel right.

I have a tiny hope that they didn't axe the characters from g4, even if they are but merely referenced would be a nice nod.
their spotlight has ended sure, but it is no reason to pretend they never happened.
A flicker, a flame, my last vestige of hope for g4 lies on this.
I think I will enjoy g5 regardless, but to rid of the world I've grown so attached too... it bothers my soul.

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