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The Elements of Harmony were unleashed against Nightmare Moon in a climactic clash, as was predicted a thousand years ago. With Nightmare banished and Princess Luna restored, life in Equestria is fairytale perfect. But just what was the relationship between Luna and Nightmare Moon? Was it as simple as the old books portray, or was there something deeper going on?

When Luna joins her sister in Canterlot Castle truths will need to be revealed, and the shadows of history rolled back. Sisterly harmony will be at stake, and trust will be tested in the aftermath of the return of the mare in the moon.

My first fic. If it ain't obvious as you read along, I am not a pro caliber writer, although I do try for proper grammar, spelling and the like. I will add chapters as work/life/free time permits me.

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You officially have my attention. I've got my eyes on this one.

question: how do you get a photo on your profile?

And finished with the third part. Took a minute to get the dialog shaped into something I could be halfway happy with. The next part is under construction, although I can't give an anticipated release time. With the new Borderlands coming out making time for writing will be a task!

This is seriously underrated story, you rightly deserve a favorite and thumbs up.

I agree what Morfonious said.
Although the concept of two personalities or two souls in Luna's body is not complete new.
But I love your words and the body of this story.
The last sentence from NMM in this chapter is pretty good!

Fav it and love it. GJ and I'll keep reading.

1330722 I appreciate that! Thanks Much!
1331030 Thanks as well! I was concerned my technique had faded since I havn't written like this since college. I agree that the base concept is not very original, but hopefully the way I wrap it up will be.

I really enjoy this story. ^^

Royal Sisters' brother who tried to make a normal pony to immortal one?
It reminds me another advanture fim-fiction.
That does not matter.

The writings about the chains (sounds like karma) bond to NMM is great.

I'll keep reading. GJ!

I'm glad I found this story. Its quite good

Glad y'all like the story so far! Sorry the last chapter was much shorter, but it seemed like the best place to cut it off in preparation for the finale. I will likely have a 'wrap up the loose threads' chapter after that so stand by!

I'm really glad to see this update.
A really good story line.
Indeed, Luna/NMM did something really horrible (intend to make a massive pony genocide).
And finally NMM sacrificed herself to save Luna...:fluttercry:
(I also love the interaction between Celestia and Luna.)

Very nice story and good job!

It's my pleasure to read this story.
I love this story, it is pretty good and warm.

I feel a bit sad about few people finding and reading this nice story.
But I still thank you for completing this masterpiece.


This story is beautiful and moving. Filly Nightmare sounds adorable. Titiana sounds interesting as a country, and I LIKE Terra, he sounds cool.

Gonna go read the sequel now!

Nightmare Moon explanation is a bit complicated, but I will read where this is all going.

I must agree with Nightmare on one think, Celestia sure count on elements to solve all of her problems.

I'm going to go spam this to a bunch of people, it deserves more fame than it has.
Excellent story by the way. I love a well written Nightmare. :3

I cannot express how awesome you are. So take some mustaches.

Thank you all for the likes and comments on my old story! Seem like y'all liked it as much as I did writing it! :twilightsmile:

Filly Nightmare... Wonder what she would think of Nyx?

"Welp... that happened."

This is my second time reading this, and both times I must confess I almost cried when Nightmare Moon was more or less killed by the Elements. This is a masterpiece and deserves much more recognition then it has currently received. I will do my best to bring people to it, that I promise.

This story is very well written. Not sure yet, but I get the feeling I'll be favoriting this by the time I'm done reading. Also, I always enjoy a fic depicting a good Nightmare Moon (even if she is a bit .... can't think of the right word so for now I'll just say "prankish" and hope you know what I mean).

Ooooh shoot. Things just got real.

2496994 OMG You MUST MUST MUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUSSSSSSSSSSSSSST do a sequel as this was sooooooo good i think this is my 2nd favourite story behind The Lost Element by Humanity! Great read and soooo warming! 10000000000/10 from me!!!

oooh my was not thinking that would happen.

“Yes, yes, fine, I said I would try... But she attacked me... No, but… I can’t help it if her royal fat flank has trust issues!”

Hahahahaha! I love Nightly. One of the few ponies I can stand by. And ask for help against sun butt

You will have these things Luna, as is due to you by right of royalty. You will be loved and respected as you have always deserved. Though you may want us to always be together, I suspect the binds of harmony will not allow for that. Rest easy knowing that I am ready and willing to make the ultimate sacrifice in order to see as many of your dreams fulfilled as possible.

Yeah you're gonna be erased from existence like Chara.

“Former bearers. Step no closer unless you wish to share the fate of the bound one.” The mare warned, taking a firm stance before them.

This is where I ready my magic just in case

Is it wrong for me to think Luna and Moony are cute together? Be it sister wise or couple wise.

Crap. That means there's another alicorn protecting Celestia. Now I really can't be done with her.

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