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Luna has been plagued with vivid dreams of Nightmare Moon, and from what she's encountered, she doesn't know who to believe anymore. Is this the same evil mare she had become? Or just a misunderstood pony looking for love? Now Luna must decide: friend or foe?

Super special thanks to my editor SpaceCommie

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Is this supposed to just be a copy paste of the beginning of the first chapter? If it is, I'm really confused as to why you would do that.

it is an edit of the first chapter. i am slowly redoing the entire story and splitting it into chapters when each section is revised. i will delete the first chapter soon.

i sort of liked it all in one chapter, it gave a certain feel to it :applejackunsure:

i read this when you first put it up. I agree I like it all in one chapter, but for editing urposes, I can understand why this would be easier. IT was still the BEST story I have ever read from this fandom. You continue to amaze me

just wanted to say first the cover pic is the fucking cutest pic of luna and nightmare of all time:twilightsmile:

I want more now :C.

And now some randomness:

Feeling somewhat scared and uncomfortable in the lonely night, Luna decided to fly back to Canterlot Castle before Celestia and her guards realized she was missing. She sat back on her haunches and took off, right into a branch.

Ooh, she's going to be docked 3 points from the judges! Isn't that right, Self #2?

That's right, Self #1. Such an amateur move from someone of such age is a massive error, and the judges are going to tear her score apart on this one.

2703912 god if she did that during a dressage test she'd be screwed


That she would, Jim (don't ask-- it was Jim, Bob, or Chuck.) Let's just hope the next challenge goes much better as there's plenty of opportunity for her to rectify this issue. In other words, write the next chapter whenever you get the time. I'm itching to see what happens next :pinkiehappy:


i demand MOAR NOWS

When the ponies defeated the Zebras 3,000 years ago

Why numbers when grammar demands words?

I would go back and quote all the grammatical mistakes in this, But There were to many to count, I would recommend getting a pre-reader

2706787 I have a pre-reader. We're working on it right now

I have to say, I still miss the days of the 40'000 word chapter.
Do you still have that draft?
Would you be so kind as to re-post it, perhaps once you finish this re-write?

2712208 absolutely! I warn you though, I'm not going to fix the grammar, which is horrendous. I can send you the draft now if you would like, because really after the re-write it will be the same save for different grammar



Good choice in music :pinkiehappy:


YW. The Lullaby for a Princess and the one you posted always hits me right in the heart and/or give me goosebumps. Why does this fandom possess such talent and skill? xD

2717627 I have absolutely no clue. Other franchises are as worthy as this one of such a great fanbase, but this one seems to be one of the best.


I wonder if 10 years down the road, I'll look back and go, "Equestria... heck yeah..." and then proceed to rake in billions of dollars and create one of the greatest corporate empires of all time I guess we'll see ^_^.

2718138 I'm gonna beat you to that corporate thing... You will be silenced by my CORPORATE ASSASSIN NINJAS IN ALL CAPS. >_>

2718287 i'm really sorry to be rude, but can you keep these sort of conversations in rivate messages with each other? They really don't have much to do with the story, and I get excited every time I see a notification :raritywink:


Do you really think you can beat Umbrella Corp Pony Corp? Hehehehehe...

Comment posted by Autism Man deleted Jun 14th, 2013


Wincing at the thought of reading, she forced her eyes to clamp down and analyze the words.
And she was hooked.

We all know that feel.

Watch out Luna! Moon is not all you think. Great update as usual :)

Nightmeir Woon.:rainbowkiss:
(insert cute Nightmare Moon pic here)

*master voice*

I want moar...

This chapter needs some editing done, I will spare you pain by going back and pointing out every mistake here.

Also I would say there should be a slight re-write with how good old Nighty INSTANTLY turns from "I am going too kill you" Into "Best sister ever" Mode.
Private message me if interested, And I shall offer my assistance


And it was glorious.

Let's see how Nightmare will respond to this...

I did not see this when it was only one chapter, so I'll have to wait to see how it goes. I do hope you have help with your editing, because there are a LOT of typos. Some of them result in confusion, such as:

"How dare you not disrespect me!"

...Yeah, thats a rather silly example.

Also, I don't think the word "raspberry" is being used correctly. It generally refers to the tongue being out with the sound being made. Outside of Nightmare Night, I can't really picture such a regal pony doing that. A better word would be "snort", especially considering this is an equine we're talking about.

...,sometimes it was better to not give a clop.


clop: parallel for "buck", ponifed version of "f***"
New vocabulary accepted!!!

Looking away from the painful memory bringer, she found a wooden bench next to a dimly lit lamppost. A few moths buzzed stupidly towards the light, only to get knocked back by the glass each time. She blew a raspberry and used her magic to open the glass so they might succeed at one thing in her life. With the glass opened and the light finally in range, the moths buzzed to it, only to be burned to death in a flame by the light’s intense heat. Luna’s eyes went beady as she quickly shut the glass and walked away whistling.

Made My Fucking Night...

3088421 Nightmeir Woon: rawr rawr rawr.

Try and find the cute image of Nightmeir Woon.

Adorableness Overload.

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