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To ascend the throne, an Alicorn must take it by force. Twilight has been raised by her Aunt, a horrific dictator, vowing one day to steal the throne from her. Twilight wants revenge for events that happened 1500 years ago. Her wings, her power; all of it was taken from her along with something she thought lost forever.

Upon moving to Ponyville, Twilight pretends to play by her Aunt's rules while secretly plotting her downfall. She meets a few mares that she 'convinces' to help with her devious plans. Celestia is always watching, and to make matters worse, Luna is returning from the moon soon.

The question is: Of the moon, the sun, and the void...Who is the real monster?

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The title pictures perfect this world.
Can't wait for more!

Interesting twist on the Twilight is Luna's daughter concept. Been a while since there was a new one of those. I like what you've got so far!

One thing of note, and I'm not sure if this was intentional, Applejack tends to call others "Sugarcube." "Darling" is more Rarity's thing.

It's intentional. This is an AU after all. Don't worry, each character will have its own quirk be it speech or capability.

Right get the feeling either both Celestia and Luna aren't/weren't the greatest of individuals or Luna went Nightmare to try and save people from her tyrannical older sister. Either way I'll enjoy seeing how this plays out and how Twilight plans on keeping up her facade.

Wrong character tag. If you want Twilight's friends from G4, you need to use "Main 6". The tag "Mane 5" applies to Sunny's friends from G5. And just when I thought everyone had this figured out...

My bad, I thought because I had added Twilight it gave me that option, I'll fix that.

please don't overuse "Darling" , that gets annoying VERY fast, there are storys where Rarity sais that every second sentence and you just want to strangle her and quit the story!

Twilight has been raised by her Aunt, a horrific dictator, to one day claim the throne from her.

Why would her aunt raise her to do that?

It's in the description. To ascend the throne an Alicorn must take it by force.

Rainbow being utterly clueless made me laugh. :rainbowlaugh:

Poor Big Mac though. He didn't deserve that. :fluttercry:

I don't have a word in my vocabulary to describe this fanfiction.
The best word I have is good and interesting.
I await for your next chapter.

From the description it sounds like a comedy

Well, Comedy originally stems from the darkest of events in human history. So, I could see that.

Now things are getting interesting

That’s not what I meant. What I meant was this: Why does her aunt want to give up her throne in the first place, especially if it’s going to only be taken by force?

Fixed the wording to make it a bit clearer. Sorry for the confusion.

Ok every time you think this Story pulled something insane, it goes and does something MORE INSANE!

I love it!

Am I the only one who thinks that Left and Right are Starlight and Trixie?

Yeah, it's an interesting story.
of course, the plot has several flaws, but they are not so critical as to spoil the story

Well so far I'm just introducing the cast RD and Applejack are coming up next ^^ The plot follows after.

Interesting tidbits of Alicorn lore here, I didn't realize Twi was operating on such a limited capacity. Also, that amount of time in possibly the worst prison on the planet for something that arguably wasn't her fault seems like a bit of senseless cruelty by Tyrant Celestia

Very interesting version of Pinkie

One hell of an AU, holy cherrychanga

<3 that means a lot ^^ I worked hard on a fresh concept for a dark au.

I like the changes you made with characters' relations, haven't seen any concept like yours before.

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