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Hello! My username is weird, but call me Steve, cause it's my real name.. I'm some guy that was introduced to MLP by a friend, and soon grew a liking to fanfics. I like to read/write lesbian Twi.

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Anyone else have this problem? · 4:37am Dec 12th, 2018

I was just thinking to myself, "I wish people would update the stories I have tracking more often." and then I remembered... And so I decided to make this and ask my followers if they had this issues, cause it seems to screw me over a lot.

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Hello and thank you for the fav on why she serves:twilightsheepish:

thanks for the follow, it really helps XD

:ajsmug: Thanks for adding Star Overhead to your favorites. Glad you liked it.

...There are entire groups devoted to it, and plenty of Art.

What the! Ten seconds to see a fav? How does one do that? Also, np, I wish the Tempestlight thing was done more often honestly

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