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Princess Celestia has always been an incredibly busy pony who never has enough time in the day to do what she wants. Time seems to slip by as she struggles to get all of her work done.

One day, however, something terrible and unexpected happens, and more time than ever is lost to the sands. When Celestia reawakens, she'll find that her entire world is gone and that almost everything she knew and loved has long since disappeared.

A tale of sadness and of tragedy, the likes of which not often seen. Celestia, Princess of the sun...grand ruler of Equestria, and loving sister. Painful are the tears she will shed, and broken her heart will remain.

There is no greater pain than that of utter helplessness.

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I look forward to more.

Nice story! Needs more budget :trollestia:

So is she having some kind of stress induced stroke or something? Excellent story, whens the next update?

Well, this definitely looks interesting. I was sort of expecting her to collapse eventually; good build up. I'm certainly interested in what's to come. Keep writing. XD

I especially love the way Luna and Celestia both feel about each other. Also, I'd really like to hear Luna's lullaby, maybe even her singing it to Celestia while she rests/

My guess is that since Celestia was sleeping Luna couldn't raise the sun so it's been night for 500 years or ... the sun is dying

Holy shit this story is interesting. I will promote it endlessly and in a fashion that is both obnoxious and annoying.

So following this.

My feels! Take all of my feels! Especially the part of the elements passing one by one, the feels were strong. I'm still wondering about what happened to the other cutie mark crusaders. Did they get married? Did they have kids? Is their great-great-great etc. children alive today? I can't wait to read what happens next.

Interesting, what level of technology will there be when she next awakens?

Here take all my feels that was Heart braking.:fluttercry:

Following this- and the updates look fairly regular! I can't say I've ever seen that before.:pinkiehappy:
I just hope there is a detailed explanation that seems reasonable and not one of those "this is what happens when an alicorn dies and they live for X amount of years and not a second longer." I hate those stories. :flutterrage:

Next time Celestia wakes up:
"Aunt Celestia!"


Work too hard for too long, and you collapse from complete physical exhaustion.

The body just can't take anymore.

And so it needs rest then.

Cue another 500 years sleep now.

Will the sun go nova then?

Crickey. This chapter was very powerful. I really feel for both of them but, even more, the entire tragedy just gets me. Really well written.

2404696 That does actually make quite a lot of sense. Like in Eternal, where the Sun had to set, too. But I feel so very, very sorry for Luna. Poor girl...

Luna really needs the Terrans to show up and help evacuate the planet before the sun novas and kills all life in Equestria.

This is utterly fascinating to read, glorious.

Just noticed this only has 24 likes.... this is criminally unjust and so I'm going on another one of my inane, obsessive quests wherein I go shove the fic down everyones throat until I either give up in despair or it get's featured.

Hey, I featured you on my page. Keep up the good work!

Oh dear. I can just smell the heartache that will come next chapter when she falls asleep again. This was heartbreaking on its own, but I think her still being awake makes it worse. it... It gives us hope, and you're going to take that viciously away from us yet again.

I am intrigued.

Just on thing, I find it more likely for Luna to yell for a doctor not a medic.

That was amazing. No, not amazing... It just washes you away. Needless to say, I like it!

(Darnit, why hasn't this been featured?!)

Balhgehhgcyfxyfhg j. B g uh hbfyh job vh ygcjb Bonn khan jh hi j....


Way to go from bad to worse, bro. Part of me is still hoping there's some happiness at the end of this nightmare. That part is very quiet right now, though.

Wow. Just wow. Waking up and finding the land dead, rottening, and decayed. I would probably go insane if I was in Celestia's place. Great job! To me it sounds like the ending of this chapter sounds almost like the start of portal 2. I can't wait to read the next chapter.

MY FEELS! They have been shattered like glass!:raritydespair:

Holy shit, just holy shit. Talk about a cliff hanger, I can't wait to see what happens next.

Yay you didn't kill Luna. Oh and the reast of the chapter was great but I am looking foward to when she finally stays awake.

Great story, I feel bad for celestia


1. Celestia needs to find a way to stay awake.
2. She needs to fix her horn.
3. She needs to find a way to go to the past and wipe out the Gryphon race.

Hope that that happens in coming chapters.

Excellent. So Luna's alive, and Celestia's imprisoned by the Griffons. Hm. For some strange reason, I feel as if she won't fall asleep right now. It would ruin the action going on, for sure. Aw well. Now, she does have to find Luna. or will Luna find her?

Something i forgot to mention in the previous chapter is that her being called 'Luna's little sister' was amazingly interesting. Technically, isn't she the elder, still? In terms of physical development, her growth shouldn't have stopped when she was asleep, right?

Owch, poor Celestia. *~winces*

This wonderfully written and hella emotional. All the feels my friend.

I usually put off reading new story updates, especially when they're over 5,000 words, but this is one of those fics I just have to read the second it updates.

No sleeping for ever? I'm worried, is this the calm before the storm?


God damn, this story is intense.
Can't wait for the next chapter

This is probably the most incredible Celestia tragedy I've read since Heavenly Turmoil, and you should know that's saying something. You're doing an amazing job. Keep it up.

I really need Celestia, Luna, or the Fausticorn to rain fire down from the heavens upon the Gryphon race and restore harmony. I demand!!!! :flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage:

Dam. When will the punishment stop? What great crime did Celestia commit for this?

Oh, I did find one small error....

They griffon gave her a quick, furtive glance, and then returned his focus to tying the knot.

Should be "The"


This story is heartbreaking. The emotions in this story are so intense that it hurts to read, and I'm loving every second of it. You sir, are an amazingly talented, cruel bastard.

Jesus Christ, this is one of the most emotionally brutal stories I've read in a while.

Okay, so you've committed genocide against the pony race.
Now feel free to do the same to the griffons.

And just when I thought you wouldn't be so cruel and evil. Kudos, mate, that was brutal, and I enjoyed every minute of it.

What a next? A Wasterland? Poor Celestia...

And to think, I thought when they cut her horn off, it ended the effect. Guess she doesn't even get that.

I also suspect that Razor Wing had something to do with this -- otherwise why would they have been looking for Celly?

Very interesting ending. I thought it was gonna take a MUCH darker tone. Like "Soylent Green" dark. I am curious how this is gonna play out. I am getting a feeling that Luna is some kind of Dictator or something; and with Celestia finding the Chickens, Luna is not very pleased. Can't wait to read what happens next. Of course, I was thinking Dragon Ball Z, when Luna mentioned the eye-pieces they wear.

Nice chapter! I'm honestly surprised that Celestia hasn't committed suicide yet. She doesn't really have that much left to live for; she can't stay awake for anything more than a few weeks, Luna's become a tyrant, and Equestria has become some sort of weird cross between a monarchy and communism.

Can't wait for the next one!

I bet there is worse in the factory that she didn't see. A perfect society must reuse their dead, my bets as a fuel source or maybe a food source.

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