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And sometimes, when the world is already burning, there is little more to do but dance with the flames...

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I used to be the best, I use to fly above the filth of war...
I used to, long ago...

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Some ponies were made for walking.
Others lay their roots.
And for some, they run.

But, there will always be a fellow traveller somewhere, and if you pay a moment to listen...
You might just find something new.

The product of listening to Sea Wolf's Dear Fellow Traveller, along with Kenny Rogers' The Gambler for too long.
Something short and sweet, made in an attempt to get out of writers block in other things.
I own only my words, the rest? Well, they own to those who made 'em.

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Twilight has lived a long life, she had fought for Equestria and her mentor for as long as she cares to remember.
But she was only ever a single pony.
And as the armies of Nightmare Moon storm the Solar Citadel, she enjoys one last moment of peace before the end.

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This story is a sequel to The Heartbeats of Iron

Equestria was once a peaceful land, their armies were once the stuff of legends.
But now?
Now there is nothing left.
Cities fell within hours of the first contact, and the bulk of the Equestrian military where culled not long after.
In a last ditch effort to gain some kind of advantage, Celestia sent her younger sister with the remains of the Royal Guards to infiltrate the Factory.

This is their story.

A Crossover with Factorio, with themes from the Matrix and similar works.
Reading the prequel is required, but this is set before the final chapter.
I DO NOT own Factorio, My Little Pony, or any works referenced by this fic. Factorio is owned by Wube Software, MLP is owned by Hasbro, and the other works are owned by their respective authors/publishers.
Please support the official releases.

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An iron heart, born of worlds lost to death, beating into infinity.
Harvesting evermore, unstoppable and unkillable.
Expanding… Growing… Evolving...

A ruined city of steel and iron is found under Manehatten, archaeologists from all over Equestria flock to the site in hopes of becoming the next ‘Daring-Do.’ But, soon, exploration parties are going missing, and the more… fanatic explorers claim to have seen tall figures stalking them throughout the city.

But these have been dismissed as drunken ramblings, after all, nothing could be alive down there. Could there?


I DO NOT own Factorio or My Little Pony. Factorio is owned by Wube Software, and MLP is owned by Hasbro.
Please support the official releases.
Edit [10/01/19]: Holy... This has been featured. I was not expecting this... at all.

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