I actually saw this as a title in a bookshelf and I must say, it was amazing. If this has been done before, I apologise, but otherwise, this is pretty awesome.

Add any stories that fit the above description.

Mature is okay but it must be put in the 'Mature (NSFW)' folder.

Forums can discuss any topic, even self-promotions, but it must be limited to related stories. Also, if you need any help, just contact me. Also, keep it relatively civil.

Featured Story:

Ponyville's Bad Day by HapHazred

So, I bet you're wondering, what qualifies as a story for this group? If a character in your story fits any these by...
1. Frustrating a pony into shouting, screaming or acting violent simply because you wanted to.
2. Unintentionally doing the above anyway.
3. Making a pony sad, angry or angsty for no reason.
4. Doing the above for a stupid reason.
5. Messes around with ponies for the fun of it.
6. Bonus points for doing the above unintentionally.
7. Being a frustrating character overall.

If there is more that you think will fit the criteria, feel free to send me a PM.

Complaints, management and all issues: sunnypack

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385061 She has been exiled; trapped within the group icon.

Comment posted by dominatusimperator deleted Dec 13th, 2014

I find it hilarious that Flutters is missing from the banner.

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