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This story is a sequel to The Truth Behind My Little Pony

“Blood is really warm,
it's like drinking hot chocolate
but with more screaming.”
Ryan Mecum Zombie Haiku: Good Poetry for Your...Brains.

Special thanks to co-writer and co-creator MisterNick. An amazing writer himself. The series wouldn't be as good without him.

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So, it would seem that Carol will now become a pony, am I right?

I'm hoping at some point karma smacks those mother's and they know what fear feels like for once. 😠

Among the students she garnered whispered nicknames of Mrs. Bitchmore and The Spider Queen.


Carol sighed as she patrolled the front of the class ready to listen to Mia continue a story she'd heard every year for the past twelve years she'd taught the seventh grade. It was a dull tale about a boy who loses his parents at the fair and has to wind his way through a bunch of weirdly costumed anthropomorphic creatures that represent his fears and doubts. Just once Carol would have enjoyed shouting, 'Plot twist he finds his fucking parents by the Ferris Wheel where they'd said they'd be.' Of course she didn't and instead waited for Mia to begin.

And then a lion ate them up. The end! :pinkiecrazy:

As soon as Mia's voice started up again Carol's gaze shifted to the clock on the wall. There were thirty minutes left in the class. Just enough time for the kids to finish, do the quiz and get out of her hair for the weekend. She'd grade the quizzes as soon as they left with the aid of her vodka. Then she'd go home and think nothing of the rest of the day or those kids until Monday.

"My Little Depressed Teacher: Alcohol Is Magic".

"... the two little girls wandered deeper and deeper into the Everfree Forest with their new friend they had just met. She was a strange loud girl with light-blue skin and straight white hair that ended in a curl," read Mia robotically.

And then they were attacked by a goat-like entity. Wait, wrong story.

Carol's eyes darted to Mia as she read. It wasn't the correct text. "Mia what are you reading?"

"Her name was Trixie and she was a magician. Trixie told them she was from a faraway, magical place and she was sent to find new friends. The idea of finding new friends sparked the curiousness of the youngest of the two sisters. Without warning she dashed after the magician who danced...,"

"Mia this isn't the story we were reading, please go back to the section we were on and continue," She said puzzled knowing this wasn't in their textbook.

"Have you ever heard of Ponyville Ellie? There are so many new friends you will meet. So many games to play."

"That is not the story Mia go back to what we were rea..."

"I don't like this, whispered Carol the older of the two, trying to pull her sister away from their weird new friend. Let us just go back home. Nothing good can come from following her."

Carol's skin crawled and her stomach dropped at the mention of her own name. Quickly she hurried to Mia and ripped the book from her hands. She gazed at it and watched as the words quickly dripped off of the page and on to the floor. "What the hell?"

Mia continued to speak, "Tut-tut said Trixie twirling around the girls. I know it seems scary right now but we will be there shortly. Who knows what wonders are in store both of you. One of you might be my newest assistant. Wouldn't that be great Carol?"

"Principal's Office. Now," Carol said raising her voice in an attempt to quell the panic inside her.

"But Carol didn't want to go with Trixie. She didn't trust Trixie. Her smile was too wide. Her eyes too wild. Plus that smell that seemed to surround their new friend reminding Carol of dark, spoiled, things in some forgotten basement."

"Shut up!" shrieked Carol as she shook and backed away from Mia toward the window, "Shut the fuck up!"

Well, that escalated pretty quickly!

Slowly the class turned to face her and in one voice said, "This is a magical land. Anything can happen. Who knows what you might find if you just turn around."

"Come play with us, Carol! Forever and ever and ever!"

Carol's heart sunk into her feet. She didn't want to look behind her and yet felt every muscle in her body turn her to face the window. She tried to close her eyes but she couldn't and as she looked down toward the playground she saw it, a shadow on the swing set.

It looked vaguely like that of a little girl. Carol squinted to get a better look as it slowly pushed the swing it sat on and began to slowly and awkwardly ride it. "Ellie," Carol whispered and instantly felt regret at doing so. Slowly the shadow stopped swinging and turned its head to look up at her with hungry eyes. "Oh shit," muttered Carol.

I'm not sure why, but the "Oh, shit" bit cracked me up for some reason :rainbowlaugh:

THUMP! Came the noise of something hitting the window made Carol jump back in shock. Her eyes darted to the left and she saw the red eyes of a large cicada staring back at her. She watched as it crawled across the glass and stared into the room. "It knows what you know. It knows what you saw," whispered a familiar voice from behind her. Carol froze in place.

THUMP! Again another insect hit the school window followed by another and another until the windows were covered entirely in cicadas. "Oh lord," whispered Carol as she put her hands to her mouth as the rhythmic calls of the insects reverberated throughout the room.

Carol Witmore could feel the scream welling up now standing alone in the empty classroom. Threatening to leave her lips When icy cold hands wrapped themselves around her, Firmly covering her mouth while the stench of death flooded her nose transforming the scream into a choke as she found herself retching from the stench of death. "Did you know that in China cicadas symbolize resurrection," asked the voice of Ellie.

Cicadas? Oh my God, she's being attacked by the eighth plague of Egypt! :twilightoops:

Then the pain began as teeth dug hungrily into soft flesh consuming all that was Mrs. Carol Witmore. She screamed but her voice wasn't her own. It was distant and electric. Screaming not from the pain or from her death but what was waiting for her afterwards.

Carol shot up in bed and smacked her alarm clock. She panted heavily and looked over at the tousled sheets next to her. She curled up in a ball and sat quietly staring out the window until the voice of her husband telling her to hurry up and get ready chimed in from downstairs.

It was the start of a new day but the continuation of an old nightmare.

Well, that was interesting. Now I'm really anxious to know what happens next. At least now we know this version of Trixie has a weird, unexplained obsession with making deals with dead people, so there's that. Is there any particular reason for her to do this though (aside from the fact that she's literally a demon like all the other ponies)? Because this is the second time we see her interacting with humans who have either died or lost a friend.

Their is a particular reason for this. Hopefully it will be explained.

Hold It!!!!

If this is a story about Ms. Cheerilee, then is Carol Witmore her human form?

Also, does Trixie work for Simon,

And is Applejack trying to control her monster self in the story Momma?


even about Applejack or?

Oh Jesus.

Have my upvote. :pinkiehappy:

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