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This story is a sequel to The Truth Behind My Little Pony

I called to him and he will come,
She'll answer him like he's the one,
His arms outstretched but when she's done.

He'll be torn apart.

Go tell Aunt Rhody-children song

Special thanks to co-writer MisterNick. An amazing writer himself. The series wouldn't be as good without him.

Authors note: Some sexual situations.

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Well, this is scary. Tracking!

I can't wait to see more. Thanks for the shoutout.:pinkiehappy::yay:

8133477 The story is going to be multi chaptered.:pinkiehappy:

Yay, another one! I LOVE these stories!

8134101 Thank you that means a lot.

I Look back now and I wonder if all of this could have been avoided.
I look back now and I wonder if all of this was my fault. Maybe if I had been a better person, a smarter person,...a stronger person, maybe, just maybe a lot of lives would have been saved.

*Terminator theme starts playing*

I did not know it at the time but running away from your problems just invites dark things.

Ooh, you have no idea :pinkiecrazy:

"I donno...it just seems unhealthy for a grown man watching cartoons all day." Uncle Larry said frowning. Picking and choosing his words.


"I can be anything you want me to be sugarcube." came voice of a woman cutting through the silence.

:ajsmug: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

"She's watching us," she whispered. Her brown eyes staring at me through her unruly black curls, "She wants daddy."

"The cartoon show?' I said snickering. Finally understanding, "Your being stupid Liza. Don't be a stupid girl."

Me everytime someone says creepypastas are real.

In the months since moms passing she had been starting to sleep in my room. At first it was usually once or twice a week. But now it was everyday as I would drift off feeling her slide in the covers. Maybe we should have found someone to talk to about it all.

Aaaaaawww :twilightblush:

Thinking about everything that happened. We really did need help. All of us.

Especially my father. Oh wait, nevermind, I almost forgot I hate him.

My thoughts were interrupted when I heard my father's heavy boots slowly climbing up the stairs, stopping at my room. In the window I saw the reflection to the door open and I could see the silhouette of him standing their watching us. Even in the distortion of the reflection I could tell something was on his mind, something was weighing heavily in his heart. His thick beard drooping past the collar of his shirt as he stared at his shoes. He was reaching out. He wasn't lost yet.

"Dad, stop playing Slender with us. It ain´t funny!"

It took me a moment for my eyes to adjust to the darkness and the rain but I finally saw the source of the noise. My father was outside walking towards the pick-up truck he owned. I watched him unlock it and slowly get in, wondering whatever could it be that was forcing him to out in this weather in the dead of night.
As I stared I noticed something else following him. In between the flashes of lightening I saw it follow my father. Something bizarre, unworldly. Something that walked on four legs it seemed and colored a bright orange. I saw that thing walk to the passenger side of the truck, saw my father reach over and let it in.

:ajsmug: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

"Sleep darlin," whispered voice in my head, "We shall be meeting soon enough."


"...Well we grow apples. Lots of apples," said the unknown person.

It all started when your father wanted to taste the "Apple Pie" :ajsmug:

A black shape engulfed the doorway to the kitchen catching the rays of the sun and the darkness. The silhouette of a woman stood over me as If guarding the entrance towards some terrible treasure. For a second I caught the slight whiff of death again before it was masked by the overpowering sweet smell of perfume.


"Why hi their darlin. My name is Applejack. Me and yer daddy just got married and well, just call me momma."

1) You´re not Applejack.
2) So you two got married inside a truck, in the middle of a storm?
3) You´re not my momma......Ugh :applejackconfused:

8135804 That was great I couldn't stop laughing.:rainbowlaugh:

8136903 Looks like I really nailed it :rainbowlaugh:
Jokes aside, it was a good chapter and probably my second favorite story in this world so far (the first one being the "Anna Saga"). I´ll be waiting for the follow-up with big expectations :pinkiesmile:

Before I read this, what is the Gore and Horror tag for ?
And how bad does it get ?

8145405 Well this is a horror series. as for gore, Their are worse stories than these in the gore department but their is slight to moderate gore depending on the story.

I'm new to Fimfiction, so I don't know how long it usually takes to write stories, But, when might the next chapter come out? It's been almost a month.

8190732 It will be out soon. Sorry I have been under the weather for the past few weeks.

Bravo!!! Bravo! Greatly done. Though, just some advice, you may wish to tag this for sexual situation if these events keep up. Still well done. More than worth the wait.

8210500 Well the next chapter does carry a hint of sex I might put it in the description.

This keeps getting better and better! Keep up with the good work.

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"Come in and take a seat next to your sister. We have a lot to talk about." she said backing away, "I bet a growing boy like you is hungry. I'll make us some food."


"'I'm not doin too good right now, aren't I?" she said in annoyance. Pulling a stray piece of hair back into place.

"Of course not, you dumb bitch! Stop destroying our kitchen!:flutterrage: "

"Now Liza," she said with an serious expression on her face, "If ya can't keep your thumb out of your mouth I guess I'm gonna have to cut it off n eat it."

Oh, you'd love to, wouldn't you?

It was when we got to the barn that we finally caught the other two that worked on the farms, Uncle Larry and Mr. Greer. I always chuckled when they were together, reminding me of Mario and Luigi.

I guess the princess was in another barn.

"Hey," I said as I entered the barn and walked over to them, "I'd like you to meet Applejack our stepmother."

"She's honest, she's nice, she's a demon horse from the Seventh Circle of Hell and she eats puppies and kittens for breakfast!":pinkiecrazy:

"What about your family? What are they like?"

She tilted her head as she thought about it for a moment before speaking again, "Well they have other needs they thought were more important. They never saw the meaning of family like I do. It's kinda sad really."

Does Granny Smith know about this, young lady?

The door to the refrigerator was open. The huge freezer was open. All the cupboards and cabinets were flung open with all the meat we had stored piled onto the floor with Applejack or something that looked liked Applejack sitting on her knees desperately cramming the food into her mouth like a junky looking for something to help her fight her need for a fix.

"Applejack, what are you doing? You can't eat all that fucking meat!" :twilightsmile:
"FUCK YOU, I CAN'T EAT ALL THIS MEAT!" :applejackunsure:


I guess the princess was in another barn.

I laughed a little too hard on that one.:derpytongue2:


"Applejack, what are you doing? You can't eat all that fucking meat!" :twilightsmile:
"FUCK YOU, I CAN'T EAT ALL THIS MEAT!" :applejackunsure:

Theirs a clop story in that.


Theirs a clop story in that.

LOL not my intention :rainbowderp:

I saw a curious look on Applejack's face as she knelt down to my sister and stare at her directly in her eyes. "Now Liza," she said with an serious expression on her face, "If ya can't keep your thumb out of your mouth I guess I'm gonna have to cut it off n eat it."

*jumps infront of Applejack*

Me: NO!

BOOM!!*fires shotgun*

I saw a look of pure rage on Applejack's face. She did not like it one bit that Liza was close to someone other than her.
It was a look of someone ready to kill.



Observation: She is starting to slip up.

“TTOOOMMM!” she screamed at the top of her lungs.


Tears ran freely down her cheek, drying out quickly by the winds as she was fighting a losing battle to keep it together. How and why anyone could love such a horrible animal was beyond me, but she did. And how that cat was capable of loving someone else was a mystery as well. If not love, then at least he never hurt her.

Trust me, Josh, you don´t know what loving a horrible animal really is. My cousin used to have an anaconda in his house :trixieshiftleft:

The space was filled with ancient farm equipment rotting away under the house. I saw the old crate that my parents had set out for Tom with a ratty blanket placed inside of it. But other than that it was too dark to see much beyond it.

"You´re in my shed" :flutterrage:

The space wasn't very high forcing me to almost crawl on my hands and knees when I got in but sloped downwards to where I could almost walk as I went deeper into the crawlspace. Even thought I was out of the winter wind. It felt colder, my teeth clattered and I started to shiver as I worked my way around. I did not like being down here one bit as I worked my way around all the junk.

And then the garbage compactor started its daily routine. The End.

It looked like some forgotten part of an old doll whose head had been mangled from what I could see with the light from my cellphone. Curiously I crawled over to it and picked it up to get a better look at it.

And found myself staring at the severed head of Old Tom.


I kept screaming at her, using her voice to help me through trying my best not to listen to what was behind me. Trying my best to ignore the sound of old equipment smashing around me as the thing in the crawlspace knew now exactly where I was.

“Liza!” I screamed again, as I finally saw the light of the exit after passing some old junk. The low ceiling and equipment made running hard but I pushed myself as fast as I could desperately trying to ignore the sensation of the harsh breathing right behind me mixing with the scratching sounds of a beast clawing the ground on the hunt for its prey.

I can´t read this whithout hearing the Raptor Attack track from Dinosaur 2000 in my head. I just can´t.

Without saying a word to her I jumped up and grabbed the grate moving it back to cover the crawlspace, pounding it back into place with my hand. As I glanced in I saw something quickly step further back into the shadows. I couldn't believe what I had just seen. A flash of red, wearing a bow on the back of its head with eyes like a tiger, or a predator.

Enemies, beware. We´ve got Applebloom.

As I looked down in the scratched dirt I saw a partial print of whatever it was in the crawlspace, I'm sure of it. The print though not in good quality, looked oval in shape reminding me of a horse hoof. I almost laughed at the thought of a horse that had sneaked down to the crawlspace, ate out cat, and afterwards fled to the woods beyond.

"But sis, Ah just want mah cutie mark for eating foolish kids and their pets!"
"No buts! Now get the buck out of here, young lady! Ah´ll try to clean yer mess here!"

It was then I heard a song about smiling from the television from the living room above us.

♫ There is one thing that makes me happy and-YOU´LL BE MY DINNER TONIGHT-makes my whole life worthwhile♫

It took a minute for my sister to take it out of her mouth and once she did the tears started to flow. Ignoring how cold Applejack was Liza's hands flew around our stepmom holding her tightly as she buried her face into her side and cried.

"It's okay, it's okay," said Applejack gently stroking her hair, "I'm here for ya."

"I love you Applejack. Please don't ever leave us," said Liza burying her face in our stepmom's side.

Our stepmom was taken back by my sisters outburst as well as I. I guess after losing her mom and now her cat made her realize that nothing is permanent and that you could everything you love at any moment.

Applejack's expression soften as she wrapped her hands around my sister. I honestly don't think it was something she has been told ever in her life. Maybe it was because of that she could never let us go.

"I love you to Liza. And I have no plans of leaving any of you," said Applejack rocking my sister back and forth, "This is my home."

Notgonnacrynotgonnacrynotgonnacrynotgonnacrynotgonnacrynotgonna....F*ck! :raritycry:

It was on the table for only a couple of minutes before Liza grabbed it but I did get a good look. It was an orange pony doll with a blond mane and tail that didn't seem as old as she said. As a matter of fact it looked like it was only made just a few years ago, even with the all the black marks and her eyes colored out.

Even more surprising was that I found myself not liking the thing at all. Its smile seemed to be mocking me, laughing at our grief. As I saw my sister hold the toy in her hand like it was something of great value, I had this desire to snatch the thing out of her hands and throw it away.

Great. Not only they´re flesh-eating horses, but they also don´t know how to look after toys or costumes correctly! First Twilight, then Fluttershy and now Applejack? Guess stupidity runs in Equestria. But then again, they have the God of Chaos as their ruler and they´re naked most of the time, how clean can they be?

As the two hugged I glanced out the window to see the first few flakes of snow starting to fall.

♫ Winter Wrap-Up, Winter Wrap-Up ♫ Too soon?


Winter Wrap-Up, Winter Wrap-Up Too soon?

Great now I have that song stuck in my head whenever I read this chapter.:derpytongue2:

I wonder... Could/Would Rarity settle for a sexual relationship with Joseph since Applejack has settled for a romantic relationship?

8391974 Relationships isn't really what motivates them.

The snow was still falling from the sky. Had been for the past week blanketing the world around us in silence and ice. Its funny when you think about it. Winter is always the quietest of seasons. Seeming to isolate man from each other in a world of cold and white.

And the thoughest one in my book. *trying not to make an other Winter Wrap-Up joke*

As for my father? He seemed to be in a permanent upbeat mood which I have to confess worried more than reassured me with his constant smile and sunny attitude. He seemed distant and not all their in the head. I been seeing more cuts and bandages along his body as time moved on. Every time I asked about them he would either pretend he didn't hear, ignore me, change the subject or outright lie to my face until I just stopped asking. It was sad how someone I looked up to so much was now almost an embarrassment to me.

:ajbemused: "Discord, what in tarnation have ya been doing with mah husband?!"
"Oh, you know what they say about men, Applejack. They' re honest liars!"

The skin around the areas the beast tore into was blackened seeming to rot away as we stared at it. As I looked at it I knew it wasn't just hunger that forced it to hunt. It was sport. This was a message from it. Letting us know their was no way to stop it.

"Give me mah cutie mark or else Ah would eat y' all alive! Ah mean it! Xoxo, Applebloom".

We both nodded at him as we began to enter the woods. Slowly, cautiously, as we were sure that at any moment that thing would bear down on us to rip each of us apart. But the woods was silent, sleeping.

♫  Slenderman, Slenderman, all the children try to run
Slenderman, Slenderman, to him it' s part of the fun ♫ 

"The sow weighed over two hundred pound. How did one animal drag it all the way here?" Mr. Greer said more to himself, "Didn't even kill her until it was dragged here. And dragging a two hundred pound fighting pig all this way is no easy feet."

♫ We are the champions, my friend
And we' ll keep on fighting till the end♫

I jolted from my bed, quickly dressed and I was prepared to rush downstairs to grab my gun. As I opened the door to my room I saw Liza out their already in the hallway dressed in her Pokémon onesie. Her hands covering her ears as I saw tears flow down her cheeks as its cry kept going on and on.

I actually imagined her with a cute Celebi/Jirachi pajama for some reason :twilightsmile:

"Go back to bed Joseph. It will end soon enough and in the morning we'll fix the damage and clean up the mess." he said as he stomped back to his room with Applejack following him, still holding Liza and doing her best to comfort her.

"It is for the greater good, son".

Then everything exploded as something too fast for my eyes to catch broke free from its hiding place. Stunning me as a jumble of mass, wood and brown sprinted directly towards me. In my fear and haste I let my mind assume the worst as I chocked, until the rational part of my brain confirmed it was a deer.

I stood their watching the spooked animal sprint past me with my shotgun lowered. I should have thought for a moment as to what exactly spooked it.

I wonder what' s gonna happen next :pinkiecrazy:

The soft crunch of many feet on fresh snow followed with the sweet smell of rot and death came from the monster behind me. The thing was so close I could smell all the kills that thing had done. At the point I knew I had no chance so I did the only thing I could do. I prayed.


Turning to face the thing I felt myself being grabbed from behind. My shotgun ripped from my hands and tossed away
I was in too much a state of panic as I was lifted up and thrown into the icy brown sludge of the river. It was the creature in the crawlspace on top of me and all that went through my mind was the head of Uncle Tom staring at me while it held me under the water.

I struggled with the beast on top of me as it held me under the water until the air left my lungs and my fight grew weaker as I felt myself losing consciousness. My lungs burned with the need to take another mouthful of life giving air. I remember grabbing a handful of its fur and ripping it off but still the thing held me under. Until my world faded to black.

Damn it, Joseph.

Before we made it out of the woods I remembered taking one last look behind us and as sure as I was of anything I saw something hiding in the shadows of the trees. Something that wore a bow on the back of her head.

It is the ancient demon simply known as.....Daisy Duck. *Dun Dun Dun*

"We both told you boys not to go," she growled at the farmhands, "And look what happens. All you did was get Joseph sick and make fools of yourselves. Good for you."

You´re right, "Applejack". They should be really ashamed for trying to kill that monster you call "sister".


It was late when I finally woke up again. With the remnants of that word still drifting through my head. Why was I dreaming of it? Where have I heard of it before? And why did it bother?

God, I never imagined I would hear those words some day, let alone coming out from my mouth :rainbowlaugh:

It was a small gust of warmth as I passed by the bathroom that drew me out of my feverish haze noticing for the first time that Applejack was taking a shower. The door was cracked opened with as a steady steam of mist drifting outwards from the opening.

I made my way closer to the opening and as I looked in I could see my stepmother naked in the bathtub. The mist obscured her from me somewhat but still I saw a lot. Her back was towards me with her blond hair clumped to her body as the hot water ran down her skin. I have never thought of her like that until then but it suddenly occurred to me how much of a beautiful woman Applejack was.

My illness was forgotten for a moment. I could do nothing but watch her bathe. Staring at her nude body moving around the tub as she cleaned herself. The shame I should have felt for this was overpowered by the lust that cut through my fever.

I saw Applejack turn towards me for a moment. Head down as she was busy rinsing the shampoo out of her hair. I felt a surge of arousal course through me watching my stepmother. Even with the steam from the hot shower that filled up the bathroom I saw her nude body clearly while Applejack continued to turn as once again her back was towards me.

Enraptured I watched her run her hands through her hair when Applejack suddenly stopped. I saw her tilt her head almost around for a second before turning back as she continuing to clean herself. I felt a blush rise from my cheeks, afraid that she knows I was standing their watching her shower. Embarrassed and more than a little ashamed for being such a pervert I continued on downstairs to grab some water and a glass of juice for later.

Man, I should really stop reading this, but I can't look away :unsuresweetie:

"A gentleman never watches a lady bathe," a voice suddenly whispered into my ear. Jerking me away in surprise as I felt sure Liza had followed me and had seen me peeking at our stepmother.

You' re not a lady. You don' t even deserve to be called "thing" :trixieshiftleft:

"Their is so much I want to show you," Applejack/Not Applejack said while guiding me onwards.

♫Come with me and you'll be
In a world of pure imagination
Take a look and you'll see
Into your imagination ♫

My head started to spin wile filling with strange images of me and my stepmother doing things I had never thought of before with her as I felt my body being pulled by to a world beyond the steam. I felt drunk, dizzy, unable to hold any kind of thought. The quiet whispers from unseen voices kept pushing me on and on. Their was a small part of me, a part of me that knew all this was wrong. A part of me that knew all of this was evil. I could hear that part of me yelling, begging me to stop, to run. That bad things could only come from this. But my lust, my maddening arousal didn't want it to stop, didn't care about the dangers. All it wanted was what the visions promised as it lead me along.

Whose room it was I couldn't tell as everything was still obscured by the steam, overlapping with the noise of running water. I saw my stepmother Applejack/Not Applejack waiting for me. Sitting on a bed of red silk and satin. Naked except for the sheets that covered her body. "Let me teach you how to be a man, she said with a sultry smile playing across her face, arching herself back ready to guide me through the dark pleasures of the body. I couldn't stop the rush of feelings pouring through me as I walked closer to her.

Applejack/Not Applejack let out a soft groan. Her hungered desires driving her to madness with want. Even thought it was the middle of winter I saw beads of black sweat form on her bare skin washing away some of the orange to reveal a bone white color underneath. It didn't frighten me, in fact it drove my lust even further.

Like A predator on the hunt she crawled to the front of the bed on all fours. The sheets falling away to reveal the beautiful woman before me. I saw flecks of purple peeking out from her blond hair. He mouth twisted in a smile almost to wide for such a face revealing incredibly sharp teeth as she spoke again."Forever and ever we will always be together.
she teased letting her cold fingers reaching out to caress my cheek.

A groan escaped my lips. My body was entirely focused on what was being offered. I couldn't stop...I didn't want to stop.

"It wont be so bad. It wont be so bad. It wont be so bad," My mind kept repeating over and over again. Watching her mouth stretch impossibly wide as I saw nothing but my death beyond her rows of teeth.


"MINE!" screamed a voice cutting through the dream destroying the fantasy in front of me as I felt cold hard claws grab me and pull me away into the darkness away from the woman. I felt sick, the flu symptoms rushing back while fighting the bile rushing upwards from the constant spinning. I think I blacked out at some point as everything disappeared as I heard the snap of a television being turned off.

My reflection was the first thing I saw when the room finally stopped. A distorted reflection of myself staring back at me from the old television I kept in my room that was once my grandfather's before he died.

She was still their. I could feel her. Behind the glass. Watching. Waiting. I could still taste her kiss on my lips. The sweet rotting taste of death and emptiness mixing with the coppery taste of my blood. And I found myself wanting more.

My body started to shake as a wave of fear enveloped me as a sensation of my almost certain death overwhelmed my senses.

And the moral of the story is: Porn screws you up. Pretty bad.

"You shouldn't have gone a walking around like that. Gave me a fright when you passed out," she murmured, "Next time just ask one of us to get you what you need."

Sure, obviously that ' s what really happened.

"Anyway it's late and I'm going to head off to bed so I can get up early.. You know how your father gets when breakfast is late," she chuckled as she got up and started to walk towards the door. "Oh and Joseph," she said stopping for a moment before leaving, "I know times have been tough for you with everything but I just want you to know I'm here for you."


Applejack softly smiled as she turned off the light and closed the door, leaving me alone with my thoughts in the oncoming night. My body felt much to weak to fight staying awake as I rolled over and tried to go back to sleep. "I'm here whenever you need me." whispered a voice from the television as I drifted off.

Bite me.


Bite me.

That what she has been trying to do the entire time.

"Stay away from me, you mutant marshmallow!" :rainbowhuh:

Huh, looks like Rarity has her sights on a suitor. Honestly didn't expect that, considering their nature in this particular Universe.

Suitor wasn't her ultimate goal.


More food? I'm guessing....

God is eating really all that's on their minds? I guess unless the psycho that became their God says otherwise though I suppose.

Its more than food that they want. Food is just the act. Life to death, death to life .

Soooo, is Applejack different? Or is she like all the other ponies and is just biding her time? Is her 'joining the family' bit genuine or does it have something to do with Applebloom??

This is so good it's bringing me stress as I frantically try to figure out what is going on

I'm curious to know if Apple Jacks going to turn the family into ponys, just like what Bon bon did Laura hearts strings.

A part of horror is in the unknown. Are you stressed or scared?

Is this a rewrite of the chapter?

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