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“Now I can look at you in peace; I don't eat you any more.”
― Franz Kafka

Check out the prequel now out. Flutterschmooze and the direct sequel Wanna Play?. All stories of the series have been linked here.The Truth behind My Little Pony.

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Reads like a Creepypasta. It's alright. A few errors here and there, but I think this story would be better extended a bit. As it is, it's a good starting point. Not bad, though. And the cover art is amazing.

I just don't know what to say. I get a similar feeling to this.

7344145 Close it was the Creepy pasta Candle Cove that I drew inspiration from.

7343960 Thank you very much. And it was creepy pasta stories I drew inspirations from.

there's a lot of oddity to this, and it's never cleared up. the story you said you took inspiration from explains it well, but this just kinda ends. am i supposed to be lead to believe that the doll was evil, the show was made evil or that hasbro went evil? another part of it, and i'm not totally sure is where it says "hasbro would never make a my little pony show" am i to be lead to believe that the show never existed in this universe?

regardless, its written pretty well and conveys the creepy well

7344676 Thank you for the compliment. The story I drew from was the creepy pasta "Candle Cove" if you haven't I would strongly suggest reading it. Its a good example of a horror story done right. I wanted to approach the story that Hasbro never made the show or the dolls and that My little pony doesn't exist in this world. And if it didn't then what exactly is she watching.


I remember that show. Now that I think about it, that ship was way creepier than I remember.

7346658 Really? It wasn't the Skintaker?

7347268 Nah, he's pretty much as creepy as I remember.

There are some minor issues that get in the way of your story.

To me the length is fine.

Very interesting.
Nice touch with the Hasbro response letter:ajsmug:. Easy enough story to follow and I didn't miss anything.
In terms of comparing this to other creepypasta... it's terrific:twilightsmile:. A little too softcore creepy for me but you have brought me happily back into reading these types of stories again! :twilightsheepish:
Thanks!!! :twilightsmile:

7348252 Thank you very much.

Hmmm... the ending suspense came outta nowhere and coulda had more context, but it's more realistic as it is now. 8.5/10 would read again :moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::facehoof:

Idk seems like a poor attempt at a creepypasta to me. Kudos to an interesting start with the mother writing a letter though, that's original.

7348979 Thank you for the compliment and I can understand and appreciate your criticism.

7364495 I suddenly inches away from the fandom
But good story

7364576 if you don't excuse me
I am going to go yell at the little shits doing fireworks on my grass

7364578 HA! Happy Murica day to you as well:pinkiehappy:

7364583 uhh

I'm a bit to harsh
Mom of child: Well... I

7364592 Well I can sympathies. If something did happen would they pay for it? A little thinking goes along way.

7364610 I saw the kids cry

I am evil

7364614 Little kids tears are the best.

Another form of Supernatural work (not that I believe in it).

I'd love to watch that show.

7427614 well I hope you enjoy the new stories that are coming out based on it.:pinkiehappy:

Well this was interesting. I hope it doesn't end here.

7440809 No I am releasing more stories based on this world. The newest one Flutterschmooze it out.

Did a little reading of this fic, hope someone enjoys!

Violently Irrelevant sent me here.

7654836 I hope you enjoyed it. He did a great reading.

7656328 I think this deserves to be an MLP creepypasta. Besides, everybody loves Cartoon creepypasta and nobody's complaining about it.

7661943 Thank you I appreciate it.:pinkiehappy:

The thing with the Twilight doll kinda reminded me of a Twilight zone episode with a talking doll.

I love the thought of that...

Most of the time when I read this, I was thinking about how unreasonable the hate was. Where did it come from? I know, this is a horror themed story, but still got to ask that. Anyway, I liked it. Nice story, but I did see a little bit of mixing with there, their, and they're. It's best you take note of that.

7731672 My problem with this story was I should have taken more time with this and I'm kinda bad like that. Sometimes when I get an idea am not not sure what to do with it I'll write a rough draft and publish it to see what the reaction is. Had I known this story was going to take off I would have done more editing to it.

You know, personally talking about a neckbeards personal involvement, and gradual disinterest, in the show over the years would be far more unsettling.

Just mentioning the words "pony pussy" a few times would make your audience shudder in fear.

This story tries a bit too hard to be scary. Sorry :/

7886158 Much appreciated. Thank you for the criticism.

7887298 Guess who made a reading of this, ill give a hint her OC looks red and grey and has glasses.

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