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This story is a sequel to The Truth Behind My Little Pony

"Some of them want to use you. Some of them want to be used by you."
"Some of them want to abuse you. Some of them want to be abused."

Eurythmics-Sweet Dreams

Special thanks to Cowriter MisterNick for all his help it is greatly appreciated.

Note: tagged for sexual situation.

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Sweet Dream ether by Marilyn Manson or eurythmics :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

7979655 Eurythmics It fits Anna's personality better.

She pushed down as she slid across the coffee table’s shattered glass. Glass that had been busted when she’d been kicked into it harder than she’d thought ever possible. The girl whimpered as the slivers of broken glass dug into her skin and spilled her blood, leaving a small trail from where she’d been.

Nice. This story gets to the horror real quick.

"Whatever," he grumbled over her rudeness, at the same time happy to see her leave, "your friend picked a hell of a day for her party. You know there’s a storm brewing. Weather man says it’s gonna be the worst in years."

Yeah, it definitely doesn't sound like a setup to cause a bunch of people to be trapped in a house. If you think about it a little bit, even without knowledge of the television predators, this timing does sound a little suspicious.

"Is everything ready?" asked a familiar voice on her phone, "We’re starving."


“Nope,” replied Aaron with a weirdly proud grin, “I shoved it up my doberman’s ass. Now, who wants to smoke this shit?”

Yeah, good to know. You're lucky I have the stomach for mundane sickness like this.

Jason followed Anna into the bathroom and faced the mirror with her. She then began to explain her game, a variation on the old ‘Bloody Mary’ game except instead of repeating the nickname of the Queen of Scots it was Twilight Sparkle. Jason groaned, “Seriously?”

You should walk away before you have to run, but, you're not going to. You're too interested in that body. This is how we lose wars, people!

"Twilight Sparkle, Twilight Sparkle, Twili..." he said suddenly stopping in mid-sentence.

If it still works with only about 80% of the phrase finished, I'm calling it useless.

Anna counted to five in her head before opening the door. Other than a slight smell of decay already fading nothing was out of the ordinary. She sighed and walked over to the bathroom sink and began to retouch her make-up and watched Jason on the other side of the glass. She hummed quietly as he was slammed against the glass on the inside of the mirror turning it crimson as a blue creature with a rainbow colored mane tore into him quickly devouring what it could.


“They’re ponies. It’s My Little Pony. It’s super fun. My brother and I used to watch this all the time!”

Go find your weed buddies before this gets messy, friend.

Aaron blinked then snorted, “Don’t… can’t you get something in like 12 oz. Mouse or something?”

I'm not sure if I like your taste in cartoons...

"What's weird about being with your friends on Christmas? Friendship is a magical thing, you know that right? Anyway that's what Twilight Sparkle says anyway."

If you want to be their friend so much, can you please do us a favor and at least become one of them? What the hell are you doing if you're pretty much their slave?

"Happy Hearth's Warming to you as well Aaron darling. You shouldn't be so grumpy and just enjoy the holiday with your friends," said the white pony with the purple hair as she walked on the screen.

Aaron stopped what he was doing and turned to face the television mouth agape. “What the fuck?”

"The food of course," said Rarity.

Anna stepped back and unconsciously bit her nails while listening to the muted screams of pain and agony, along with the more animalistic sounds of something nightmarish eating its fill. She watched with glee and smile slowly crept across her face. At times like these she wondered just how her friends did what they did. Then as quickly as the thought occurred to her she dismissed it. Some things were better not known, especially when it came to what happened in the darkness.

Anna, please do all us a favor and quit while you're ahead. There's no way this will end good for you.

Tony sighed, reached into his pocket and pulled the butterfly knife from it. He opened it with a flourish and gazed at the blade. His hand trembled as he looked at it and thought about how two long slices could end his troubles and his ties to these people and the dirty secret they kept.


“I am no devil,” said Aaron indignantly, “Barbarians like yourself never understand these things. If you must know my name is Rarity fashion designer extraordinaire.”

May I introduce you to the Point of View Gun? I think it'll tell you why the people you devour think you are some type of satanic demon.

Tony shook his head and reached into his pocket pulling the knife out and handed it to Rarity, “I’m scared shitless but, frankly you can’t run from some stuff. Just make it quick and clean would you?”


"It really wasn't a good idea to have a Christmas party in the middle of a snowstorm," said Dawn blankly staring at her cell phone while pushing her red hair out of her face. "Damn it! I can't get any connection at all. I feel like its karma or something."


“Carolers, in a snowstorm… are you serious?”

I don't think those are carolers...

Slowly Anna looked up from her plate of bones and flesh and looked at the three squirming girls and said, “Rosemary invited me… well … us. Three years ago. It just took a while to actually get here.”

Using ugly descriptions of food that I use on a daily basis, huh? Bonus points if she's actually a cannibal.

Jason stepped back from behind the unconscious Paula and rolled his head. Slowly but surely the skin gave way and revealed Rainbow Dash. The girls gasped in horror and began to cry. “You killed him,” sobbed Dawn.

“I helped. I didn’t actually do it.”

I think you're still guilty for being an aid to a murder. Hey, I can indirectly kill someone by hiring a hitman to do it for me, but that doesn't mean I didn't cause the murder.

"Decorating for the holidays always gets me in the mood," sang Pinkie.

You're not Pinkie.

"Happy Hearth's Warming to our bestest friend ever," The three ponies cried out loud.

"We felt bad knowing that you had to work holiday," said Rainbow Dash.

"And no one should be alone for the holidays, especially on Hearth's Warming," Rarity said as she placed a cherry on Dawn’s head.

"So we made this party just for you," Pinkie said as she jumped around, "Surprised?”

"Wow! I must be the luckiest pony in all of Equestria to have friends like you," Twilight said as her friends gathered around her, "Happy Hearth's Warming Day to you all."

Pretty touching, but this is a South Park's Woodland Critters scenario. I can't exactly feel good for something that has an immoral goal.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you. You'll just tire yourself out and we have all night with each other, and trust me you will want all of your stamina," Twilight continued as she dipped her head down a little further.

Stamina for what? What can she do if she's dead?

The sickening crunch of Twilight’s razor sharp teeth digging into Heather’s face filled the house as did the screams of the girls. It wasn’t long before Twilight had unhinged her jaw and engulfed heather’s entire head muting her screams. So it was, the ponies began and enjoyed their holiday feast.


“If you’re there,” she said quietly, “I know we don’t talk anymore. I know you think I’m as much a monster as those I hunt but, I just wanted to wish you a merry Christmas Derpy. I hope one day we can be friends again.”

You better keep on hoping, because you betrayed a good friend for a group of murderous, gluttonous predators. I hope you're actually happy with this being your life from now on.

So, uh, that was definitely something. It's nice to know that Anna is now technically a murderer, pawn, and possibly mentally broken. It's also nice to know that this is a threat that I would consider to be under supervision by the SCP Foundation. I think these ponies would be a keter level, since they are highly dangerous, manipulative, sentient, and hard to contain. Ah, man-eating ponies, what a nice addition to the SCP roster.

So, I'm thinking that the lack of commas in some places and the seldom replacement of question marks with commas is more of a writing style. If that's the case, I'm fine with it. I did notice a few typos like an accidentally capitalized letter here and there. This was a nice and entertaining story to broaden your little world a bit more.

7979948 i take it you havnt played the mlp version of scp then............ just fuck you pinkie fuck you *curls in to a ball*

This story is cool:pinkiehappy:. Not quite what I was expecting of a prequel **whatever its called**, though:pinkiegasp:

We finally get to see what happenned with Anna!
Great story, probably my second favorite after "Wanna Play?":pinkiehappy:


Then what happened to :derpytongue2:?

Anna will appear in more stories. I do have plans for her.

Sorry read the wrong msg. They both had a falling out and Derpy refuses to speak to her.

Is there a story before this? Like leading to how we got here?

This story is a holiday horror Gem!

why is Derpy good and the rest are evil

what's the story behind My Little Pony in your universe

9739189 Well the backstory is long but I will sum it up. Millenniums ago Their were two Celestial beings fighting one another. A being known as Consumption (or Discord or another name Wyrm). And a nameless, formless being (Derpy) who was always fighting to stop this creature from devouring all life it had came across in its travels.

Discord was finally defeated when it was tricked by Derpy into crashing into the earth all those ages ago when life was just starting. Killing the thing and burying it deep within the earth. Slowly the creature has been clawing its way back to the real world. Consuming life anyway it can.

Now in this world the original MLP is a pretty unknown cartoon show. Its 1986 series did terribly and the show was forgotten. Decades later the series was rebooted by a man named Simon Kuklachelovek (Discord) well known in the industry for creating hit kid shows worth millions.

However shortly after the Flutterschmooze incident and the October 10 premier the entire show along with Simon vanished. Along with everything that had to do with the show. Animantics , toys, renderings...etc. So in this world no one really knows about MLP.

Shortly after the show vanished people started to go missing witch brings us up to now. Their are people Bronies perhaps who are aware that something is very wrong with our world.

The show is a type of doorway from the realm of the dead that appears randomly anywhere. Those things that resemble ponies are that way because that's what the door does . Which Discord created because it amused him.

I hope this helps. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask.:twilightsmile:

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