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This story is a sequel to The Truth Behind My Little Pony

“Once upon a time there was a girl who was special. This is not her story. Unless you count the part where I killed her.”
― R.J. Anderson

Special thanks to MisterNick for his help and advice on the story.
Story is a work in progress.

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Did you know that there's also a game entitled Too Human?

8092667 I remember hearing about it along time ago. From what I remember it was overhyped and flopped.

8092683 Yes, it's very unfortunate too.

8095098 Actually I thought your review was great.:pinkiehappy:

As for being a pony hunter anything can be used as a weapon to put them down the problem is they don't stay down

"Hmm, well then let me give you one...Lyra...Lyra Heartstrings. Yes that's a good, great name for you. Lyra my name is Bon Bon,"

You´re not Bon Bon :twilightangry2:

"Hello." I say as is the proper way to greet someone, " My name is Lyra Heartstrings and I'm glad to finally meet you."

You´re not Lyra :ajbemused:

"You have no idea just how long I have been waiting for this moment to finally be with you. I have been missing you so much and their is so much to talk about." I say, "But first I have just a small, teeny-tiny little favor I need to ask. See best friends always share everything with each other and I know you are going to be my best friend so I wanted to ask," I continue on giving her my biggest smile exposing rows upon rows of my horribly sharp teeth as I push my hoof even deeper into her. "If you could share your skin with me."

:twilightsmile: *Calls 991 immediately*

He is our creator. He is our god. Call him Discord, draconequus, or worm as I have it whispered in some corners. He is our master.

Also known as Satan, Sauron and Giratina :pinkiecrazy: But we´ll call him "Doug" :pinkiehappy:

"Did I ever tell you I thought you were the most beautiful of my ponies?" he asked in a voice overflowing with honey, kneeling down to look at me in the eye, "all of my creations are beautiful in their own ways. But you Lyra. Your the one that stood out from the others. I have given you so much and yet you are still not happy. It's my fault, I should have paid more attention to you. So Lyra you have my fullest attention, what's wrong?"

Kiss my flank :flutterrage:


Also known as Satan, Sauron and Giratina :pinkiecrazy: But we´ll call him "Doug" :pinkiehappy:


So is Lyra a good guy like :derpytongue2:?

Or a bad guy like :twilightblush:?

Or neutral like :trixieshiftright:? (I think...)

Derpy isn't a pony she is something else entirely. Trixie is a bad pony just with different motivations. As for Lyra? I would call her neither. She still feeds on people but her motivations are to understand what she was before she died. She wanted to find the human in her. Is she still a monster? Yes she is.

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