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This story is a sequel to The Truth Behind My Little Pony

It's a world of laughter, a world of tears
It's a world of hope and a world of fears
There's so much that we share, that it's time we're aware
It's a small world after all

-It's a Small World-Song

Special thanks to cowriter MisterNick for all his help.

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*to the tune of the Nickelodeon theme*
No-no-nope-nope, no-no, nope-nope; nope-nope nope-no-nope!

Whatever, buddy. You do you. At least I'm a LIVE wimp!

Well, that was terrifying! (I mean that as a compliment, of course.

On the other hand, I wonder what a real MLP ride would be like at Disney. Hopefully nothing like this, of course ;-)

I got the creepy pasta reference, oh yes I did. Abandoned by God, isn't that from the Disney Park story about Treasure Island park? I can actually verify the park existed, I even have the promotional flyer with the map somewhere. It was open for a short time then closed due to hurricane damage and legal issues.

This was quite creepy, a well done MLP rendition of a creepypasta classic.

Glen Gorewood

Thank you. I kinda felt the series was moving away from the creepypasta vibe and wanted to write something in that vein. Also I did work at Disney after reading that story and it does get a little creepy walking the park when it's closed.

Oh crap ... 10/10/10 was the date the first episode aired. In binary, 101010 = 42, which is the number of star points on Twilight's cutie mark, and the angle of refraction for the creation of rainbows from water droplets.

Celestia confirmed.

I only know those tunnels from a guerney trip to the on site Disney hospital/medical tent. I had a medical issue growing up, and there was this incident in the Wild Kingdom on the safari; apparently I was removed from the ride and transported via vehicle to the tunnels and then the hospital. I came to partway through the trip before lapsing back into the medical condition state. This would be the third or fourth time I ended up in the on site hospital of a Disney park. So I can verify, nurse and doctor versions of Disney characters exist; and those tunnels are spooky. And yes, you do get free Mickey Mouse pancakes for being a sick kid.

Also I can confirm Disney won't ban you for life because of medical problems. Only time I was in the park at night was for the Halloween event or other late night things that Disney held at the time. But I'm sure it's even scarier after dark with nobody there.

Glen Gorewood

So I'm guessing that was Fluttershy in disguise then? Or, damn sake's, her possessing the body of a kid. Overall it seems like the psycho who became their "God" became something akin to the Devil himself.

It makes me happy each time I read a new chapter or story from this creepy universe. Keep doing such an amazing work!

"♫What is this place filled with so many monsters?♫"

This was the girl from The Truth Behind My Little Pony, right? I imagine that something else happened between here and then?

Well this happened before the Truth Behind My Little Pony.

Yeah. Am I right in assuming that between this and The Truth Behind My Little Pony something else happened? Like Mel writing the book that she have to Josh?

Melanie has always been documenting the show.Ever since her brother vanished.

Wow. My memory's really fuzzy on that. My bad. I guess I should reread it.

Why is this so hated?! I don't get it. It has its problems (re-reading previous tied stories to understand this one), but it's still a good mystery.

Good job man.

I don't mind the hate. If anything I think I rushed this one a little too fast. I was trying to publish it before Irma hit.

Well, the important thing is you're ok. And I'm glad.

Been reading these and highly enjoying them, I'm so sorry for not posting sooner, just got distracted.:raritycry:

8441089 Lol it's okay. I've been enjoying your stories as well.:raritywink:

Thank you.

I love how it has a Creepy Pasta feel to them, The style is unique and stands out.

Thank you that really means a lot.

As always I enjoyed this immensely. You do, however, have a habit of misusing "their" and "there". Their implies ownership: "The ball is theirs. This is their ball." There, on the other hand, indicates a given location: "There you are. He was over there."

Or maybe it's a stylistic choice and I'm talking out of my ass. Either way, good job.

I will never look at Disney the same way again :pinkiegasp:

No its my fault and your right I do misuse it.

.........I think I just pissed myself

Thankies that is appreciated.:twilightsmile:

Author Interviewer

Well'p. c.c;

I think I know someone named Melanie Rose...

I had a crush on a girl named Melanie...If that means anything.

In 2009 Hasbro was in full production in a new cartoon series. It was a planned reboot to an old eighties series that didn't do so well when it came out. But they were confident the new one would make up for the failure of the first.

And yet, how did that reboot turn out, let's see (list is according to the MLP wiki):
- Ran for 9 seasons for 9 years (2010-2019) with a small continuation through it's comic line (yes, they confirmed that Season 10 will be in the IDW comics)
- Had a total of 222 episodes, 8 shorts, 6 clip shows, 2 specials and a movie
- Had a spin-off series that takes place in another dimension that consists of movies, specials and Choose Your Own Ending (CYOE) stories
-And most importantly of all: Has a huge, phenomenal fandom that also consists of people outside it's target demographic

For a reboot of a show that was mostly created for the purpose for selling toys for a franchise that didn't start very strong back then; thanks to Faust, it's clear that confidence was not misplaced.

The series is based on an alternate timeline where the original series was a failure and the reboot vanished before it's premier. So not too many people know of the show. Also this should be considered G2 instead of G4

this would actualy be a good ride..id ride it if it weren't for the..you know.. "demon verions of my beloved cartoon charater that i love"

if anyone here works for like a amusment park...DO THAT. just leave out the part you got it from a fanfic about demonic ponies who might worship a eldrich chaos creature.

Wait a second- dripping black substance revealing shiny metal chrome beneath?! Where have I seen that before? *gasp!* upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/f/f4/Melikdjanian.JPG
Was that accidental or am I on to something? I'm probably just crazy.:pinkiecrazy:

Just remember to keep your hands and feet inside the ride at all time. ^^

Gah! The idea of a Disney Hasbro venture really aggravates my nerdiness. They're direct competitors!

Still, this really upped the eldritch horror of the series. Nice homage to the series that clearly inspired this, even if it was a little too on the nose at times.

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