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At a sleepover at Twilight's castle on Nightmare Night, Twilight suggests an antiquated game for them all to play.

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Well, fuck. Guess I gotta favorite this now, cause I'm a sucker for sleepless nights.

What an impressive start; this really subverted my expectations. And there are 15 more stories to come? You spoil us!

Very good! Looking forward to more.

Well, I like black licorice.

Well this was deliciously disturbing. Poor Starlight, overanalyzing Pinkie's theming. :rainbowlaugh:

So far I am digging these little tales, but basing the characters on (for them) real life ponies? That is kinda asking for trouble.

Starlight is a little annoying with her analogies.

A story becomes ruined as soon as you think ¨whats the moral and analogy?¨, at least for me. Because it simply breaks the immersion.

This really is such a treat for the October season. Such a variety of stories! So far my favorites have been the dog and Filthy Rich.

Yeah, this was a great subversion of tropes.

Inspiration comes from the strangest places.

Your mind can be your biggest foe in such situations.

Is it weird that I'm more interested in the interactions the characters have after the stories rather than the stories themselves?

Yeah, this one is majorly creepy.

I'm happy to hear it! There's something that I like about making fictional characters interact in ways you don't see in their media :twilightsmile:

Fat and Happy. I can agree with this statement.

Applejack is Midoriya then?

This one is the most chilling story so far.

Sometimes, it's nice to see what you can relate it to, so you can see why something is happening easier.

Now I'm curious... What were the zombs runnin' from?

For the first time in her life, she could function as a somewhat normal pony of societ.

Did you mean society?

This for sure sounds like a Rarity-type story...

Ooh wee... I'm not getting sleep for a while

Of course. How could a mortal mind comprehend the vastness or beauty of angels.

It seems to be a pattern with most stories, fables, and the like. They get toned down, or made more 'appropriate' as time moves on.

Very good! I’ve liked all these stories so far.

Yeah. Honestly, the modern depiction most accurate to the original texts is probably Neon Genesis Evangeleon.

Thanks for pointing that out :twilightsmile:

I personally like the pacing, very much brings across the "stumbling into something you never should have" vibes. That something could upheave everything at anytime, with no tells, nothing to prepare you.

Is it just me, or does adding antlers to anything that doesn't usually have them make it way freakier than just adding horns?

A can of soda... with antlers!
Absolutely terrifying!

Amazing! I binged this the whole way through and I’m very happy with the way it ended! This was a lot of fun, you’re one of most skilled horror writers I’ve found online. A hearty thanks to you!


When I "saw" the gash I was like: HOLY SH-

Then they revealed the truth: Discord...

That was the best ending I ever could have imagined. It was such a twist! Although, I want to imagine that there weren't demons behind that mirror, but rather it's an alternate universe where Cupcakes and other horror fanfics exist (with their own timelines, respectively, to keep continuity errors at a minimum.).

That was quite interesting.

Twilight could've held Cloudchaser with her telekinesis instead of blasting her... Curse her, why does she have to be such an academic and nothing of a soldier?


This one is really good :derpytongue2:

World-Building? In a half anthology, half slice of life horror fanfic? Oh I'm definitely into this now, and I was already planning on reading the whole story!

Yeesh, where's an adequate unicorn when ya need one?... Oh Faust, it'll just go for the horn next!

A sentient, murderous katamari ball is horrifying enough but a magical one?!

Wonderful start! You’ve got my attention now. Let’s see how far the spooky train we can go!

Is it a coincidence that Fluttershy’s story features an animal with what’s basically The Stare?

I don’t think they’re really using their names. Like in the last chapter, it mentioned that Applejack imagined Filthy Rich and Diamond Tiara as the ghosts, which would be a weird thing to say if Rarity was already saying Filthy Rich and Diamond Tiara.

“I’m still a year older…”


You've got my attention for sure dear author! Gonna saddle up and prepare for an excellent scare!

I've seen that movie. It was very sad to me. Had some good thrills though!

Not gonna lie, when the one turned and said they were running I got a chill down my spine.

Pffffffffff heheh
Naaaaaah nah nahnah nah nah nah, nah, nah nah nah nahnah AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

This was awesome! And I'm glad Discord made an appearance! Freaking love Discord!

I have not started reading yet, but the title of the story and the title of the chapters remind me of a Japanese tradition of telling horror stories in blowing out the candles one by one until an oni appears: Hyakumonogatari Kaidankai.

Comment posted by LeylaQuartz deleted May 24th, 2021

Ghosts make me sad. Still, good chapter!

“It doesn’t have to end up like that all the time,” Rainbow Dash argued. “If I’m going into a story knowing the characters are gonna die, then it’s hard for me to care about them. But if I’m not sure how it’s gonna turn out, then I start getting invested. To me, horror is about facing a situation that’s totally unfamiliar and not knowing how things will play out.”

THANK YOU!!! Finally someone who gets it!! Even if it is a character saying it, it means you are opened minded enough to think this way as well.

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