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Thank You Admins. 👍 · 12:50pm May 13th

For proving me right with that self righteous ban. Now I could explain why it was self-righteous and petty but your kind typically refuse to see reality and prefer your own little soy world.

Thank you regardless for proving my point.

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Sorry but I don't support freakshow fetishists. You big crybaby.

Oh that already happened, believe me. Not in what was supposed to not be heard but the fact I was already unjustly banned.

I'm just not surprised and was proven right is what I'm saying.

Warning: Be careful what you say here someone could hear what they aren't supposed to.

Just blocked him to shut his a** up. It helped my case more when the admins performed that unjustified ban proving to me and everyone else what butthurt SJW wimps they themselves are.

  • Viewing 56 - 60 of 60
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