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I'm an amateur writer, but I'm getting better. P.S I like dark stories. P.P.S also go check out my B.B.B.F.F, The Conspicuous Writer.


TMMDW and TW have been revised. · 12:57am August 23rd

All of the existing chapters of The Mysterious Mare do Well and The Weathermare have been revised. I recommend that you read them again if you have before. If you haven't read them, then please do. It's the story that I want to work on the most and it would be appreciated if you at least give it a read.

Until next time. Stay level headed.

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Why thank you. It's based on my OC whom's name is Equinox. He is a Draconiquus and is the spirit of Balance and Diplomacy.

your name and your profile picture is so cool, and fits together so well, it's just so original!:raritystarry:

1690431 No problem. It's only fair since you followed me. :)

Thanks for the follow :twilightsmile:

You are most welcome! I hope that you'll jump right in and enjoy the stories and the community here on the site.:twilightsmile:

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