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Sunny Meadows

I'm Sunny Meadows and I can write decently good stories. I live upon the remains of the sunken Titanic.



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I liked on how mach of a good read it was and 1% out of the 100% was because it had a merpony tag but the other 99.999999999996% was because it was really well read oh and P.S i would like you to do a youtube review of my 1st story TITANIC SINKING IN REAL TIME THE FULL NOVEL sorry thats just the title of the story and it's the 1st story in the sinking in real time trilogy and long story short the time it would take for you to read the story it would = the time it took for the ship to sink proof the movie version has every single word down to the letter translated into well the story and yes i added the 12 seconds of words that ware not said out loud so good luck on the review just read the story 1st and in turn you may have 1 more subscriber as a result my merpony friend

Hey Hey Hey!

Thanks for adding Go With the Fow to your favorites! :yay:

What did you like the most about me transforming into Ocean Flow? :ajsmug:

Thank you for becoming my follower! :scootangel:

well i had a read and my favourite was drum o please don don don don done both of our storys have the merpony tag but lets be real it was a good story in janarol

  • Viewing 3 - 7 of 7
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