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Princess Celestia has asked Twilight to write a letter, 1,000 words long. She accidentally sends it at 999 words. Twilight, being Twilight, naturally freaks out.

Kind of a slightly meta story about anxiety and paranoia about following instructions to the letter. Heavily inspired by the episode Lesson Zero (season 2, episode 3) and real anxiety about this sort of thing.

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Twilight be like

Dear Princess Celestia, I apologize deeply for the

Dear Princess Celestia, We all make mistakes.

Dear Princess Celestia, Sincerely. Sincerely, Twilight Sparkle

And also every writers annoyances

Could have made Celestia say a thousand and one words so the story could have the joke

I know how Twilight feels. I get frustrated if I don’t find EVERY SINGLE COLLECTIBLE in a game during a level. I think it’s “incomplete” or something.

I know what you mean. I actually left some good games unfinished because I didn't want to miss anything, but finding everything was too tedious, then I just stopped playing and never picked them back up. Kind of sucks to feel like you can't miss anything, then end up missing everything. I'm glad you found a way to relate to the story. Thanks for the comment.

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*slow clap for the 1,000 word count*
Very, very clever. And a very good characterization of Twilight. Really enjoyed this! :twilightsmile:

Thank you! That means a lot. It was going to be 999, but that was a little too rule-breaky, so I added the "Sincerely" at the end. Glad you liked it.

Baby steps indeed. Nice fix!

I'm like this. Whenever I receive instructions, I follow them to the letter, sometimes to the point of absurdity.

Yep, same here. Kind of sucks to worry so much about little things, but such is life. Glad you found it relatable.

Ah so true. So true

I absolutely loved this, it is hilarious! So much Lesson Zero (still the best Twilight episode ever) tied into this.

Truly hilarious, and summarises some of my anxieties.

Guess she reuploded it :3

Author Interviewer

I really have to wonder what would happen if you took one word out of the chapter and hit save. :B

It would indeed be a 999 word story, but if I did that and it was reported, then they'd probably ask me to make it 1,000 again or have it removed.

Author Interviewer

Probably true. I was more wondering if it would let you save the chapter.

Oh, yeah, it does. I initially submitted it as a 999 word story, and was warned by staff that it's totally not cool to break rules.

I'm curious. Does this story only have 999 words or a thousand? It would be awesome if a story about Twilight writing 999 words for a thousand word letter to only have 999 words

It initially did, but site staff warned me about breaking rules, so I had to add a word.

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