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Ponies ponies ponies ponies ponies. And changelings too.


Fluttershy is nice. One of the nicest ponies in Equestria, even. She manages her anger by putting it away, deep inside herself, where it can't hurt anypony. But eventually it boils over and all comes out in a massive explosion of pure buttery rage. Will anypony survive? Will the town be left standing? Can the cute yellow horse be stopped? Only time will tell.

Cover art is by Jowybean.

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Butter and :rainbowlaugh: bahahahahah*wheze* Butter hahahaah:rainbowlaugh:

Comment posted by karnazom deleted Jan 7th, 2019

Now she should try stepping on a Lego.

This is a cute story

Okay I have to point this out. In lesson zero when Twilight goes to help Fluttershy, she is throwing around a full-grown bear like a toy. So it stands to reason that she should be able to deal a little more damage than she was doing throughout the story. Like when she kicks the house the impact is so pinpointed and forceful that no one really notices and yet when she's running through town it would have been funnier to have her look over and see a pony standing there staring at the divots in the wall confused as to where they came from. I honestly would have gone with Fluttershy is far more dangerous than anyone realizes and even after her little rampage still no one realizes. It is a cute story though.

All the force of a.....pleasant spring breeze.

Yeah, I knew it conflicted with much of the show's canon when I wrote it, but I really just wanted to write about Fluttershy and this was what came to mind. The main inspiration was from Green Isn't Your Color, when she has those two moments where she gets so frustrated she "screams" (squeaks cutely) and "kicks something" (kicks a vase that doesn't even fall over). I really just wanted to do more things like that where, in her mind, she is being merciless, but actually is just holding back without realizing it. That was my thought process anyway. I'm glad you thought it was cute though, that's certainly what I was going for.

Ponyville doesn't know what hit it. Really. The town doesn't even know something did hit it.

Fair enough.

Thinking on it.....what if Discord "helped" with Fluttershy's anger management?

Enter utter chaos and misunderstanding.

Lucky she lives in Ponyville. A less disaster prone town might not have survived.

This was cute and very old-school to the pre-season one era Fluttershy (through her characterization and mannerism in the story). :twilightsmile: Was it just me, or, did you make a small tease on a potential, plausible sequel? :pinkiehappy: Can Ponyville survive or withstand another onslaught of Fluttershy's "rage"!? :twilightoops: :flutterrage:

Anywho, great job on the story! :scootangel: :twilightsmile:

Hehe, no, but I can see why it looks that way. It was just a dumb joke about that season 1 (Feeling Pinkie Keen) moment when Spike is worried that Fluttershy is going to explode, and Pinkie says "What if she explodes... then explodes again!" And Spike wonders if you can explode twice. Oddly enough, the thought that it hinted at a sequel never even crossed my mind, haha. Derp.

Anyway, I am glad you enjoyed the story!

Aw! :applecry: Oh well, it was a great story and that to me is what counts! :pinkiehappy: :twilightsmile: I'm looking forward on whatever tales you craft in the future. :twilightsmile: :twilightsheepish: Again, great job! :pinkiehappy:

:twilightoops:Using my most POWERFUL tool known as Fluttershy the Destroyer, Melter of Butter, I will beautifully OBLITERATE this ice cube!


Should deserve an Alt. Universe tag.
Canon Fluttershy is much more powerful when entering the Flutterrage. Like outshout all the rest of the Main 6 simultaneously, scare a dragon away or overpower Rainbow Dash powerful.

So for all those who say that Canon Fluttershy can be nastier: That's only when someone she cares about is hurt. When you hurt someone dear to her, she becomes a nasty "Stare Master", unstoppable force of kindness.

Otherwise? I think this just about captures her normal worst-case.

Who knew...who knew dear, sweet Fluttershy could be capable of such...evil...

First she...she deliberately walked into a stallion, and said...nothing! Then she...went to the carrot vendor and she...she...no! NO! I can't say it!!

Truly, there are some horrors in this world that once you see them, they can never be unseen...

Thank you! It is an honor.

Goodness! This was terrifying! :pinkiegasp: Are you sure you got the rating right? :twilightoops: Shouldn't it be Mature? :fluttercry:

Then again, she loved pretty much everything. As long as it wasn't scary. Like the toaster when the toast popped up.


Can you do that?! Can you explode twice?! :pinkiegasp:

I'm curious how this would sound as a reading. How would they know when to be dramatic and when to be soft with the narration? :applejackunsure: Truly, a puzzle. :trixieshiftright: Thanks for the read. :pinkiesmile:

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