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Is this the first DuckTales reboot crossover published on Fimfiction? Cool...

Note: This story takes place after the events of the DuckTales reboot episode "Last Christmas".


Cover Art by Hendro107

Proofread by Shakespearicles

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 62 )

Well that was certainly different. Quite well done too, I enjoyed it!

Woah! I didn't expect you to upload a story!

Neither did I... But hey, how bad could it be?

'Shy's gonna have a kitten when she gets to the Beagle Boys. So. Many. Beagle. Boys...

My count is at least 149...

Lol. Yeah not bad.

I should probably look at the ducktales reboot before reading this... Too late! Interesting idea I'll probably look out for more after I look at well yeah. Great work!

Glad you thought so. Thanks for the favorite. :derpytongue2: :derpytongue2: :derpytongue2:

Quick question: Are you very familiar with the DuckTales reboot?

Uh, yeah! That's part of the reason why I found this story so funny.

I should have known. Thanks again! :derpytongue2:

If you don't mind me asking, which parts in particular did you find the most "hilarious"?

The parts where Fluttershy slowly takes residence in Glommy and Magica's psyches, the part where Glomgold curses Fluttershy to Scrooge and Webby's confusion, and the part where Webby is witnessing Glomgold having a "seizure."



"Wait what?" Scrooge and Webby spoke in unison.

Yeah, that's my favorite part.

This was just brilliant! Instant Faved!

Thanks! Glad you liked it.

You're welcome. And thanks for the watch!

Just out of curiosity, do you think that Pinkie Pie and Webby Vanderquack sound just a tad similar?

Maybe just a little bit.

Accept my like with gratitude~

Very nice!

Ducktales fits in pretty well with Equestria, strange artifacts and dangerous critters.
I think there will be a few strangely generous millionaires in Duckberg nowXD.

I quite enjoyed it!

Congrats! You get a like.

Hey, IDontWatchMLP, I'm writting a little story. You think you can tell me what you think of it, when i released it?

It's the first thing, i've ever written. So, take with large pinch of salt. I'll tell you, when it comes out.

As a huge fan of both MLP: FiM and the Ducktales reboot, I’m very glad that there is now an actual crossover fic of the two, well done!

Wait. Wait wait wait! They made a new DuckTales? How am I only now finding this out? Why am I finding this out on a site for ponies? Is... is it any good? Screw it, im going in blind.

It is actually really good...

Just So You Know, I Have a YouTube Channel.
And It's The Reason, Why The Story Is Talking Long.

Hmmmmmm.......... I don't know. Maybe you should look it up.

This was a good story. I enjoyed it! :yay:

Thanks. Glad you enjoyed it! :derpytongue2:

I am completely and utterly confused to what I just read, but it gave me a good chuckle so I guess it wasn't that bad. Looking forward to anything else you might post.

Poor Glomgold. :rainbowlaugh:

Well, he IS a villain.

This was published the day before my birthday. I haven't read the fic yet, but I happened to look at the date that it was published and realized that it was the day before my birthday. Really cool!!!

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