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This is what happens when alicorns stop flinging megaspells, and start getting real.

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That was fucking glorious
I think I actually regained the brain cells I lost reading the real Fallout Equestria and all those fucking lame side stories
so thank you for that

Let me help you lose them again: I also write FOE New Pegas :trollestia:

2660662 I noticed that
but it's all okay
I have this story to remind me what true literature is.

a most refined piece of litterature indeed, good sir 2660663 , perhaps you could take notes from this amaizing story.:twilightsmile:

Will you be making a GMOD/Source Filmmaker iteration of this too?

Oh, goodie. A parody.

Or, as some people call it: "A trollfic".

I'm going with the former.

A Half-Life Full-Life Consequences parody!:pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp: Didn't think I'd ever see this!:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

2660817 I already have
I'm writing my senior thesis based off this story.

Believe it or not, that was the whole point. Matt "The Headhunter" (The Drunken Trio, Matt's Mind) threatened to do a GMod animation of this if I finished the parody I started on his livestream. Now I get to see if he was serious about that. :derpytongue2:

Really should chose different topics your not being original. Have a story similar to this in the making from 2012

Just to let you know, for the hell of it and because I can't resist a good god-awful story, I'm going to be riffing this... I'm not even sure what to call this. It's... beautiful and awful at the same time.

But yeah, I am so riffing this.

Danke! That's exactly why it was written! -:D

All I can say is that this is a masterpiece- I had such a laugh reading through it. Thanks for the lulz!

"Zebras and missiles" would be a cool band name.

Enemy Crab Zebra is touring Seattle and northwest Washington state this summer. Be there on the 4th of July for the after-concert fireworks show: Missilympics!

Calbeck, I will be honest with you. Reading this, made me chuckle. But it also gave me one of the biggest headaches....trying to comprehend it. So. Much. Random.

Alicorn Princest TwilaitSpeckle sHaver of pones! Yush

That was a good read. Thanks, I could feel my brain cells disintegrating.:applejackconfused:

Twi-Twi-Twi-Twi-Twi-Twilight Sparkle
Twi-Twi-Twi-Twi-Twi-Twilight Sparkle
She got a scroll from her brother that said:
"Zebras and missiles were attacking his place"

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