• Published 2nd Mar 2019
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The Voice in Flinty's Head (My Little Pony × DuckTales 2017) - IDontWatchMLP

Due to contrived circumstances, Fluttershy finds her consciousness trapped inside Flintheart Glomgold's mind. Derring-do bad ensues...

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The currently second richest duck in the world: Flintheart Glomgold, was busy pacing the floor of his office in Duckburg. A decently deep groove in the carpet circled around his desk. Several months ago, he had made a very risky wager with his most hated business rival and sworn enemy, the richest duck in world: Scoorge McDuck. The goal was simple, whoever was the richest by the end of the year would win the rival's company and claim the title as the richest duck in the world. Forever...

Obviously, Glomgold planned all along to lie and cheat his way to victory. Every trick in the book was an option to him, and he held no morals. The problem was that with so many ways to possibly break Scrooge's spirit and put him in bankruptcy, which dastardly scheme to execute first. Outright killing him was not an option, he wanted ever so much to see look on Scrooge's face as he and his family were kicked out on the curb. Broken and homeless.

He continued to pace the floor as he pondered the possible sabotages. But for some strange reason, his thoughts were slowly becoming friendlier and friendlier. The graphic images of Scrooge's entire family and staff getting violently savaged to death by robotic sharks while his mansion and businesses uncontrollably burned to the ground, graduly transitioned to a grassy hillside with flowers and unrealistically cute critters as far as the eye could see. Very un-Flintheart Glomgold thoughts.

An then, he heard a quiet gentle voice.


"What? Who's there?!" Glomgold frantically searched his office in hopes of finding the intruder.

"Uhh, excuse me... Please." The voice continued.

"Where you hidin'! Come out!" He yelled as he started to ransack his office.

"E-excuse me... Sir."

"Who are you!? Where are you?!"

"Um, please... could you... stop running... in circles. You're making me dizzy."

Glomgold quickly stopped his search to try and pinpoint by ear the exact location of the mysterious voice. So far it sounded like it coming from every direction at the same time. Which was impossible, right?

"Oh thank you, that's better..."

By this point, Glomgold had given up on finding the voice. He was sure that he was the only one on the room.

"Excuse me, could you please tell me where I am?"

"Where are you?!" Glomgold replied, quite annoyed. "You're in my office! Where do you think you are!?"

"No! Uh... I mean... how... am I...?"


The voice paused for a few seconds "Sir, I-I think I'm in your mind."

... "Whaaatt?!?!"

Confused by the yelling, Glomgold's secretary entered the room. "Mr. Glomgold? Is everything okay?"

"Ehh, yes. Everything's fine. Just fine..."

His secretary gave him a baffled look as he awkwardly walked past her to the men's bathroom. The voice started to panic as it realized where Glomgold was heading. He entered one of the empty stalls and just stood there.

"Uh, sir! You, you don't intend to..."

"NO I DON'T!!!" Glomgold loudly interrupted. "Now who are you?! And what you doing in my mind?!"

"Oh... um, I'm Fluttershy."

"Flutter-what?" Glomgold questioned the voice's peculiar name.

"Flut-ter-shy." The voice corrected.

"Fla-Fluttershy?! What kind of sissy name that?! What are you anyway? Some kind of fairy or something?"

"Uh, no. Actually, I'm a pony."

Glomgold was utterly dumbfounded by hearing this. A talking pony named Fluttershy trapped in his head? He had to be losing his mind. Must be the stress.

"Listen up, uh, talking mind-pony. I've important got work to do! And I don't need you, or anyone else's voice in my mind, telling my what to do! What are you doing in there anyway?! And why does your voice sound familiar?"

"Umm, sorry... Mr. Glomgold. I have no idea what's going on. Last I remember, I was putting my animal friends to bed, and then... I... I can't remember! Oh, I hope they're all okay."

"Wait, are you the reason my thoughts are getting kinder and friendlier?" Glomgold questioned her.

"Well, uh, maybe. I am the bearer of the element of kindness after all."

"The... element of what?!" Glomgold asked, getting even more confused.

"Oh... I guess you don't know anything about that... Sorry Mr. Glomgold. I won't bother you anymore."

And with that, Fluttershy drifted deep back into Glomgold's subconscious.

After a couple minutes of complete mental silence, Glomgold figured the voice had left him for good. "Must have been hearin' things." He said to himself as he exited the restroom to continue his plan of attack against Scrooge.

"Oh dear, it's so gloomy down here..." Fluttershy accidentally ryhmed as she floated through Glomgold's memory banks. The corridors glowed of a grayscale klit pattern lining the walls in disorganized manner.

She came to a stop at large, ominous door, with the name 'Scrooge McDuck' engraved at the top.

"Scrooge... McDu--?" She read aloud as the door suddenly opened on it's own. The shy pegasus squeaked softly with anxiety as the door loudly scraped the floor.

After the door had finally come to a stop, Fluttershy opened her eyes. She stared silently into the swirling black abyss, half excepting a hoard of mind monsters to jump out and attack her. Lucky for Fluttershy, they didn't... Instead, she heard a quiet, indistinguishable, Scottish voice.

She decided to try her best communicate with the unfamiliar voice. "Umm... H-Hello?"

Meanwhile, Flintheart Glomgold had just fully completed his first, but complicated plan of financial sabotage... overly expensive ransom, with Scoorge's nephews, and his housekeeper's granddaughter as his unsuspecting targets. Because of Glomgold's past spying on Scrooge and his family, he knew well enough that his target ducklings usually hung out in the nearby woods. With his fake beard placed in his pocket and camouflage disguise perfected, he made his way to McDuck manor.

After several hours of patient waiting and watching, Glomgold finally spotted a familiar young duck heading in his direction. Unaware of Scrooge's bitter rival stalking the forest, she sat down on a nearby log and pulled out a small book. Inch by inch, Glomgold slowly crept up upon his prey. But right before he could swiftly bring down his cane on the duckling's head, a shrill scream echoed loudly through his mindscape.

"NO! NO! DON'T!"

"Eeeghh!!! NOT YOU AGAIN!!!" Glomgold almost blurted out loud. "NOW LISTEN HERE--" he started to think.

"NO! You listen to me mister!" Fluttershy inturupted. "How dare you even think hurting her?! Who do you think you are anyway?!"


And to Fluttershy's horror, Glomgold whacked the duckling more than hard enough to immediately knock her unconscious.


"HA! What do you think now mind-pony?" Glomgold finally said aloud. But to his surprise, Fluttershy didn't respond. The only thing Glomgold could hear was wind blowing gently through the forest.

"Gone for good huh?" Glomgold spoke to no one in particular. "Well let this be lesson to you mind-pony, nobody tells Flintheart Glomgold what to do!"

And with that said, Glomgold scooped up the unconscious duckling in a bag and carried her off.

Fluttershy once again found herself floating through Glomgold's memory banks, but instead of hopelessly thinking of a way to get home, she was now more determined than ever on somehow stopping Glomgold from kidnapping and hurting any more innocent children, ever again.

The pegasus eventually came across a white abyss with windows and doors floating about in random directions. She didn't know if any of the doors held the key the defeating Glomgold, nor the true reason why she was trapped inside his mind in the first place. Maybe it was her destiny to stop otherworldly villains from inside thier minds, maybe she was just having a terribly confusing dream.

She did not have long to ponder on the possibilities as Glomgold's laughter filled the colorless abyss she floated in. It didn't take long for her the figure out what he found so funny.

"So that's what you look like mind-pony. AAAH HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! You look like you came straight out of a little girl's cartoon."

"My name is Fluttershy." She spoke in an unusually serious tone. "Now listen up mister. At first I thought you were just a little grumpy, and needed somepony to call a friend. But I now realize that you're just a lying, cheating, stuck up excuse for a duck, that needs to be taught a lesson. Now what did you do with poor little girl?!"

"Oohh, you mean Webby? Oh she's perfectly fine." Glomgold sarcastically responded. "Just a little banged up is all. No big deal."

"No... Big... DEAL?!" Fluttershy raised her voice getting angrier and angrier at him.

"I've seen a lot of your memories, some I... wish I hadn't."

She passed for a moment to gather her thoughts.

"Now I understand that you've been hurt in the past, and that some people have mistreated you. But this doesn't give you the right to hurt and mistreat others back. Especially when children are involved."

"I'm not sure how, but I'm going to stop you and save the little girl. No matter what."

"Duke... You're going down."

Glomgold laughed very hard at Fluttershy's speech.

"AH HAHAHAHAHA!!! So it's a fight you want huh? AHAHAHAHA!!! Oohh, how cute."

After saying this, Glomgold's subconscious faded into existence in front of Fluttershy's as a beffy, almost divine looking duck deity. She was not intimidated by him.

Glomgold then let out another wicked laugh, one that would have made any villain back in Equestria jealous. Lightning stuck all around him for dramatic effect.

"Okay pony. Prepare to be crushed in 3, 2--"

He didn't have time to finish his countdown, as Fluttershy quickly overpowered him and tackled him to the ground.

"HEY! WHA--" Glomgold tried to fight back, but found it impossible to find an opening to attack with hooves flying in his face.

It did not take long for Fluttershy to completely learn Glomgold's battle strategy. After all, rolling around pathetically was not hard for her to predict.

After several more minutes of violently hoof slapping Glomgold's subconscious in the face, Fluttershy felt an unusual power starting to grow inside her. Almost like something inside her mind was telling her "FINISH HIM!!!"

"Okay, this is the end!" Fluttershy boldly announced as she started to glow in a blinding light.


To Glomgold's horror, what looked like hundreds and hundreds of cute and cuddly critters came running towards him at full speed.

He screamed as the animals carried him off to Celestia-knows-where.

Fluttershy breathed heavily as her anger started to calm down. Had... she won?

Her question was quickly answered as she gradually began to fade away...

Fluttershy slowly opened her... umm, Glomgold's eyes, to see that she lying on her back staring up at a unfamiliar ceiling.

"Wha... where?"

She tried to stand upright to take a look around the room that she was in, but instead of finding herself in control of the body of a pegasus pony, she found herself in control of a stout, pudgy, anthropomorphic duck.

"Am I... possessing Glomgold?" She spoke to herself in her quiet, gentle voice, dispite it coming out of the wrong mouth.

After figuring out how to properly stand up in her new body, she glanced around the room in hopes of learning about her location. It didn't take long for her to deduce the she was in a small, run-down cabin, somewhere far from civilization.

And that's when she heard it. Coming from the door in the corner, Fluttershy heard the faintest sounds of movement.

"Umm... H-Hello?"

Fluttershy stumbled over to the door and put an ear to it.

"Is... uh, anyone in there?"

She clumsily gripped the door handle with a feathed hand and slowly turned it. What Fluttershy saw on the other side of the door made her very upset.

Sitting alone in the middle of the closet was a frightened duckling, bound and gagged from head to toe with several taut ropes. A blindfold tied around her head kept her vision blocked.

Fluttershy immediately got to work on undoing the ropes tied tightly around the duckling's bill. She started to struggle and whimper in panic that she wasn't alone anymore.

"Now now. Don't be afraid. I'm not going to hurt you." Fluttershy reassured the terrified child.

After all the rope forcing the duckling's bill shut was untied, she was finally able to make out a understandable sentence to her rescuer.

"W-Who are you? Where am I?" she asked, her voice still shaking.

"Oh... Umm, I'm--" Fluttershy began to answer before pulling her blindfold off. Webby reconsidered him immediately.

"AAAAAAAAHHH!!! GLOMGOLD!!!" Webby started to panic again.

"W-Wait no! I'm not Glomgol-- well I-I kinda am Glom--".

"Uh... Glomgold? Why are you acting so strange? Do you have amnesia again? Did you have to tie these ropes so tight? It cuts off the circulation... And why does your voice sound familiar?"

"Umm, I... uhh, I'm-- WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING?!?!" Glomgold suddenly shouted.

"Wha-What am I doing?" Webby replied. "I'm--".

"Not you." Glomgold quickly interrupted her. "I was talking to-- AAAAAAAAAGGHHH!!!"

"No Glomgold. You are not, I repeat NOT! Going to-- AAAAAAAAAGGHHH!!!"

Webby watched her captor in confusion as he seemed to fight against own body.

"Gl-Glomgold? Are you... alright?" She figured either he had amnesia again, or this was the weirdest seizure she'd ever seen. The tightly bound duckling didn't get her question answered as Glomgold hit his head against the stove pipe and knocked himself unconscious.

Webby stared silently at Glomgold's motionless body on the floor, she almost felt sorry for him. Then again, this was the same sociopathic duck that had tried several times in the past to murder Scrooge and his family. And now that he was laying unconsciously in the corner, it was the perfect opportunity for her to escape.

She tried her best wriggle out of the ropes that held her arms behind her back, but she couldn't get them loose. Standing up and walking away was also impossible, as Glomgold made sure to tie her feet together.

"Okay okay." Webby stopped her fultile attempts for freedom. "This is not going work."

"Oh wait a minute..." She completely forgot that Glomgold had already united the ropes around her bill.

"Alright alright, new plan. New plan." She cleared her throat.


It took a full of hour of yelling "help" as loud as she could before a family of hikers finally found her and called the police.

When Flintheart Glomgold finally regained consciousness, he saw to his shock a squad of police cars and a pair of handcuffs tightened around wrists.

"AHH! NO!"

Talking with some officers was Scrooge McDuck, his housekeeper, and Webby with bandages around her head. After Scrooge noticed that Glomgold had woken up, he walked over him with a stern look on his face.


"T-This isn't over Scroogey! You and your family are not safe! You haven't seen the last of me!" He yelled back at Scrooge as the officers shoved him in the back of a patrol car. Just as the officers started to drive away, Glomgold shouted one last time.


"Wait what?" Scrooge and Webby spoke in unison.

The most bitter rival of Scrooge McDuck: Magica De Spell, was busy pacing the floor of her hideout in Duckburg. Several months ago, she and Scrooge's friends and family had an epic battle, eventually resulting with her losing all her magical powers. This was not the end for her though, all she had to do was think up a plan on how to regain her powers and finish Scrooge off. Once and for all...

She continued to pace the floor as she pondered the possible murder plots. But for some strange reason, her thoughts were slowly becoming friendlier and friendlier. The graphic images of Scrooge and his entire family getting magically fried to death by meteors, while his mansion and businesses uncontrollably burned to the ground, graduly transitioned to a grassy hillside with flowers and unrealistically cute critters as far as the eye could see. Very un-Magica De Spell thoughts.

An then, she heard a quiet gentle voice.



"Oh dear..."

Author's Note:

Hey. I finally posted a story. If you enjoyed it, please leave a like and a comment. Constructive criticism is also welcome.

I appreciate stuff like that... :derpytongue2:

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Comments ( 62 )

Well that was certainly different. Quite well done too, I enjoyed it!

Woah! I didn't expect you to upload a story!

Neither did I... But hey, how bad could it be?

'Shy's gonna have a kitten when she gets to the Beagle Boys. So. Many. Beagle. Boys...

My count is at least 149...

Lol. Yeah not bad.

I should probably look at the ducktales reboot before reading this... Too late! Interesting idea I'll probably look out for more after I look at well yeah. Great work!

Glad you thought so. Thanks for the favorite. :derpytongue2: :derpytongue2: :derpytongue2:

Quick question: Are you very familiar with the DuckTales reboot?

Uh, yeah! That's part of the reason why I found this story so funny.

I should have known. Thanks again! :derpytongue2:

If you don't mind me asking, which parts in particular did you find the most "hilarious"?

The parts where Fluttershy slowly takes residence in Glommy and Magica's psyches, the part where Glomgold curses Fluttershy to Scrooge and Webby's confusion, and the part where Webby is witnessing Glomgold having a "seizure."



"Wait what?" Scrooge and Webby spoke in unison.

Yeah, that's my favorite part.

This was just brilliant! Instant Faved!

Thanks! Glad you liked it.

You're welcome. And thanks for the watch!

Just out of curiosity, do you think that Pinkie Pie and Webby Vanderquack sound just a tad similar?

Maybe just a little bit.

Accept my like with gratitude~

Very nice!

Ducktales fits in pretty well with Equestria, strange artifacts and dangerous critters.
I think there will be a few strangely generous millionaires in Duckberg nowXD.

I quite enjoyed it!

Congrats! You get a like.

Hey, IDontWatchMLP, I'm writting a little story. You think you can tell me what you think of it, when i released it?

It's the first thing, i've ever written. So, take with large pinch of salt. I'll tell you, when it comes out.

As a huge fan of both MLP: FiM and the Ducktales reboot, I’m very glad that there is now an actual crossover fic of the two, well done!

Wait. Wait wait wait! They made a new DuckTales? How am I only now finding this out? Why am I finding this out on a site for ponies? Is... is it any good? Screw it, im going in blind.

It is actually really good...

Just So You Know, I Have a YouTube Channel.
And It's The Reason, Why The Story Is Talking Long.

Hmmmmmm.......... I don't know. Maybe you should look it up.

This was a good story. I enjoyed it! :yay:

Thanks. Glad you enjoyed it! :derpytongue2:

I am completely and utterly confused to what I just read, but it gave me a good chuckle so I guess it wasn't that bad. Looking forward to anything else you might post.

Poor Glomgold. :rainbowlaugh:

Well, he IS a villain.

This was published the day before my birthday. I haven't read the fic yet, but I happened to look at the date that it was published and realized that it was the day before my birthday. Really cool!!!

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