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Drone 319, Queen Chrysalis's top spy in Ponyville, finds himself hovering over Ciderfest tied to a balloon. Why? He doesn't know. When asked what he's doing, he says the first thing that comes to mind to keep his cover.

"I'm a Zeppelin."

Picture art https://derpibooru.org/301934

[Featured 11/11-17/2016 :yay:]

(Now with audio reading https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VqaOKuSnH1I&feature=youtu.be)

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That should be hollow.

Also, yes. All my yes. Who doesn't love a stupidly funny story about giant, aerial, rubber flotation-devices?

Screw being a drone! He has enough acting skill to convince two elements of harmony that he was made of wood! Take that shit to Las Pegasus!

I understand that you're going for cute/absurd comedy, but I didn't really feel that this story was very funny.

Drone 319 now needs to gallop, undisguised, into the center of Ponyville and start frantically organizing a changeling hunt just to see how many completely fail to find him.

7713955 I think you just found my sequel to this story.

This has got to be the silliest cute story of the year!

:pinkiehappy: Say hi to Doomie for me!

:fluttercry: poor baby


That... Was... ADORABLE!!!

Ah, so zey work for zee Major.

LOL, this changeling is awesome! Oh, baby zeppelin. How cute.:heart: 10/10 on random scale. 10/10 on the fun scale!

7713922 Are you a mafia overlord?

No. I'm the Godfather.

Right this way good sire. Let's get you away from the riff raff, shall we?

And now zat zey know our plan, zey will plan around zat plan. So ve, in turn, shall plan around zeir plan zat zey are planning around our plan!

I call shenanigans.

You shouldn't be allowed to use a pic that damn adorable as the cover for your fic.

It's downright cheating. :raritystarry:

a like just for that discription


lunarderpy1.exe has stopped working

I have the sudden urge to try to convince someone that I'm a zeppelin... :rainbowderp:

(At a bank) Give me money

Is this a robbery?


Ok then sir, here is all the money.

What can be said besides... I'm a Zeppelin.

Oh god, this was hilarious!


> think Zeppelin's came from
>that Zeppelin's had babies


Hilarious and entertaining. I'm glad I decided to read this.

I bet it's a ploy. The ponies are well aware that he is a changeling and around, but are under orders to play dumb. That way they can keep track of him and not have to worry about a more competent changeling taking his place. Rainbow Dash sometimes forgets this, though, such as she did here.

As for how 319 got up there, I have one guess: :pinkiehappy:

The sad thing is, I can totally imagine them falling for that.


and then Princess Celestia was asked if there any nurseries for baby zeppelins by Fluttershy so she can take care of them:rainbowderp:.

You really shouldn't go around saying you're made of wood, that can have unpleasant consequences...


Also, I'd really think that Rainbow would be wise to that one, she invented it after all.


This is a very good and very funny one-shot.

Strange :rainbowderp:... but amusing :rainbowlaugh:

What pic is that cover art?
I must have it!

:yay::heart: (Need an 'Awwww' in here)

But the question remains: who tied him up?

Very strange, who tied him up though? But it was really adorable, and nice cover art

FS: Twilight can you help me find a book on baby zeppelins?
TS: Uh... there's no such thing as a baby zeppelin Fluttershy.
RD: Is so! me and flutters helped one few minutes ago. Its very funny looking almost like a changeling tied to a balloon at first glance. But flutters explained it to me.
TS: How did fluttershy know it was a zeppelin then?
FS: Oh he told me and I wanna learn more so I came here!
TS: .....:facehoof:

i was fuickin dieing m8.

Rainbow Dash just demonstrated why it can be bad to blindly follow experts, in this case Fluttershy.

If it was anyone else she would have gotten it, but it's like...who is RD to tell an Animal Expert what is True & Valid?

Also, HILARIOUS and great little story!


Wood is hollow. That's why I float.

Seems legit.


I want to be a zeplan too!

see, this is why we dont need the rainbow lovebugs, changelings are totally ruined now, bugponies were better as bugponies.

great little bit.

He's the "top" spy only because he's the highest, looking down on the other spies.

Sigh, poor baby Zeppelin

7715533 This could be a good sequel... I could imagine Twilight trying to find the changeling, standing in the middle, walking without disguise and not finding him, then asking help to Princess Celestia that she could also not find her even when the changeling try to catch her attention.


Dont anyone move, or the Sherrif gets it. :pinkiegasp:

Id post a picture of a Mommy Zepplin, but Celestia would complain about not being that fat. :twilightoops:

I'm fairly sure the reason he found himself up there in the first place was an act of Pinkie Pie.

Right-click, scroll down, Save Picture As, (name it), bam. You're done.

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