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Twilight offers a Treaty to Chrysalis to end hostilities between Changeling and Pony kind. Turns out that Changelings aren't the first to get this treaty.

(This is a run away idea. So, I'll apologize now. I'm sorry.)

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I've seen weirder.

7712429 good to know. It seemed funnier in my head, and then as I kept writing it was like, "Da fuu? What am I writing?"

You should get rid of the comma in the beginning of the second sentence in the description.

7712438 Gonna level with you here, I didn't find you story to be all that great, but any story that isn't a clopfic is instantly a work of art in my eyes. Because there's really no effort to clopfics. It's all a trick you see - people copy each other's clopfics and swap little details around.

So yeah. I'm calling your story a masterpiece compared to this site's 'best' clopfic. That's a compliment from me to you, if you can believe it. So I'll risk it for a chocolate biscuit because I'm kinda peckish and could use a biscuit, and I'll give this story a thumbs up.

You're through to the next round, son.

7712470 I do have ONE nagging complaint though...

Your avatar.

It's not a living robot.


If you couldn't tell, I'm joking with you. :)

7712497 :raritywink: Gotcha!

And as for the story itself, I know it's not that great. I'm out of practice, so literally anything I DO finish anymore goes up. My older ones are much better.

7712504 Hey, I'm in the same boat too. I used to write until I discovered people making money from shoddy clopfics even a retard like myself could write if he wanted to, and it turned me right off writing. I'm kind of trying to get back into it though, but I am veering more towards my animations then fanfiction. I am still giving it another shot though. I wish you the best of luck returning to writing on your end though. Writing is a great gift for all humans to have. Don't let rotten clopfics spoil things for you as they had for me.

If you ever need a few ideas or someone to glance over your work a bit, you can send your next story in a PM to me if you want. It'll make me feel a little bit useful on this site. :) But before that, this British idiot needs his eight hours sleep. XD

fluttershy is a vampony!!!! i consider it canon

Hardest facehoof so that I can forget this. Why?!

... Makes sense to me.

And then the changelings opened an OC transformation service.

I'm sorry I lack the talent to write something like this.

I need more of this.

I'm not sure exactly what I just read, but I think I like it.

Pfft... My face hurts. XD



... Okay. I'm down.


.... Well that happened

“To the point!” The angry Queen cut in. “And keep it simple, I start tuning you out when you talk like everything's sunshine and rainbows.”

Twilight Sparkle gave a nervous chuckle, slowly pushing out the props of a sun and rainbow away from herself with a leg before teleporting them back to her arts and crafts room back at the castle. Did no one appropriate artistic creativity and visual aids anymore?


“Whaa?” Was all Chrysalis could muster, thoroughly confused and perplexed at the sudden change of events.

I had read this story and asked this question myself often enough.

Nice story.
I enjoyed reading it.

There had been more comment-worthy quotes, but I don't want to make this thing here too long...

But I still have a question:

Turns out that Changelings aren't the first to get this treaty.

What do you mean with that one?
Others are also allowed to change into Twilight's OC's?


Turns out that Changelings aren't the first to get this treaty.

I'm talking about the Vamponies and Werponies here. :raritywink: And I'm going with the Twilight who writes terrible, terrible romantic ships, so that part is even more funny when you think of that.

Wow, Applejack has a terrible taste in men if she thinks dating Zephyr Breeze is a good idea

Curse those red and black Alicorn OC's.


This is gold.

This was glorious. Fucking glorious.


“Well, you see, it's very hard to convince my friends to cosplay as them, and it would be even better if you could arrange a few to actually go out on dates.” Twilight bubbled, her eyes shinning.

Unless Celestia's sweet, beautiful legs are so shiny that Twilight can have them reflect in her eyes from all the way in Ponyville, (Are they??? 0_o) I think you meant "shining", not "shin-ning". :raritywink:

Cute, I enjoyed it. Not sure if anyone pointed this out yet but appropriate should be appreciate.

Did no one appropriate artistic creativity and visual aids anymore?

I was funny and put a smile on my face :pinkiehappy:

... I got nothing. This is just funny.

This was delightful <3.

Donut steel? Holy Celestia is that stupid, yet funny.

My Little Human: Friendship is Techy

To the point.

"Did no one appropriate artistic creativity and visual aids anymore?"

Yes, yes they do... Mostly in fan fiction...

This is amazing. You need to do more of these.

Pfffft!:rainbowkiss: I like!

This is terrible. And funny.

This is terribly funny.

Was mostly confused, but a decent attempt nonetheless. 7/10.

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