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Alex Prior

I've many faces, many names. Different name in every forum. Earl Annex in FF and dA. Alex Prior on SpaceBattles. Whatever strikes my fancy here. That's pretty much me all right. Also, I'm crazy.

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Musings on Midnight Sparkle (mostly stolen from various Trope Pages) · 9:58am Oct 31st, 2015

Human Twilight's alter ego is fascinating.

While Twilight Normal is a bit of a lonely person, one that just wants friends, Midnight is a whole another animal.

For one, she seems to not care about her world at all. In fact, she'd rip it apart entirely just to find something new and interesting to study. It's like she has denounced her humanity entirely.

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Happy Twelfth Perigee's Eve Day, man.

Thanks for the fav.

*raises eyebrows*

I admit nothing.

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