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This is a fun, light hearted story.

Twilight bursts into the throne room of Celestia and Luna to tell them the most disturbing news. There's a new Princess, and she doesn't know who it is.

Celestia and Luna, though, aren't too concerned.

Now with an audio reading! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8F-7f_K6Ob8

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Oh lol so funny:rainbowlaugh:

6325795 Thanks! I tried. Also, I needed a light fun story. Most of my stuff have been dark and heavy lately.


You're welcome.


:rainbowlaugh: That was great, all hail the Muffin Princess!

I saw three typos, but they were easily corrected so I'm sure if you read through you could find them...

A tasty treat to read!

Celestia looked at her star pupil with a mild expression. “Didn't stop nighty percent of Equestria from excepting you right away and loving you.”
“I know, bu- Nighty? Wow. What about the last ten percent?”

Excepting is the opposite of accepting. xD

6327215 thanks for the catches. I'm a terrible speller :derpytongue2:

I don't plan to read, but you got me to chuckle at the simple fact that you're short description asks a question your title answers. Perfect, and I do mean that.

6327403 Thank you, and are you suuuuuure you're not going to read? It's not long and it was quite fun to write.

6327468 Maybe, but not tonight.

6327474 mkay. The Muffin Princess will let you read it tomorrow, but only if you want a muffin :derpytongue2:

I am pleased by your choice of cover art, considering the art itself is entitled "Hail the Muffin Princess!"

6328041 You were saying?

6328668 Just saying how much I approve of the art you used :trollestia:

6329222 yeah. Funny this is, I wrote this on a whim, because I commented on someones story that this made Princess Luna become my favorite Princess again. Someone asked, who was my favorite before and I jokingly found a picture of Alicorn Derpy. The question then was, why? Do you know any good Princess Derpy stories? I didn't, so I wrote one.

And here we are now :twilightblush:

6329456 I"m just super pleasantly surprised that this story blew up like this. I've never gotten more than 25 thumbs up on ANYTHING I've written so far, and this is the second story of mine that's made it to the popular story list. If this keeps up, It might even make it to the feature spot!

6329484 Well, I'm on story 15 and I'm already planning another. I question, though, if people would want to read it.

6329918 You just earned a watch with that comment :pinkiesmile: did you read Without a butterfly yet? if so, pm me. I'd love to hear your views on it.


I'll read about anything someone puts in front of me. I'm pretty liberal with positive feedback too.

This was very amusing, so amusing it had people asking me from another room what was so funny, and without a reply to their question I proceeded to comment.

This is story is so CUTE!

She breathed, a smile on her mussel.


“But what about the elements of harmony?”


The royal herald step forward from the hidden place where his father stood when he was a herald. And his father's father. And his father's father's father.


Sorry it took me a while to get here. I was wrapping up a fic I was reading [Moon's Apprentice]. Still this was quite an adorable fic, it's too bad that Luna wasn't able to con longer bed times from Tia. Then Derpy arrived all sorts of adorable, and spoke deep, philosophical truths born from the very depths of muffinhood.

That and she's adorable. Seriously cute fic ^_^.

6332307 Thank you for the catches, and thank you for the kind complement :twilightsmile:

6368827 All hail the Muffin Princess~


That's... Actually really deep!

6540942 The Derp surprised us all. :twilightsmile:

What a profound statement at the end.

Truly, Derpy will deliver us from the cultural rut we've found ourselves in, of the cold war between cakes and cupcakes, by overturning the table for muffins :derpytongue2:

Heill ok Saill

and thus with the true leader of equestria now on the scene the rebellion can begin, ALL HAIL THE MUFFIN QUEEN!!!!!!! :pinkiecrazy:

Well that happened.

This could use another few minutes in the proofreading oven. Espcially since "flower" is the thing bees and butterflies like and "flour" is the thing you put in baked goods.

This is a great story. Love it some much. ALL HAIL THE MUFFIN PRINCESS .:derpytongue2:
To: Ditzy
I love you. You are the best mare. You and "Your Beautiful Wonky Eyes."

Princess Derpy is best princess :yay:!

Hello again :D I enjoyed reading this one!

6810658 So funny! You have a great talent for dramatic readings. :heart:

I'm glad you enjoyed it ^^ and aw thank you for the compliment, that means alot

6810826 what's the link to your youtube channel? I want to subscribe. Maybe even help with voice acting if you want.

Here it is :D https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBq3KyGFeU2DEcUHXf_qORw
Thank you so much, I'll keep that in mind.

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