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Beneath his black, chitinous exterior, cold blue eyes, and fang-toothed grin, Thorax holds a dark secret. He knows better than anyone that the best way to hide a changeling is with another changeling, but that's pointless, right? He's already a changeling.

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Well, I didn't see that coming.

dun dun duh!!!!!!


I love the Changeling chain mail idea!

Well. That just happened.

The ending seems like it would have been an excellent if bizarre plot twist in response to the question "You and what army?"

Funny thing is, that such a plot twist would be called on for coming out of nowhere unless it was foreshadowed. And it's hard to foreshadow anything like this, unless you straight out show it in the story beforehoof. In that case, the fact that one character is an entire race is on the same level of absurdity as the party member Democratus from the video game Anachronox, and potentially could be just as loved for how weird and disjointed it was.

It had such a nice atmosphere... and the end just wrecked it.
(Guess I should've read the "Dark" tag)

the new found changeling powers of changing into anything are already at work

That ending is beautiful, and Here I was expecting there to be one Thorax trying to be good and an imposter trying to screw him over...:pinkiehappy:

Wait... Where were the links when in Thorax's form?

In any case, a most entertaining spin on the episode. Thank you for it.

Ha I love the ending. Not bad.

I love it!
May this love feed a Changeling. Or all of them, for that matter.

The ending was an excellent plot twist. Very nice subversion of a large number of expectations.


Changelingmail. Made out of male changelings. So it's malechangelingmail.

“Don't ask.” Sratlight Glimmer furrowed her brow.

Something horrible happened to Starlight's night right here.

However, bravo. Mail made out of changelings. I wasn't thinking of that.

Kind of OP, to be perfectly honest.

Oh god, that Twist-Cookie scene. Right in my childhood.
Things a Dad should never tell their kid no matter how much their marriage is failing: "I wish I never would have got your mom pregnant."
Anyways, good story with an excellent twist. It actually gives me a good idea for a less-comedic thorax story where he ends up being Chrysalis, and only Chrysalis in disguise.

A Trojan Changeling. Would ya look at that.

But if they did, and instead of arrows, you tossed your loved ones at us, we changelings would never expect it.”
Standing tall, Shining Armor thumped on his chest. “A tried and true tactic!” he declared.

The wife-thrower returns. :rainbowlaugh:


If you ship it it becomes mailed male changeling chainmail. if you then switch it for a different set, it's changed mailed male changeling chainmail. if it happens to have the right enchantments, it could even be fell changed mailed male changeling chainmail

*Alondro nods slowly* This is the sort of thing I noted after the episode. There's no reason to suspect Thorax isn't an agent, other than the fact that the show has given up all attempts at clever writing at this point and wouldn't have the guts to do it. Also, this is why only an idiot trusts shape-shifters who've tried to invade you.

You'd think people would learn that after the Dominion Wars in "Deep Space Nine".

Maybe infecting all the cherngelerngs with a degenerative disease would work too....

This story needs a sequel with my changeling-hating pony, Helix Splice (a doctor whose wife was killed by a 3-legged changeling who framed him for it... he had to dive off a waterfall to escape royal guards... totally original idea and not shamelessly stolen from "The Fugitive" at all... NOT AT ALL!!) who will naturally not be a sugar-coated gullible douche and will use all his medical science powers to investigate this cherngelerng and uncover the TRUTH!!

“I can't eat these! They have no love in them!”

Clever. :moustache:

“Yes. I can tell.” Thorax sniffed the air by flicking out his forked tongue. The love in the air far surpassed any reasonable standards. He inched away from her.

Something tells me that's not love he is sniffing...


Note: Every changeling in Chrysalis' armor is named "Link."
...and most of them appreciate the lack of irony.

In truth Thorax wasn't just one changeling—oh, no; he was all of the changelings.
Queen Chrysalis cackled madly and rubbed her hooves together. She loved nothing more than a plan that was about to unfold. “You ponies have no idea. You have no idea at all.”

Okay, that ending instantly brought Starcraft : Brood War's Kerrigan to mind. You don't truly defeat the Queen of Blades. You only buy yourself a little more time before she ensnares you in her plot.

I do hope that Thorax wasn't lying or pretending, if only because I'm sick of the "betrayal" plotline, but this does seem plausible...

Holy shit! I did NOT expect this insanity! That was really well done! <3

Any chance for more? <.<

tfw the changeling is all the changling

So, Thorax is actually a Chaingeling. Huh.

7515100 This is just EVERYONE that read GordonFreebrony's comment

Fuck it, I'm not even gonna read this, +1

I hope that Thorax is a changeling infiltrator and betrays them if for no other reason than to give the ponies (and the target audience) a rude wake-up call that not everyone is inherently nice and reformable. This would mean that everyone accepting Thorax's sob story at face value would be a plot device rather than a plot contrivance and would make for an amazing season finale. Actually, if it turns out that Thorax was being legitimate it would be WAAAAYYYYYY worse.

The twist at the end of this story would do wonders for the season 6 finale. If they actually did do something like that in the finale I would be willing to forgive all the mistakes they made in this episode (and there were many).

I feel like Jack might do something like this. Good job. :)

First 1900 words or so: "Oh, it's a nice little story of vignettes about navigating a foreign environment...faving it."

Last 200 words: *says "holy shit" repeatedly and faves it even harder*

7516627 I see your point. Like I said, it certainly seems plausible that the show would do something like this... and, after all, nothing creates tension like a good ol' betrayal. I'd just hope they'd make it different than Discord's betrayal storyline.

....trojan horse in pony world.... god damnit :rainbowlaugh:

7516932 I'm hoping where thorax planned on betraying them but changes his mind

*opens mouth to respond* ... *Closes it* ... *opens it again* ... *Closes it* ... *opens it again* ... *Closes it* ... *opens it again* ... *turns around and flips a table, moon-walking out of the room* Alright then. I dunno the buck just happened, but I don't really care, I'ma get the buck up outta here. Buck this spit I'm out! *throws you a fav and other things as I leave*

Nah, but seriously, amazing job

“Don't ask.” Sratlight Glimmer furrowed her brow.

Ah yes, Starlight's lesser known, slightly more evil twin sister: Sratlight Glimmer.

I had no idea that was coming. :pinkiecrazy: Well done! :yay:

But would it matter if I is?


Great fic! But... this

But if they did, and instead of arrows, you tossed your loved ones at us, we changelings would never expect it.”
Standing tall,

Shining Armor thumped on his chest. “A tried and true tactic!” he declared.

... is what made the fic for me, haha. :twilightsmile:

“I can't eat these! They have no love in them!”

It's been a while since I really laughed while reading a story. Thank you for this.

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