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Ponies ponies ponies ponies ponies. And changelings too.


A guard from The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion spawns in Ponyville. He's a long way from home, but that won't keep him from stopping criminal scum and making them pay with their blood.

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Well this was unexpected, and quite frankly, hilarious. Good job.

Stop! You have violated the law!

ahh oblivion the game were you can be 3 knights a lord of a castle arch mage and leder of the fighters gilld and waring the dragon armor and a guard still calls you a citizen

Those guards were persistent, I'll give them that.

BELIEVE IT OR NOT, i actually felt Oblivion did a good job of recognizing your character's accomplishments. The guards calling you citizen after all that was just because Bethesda was limited back then. It's pretty cool that the guards call you The Hero Of Kvatch and such throughout the game! That was missing in Skyrim. I'm the fucking arch mage of the College, and all they do is ask me to brew them an ale -_-

Jesus, I do enjoy Oblivion. The NPCs made the whole thing one of the greatest experiences in video gaming I have ever had!


THIS is Top Fuckin' Kek!

The problem with Skyrim was that older comments about your position don't go away after you've reached a higher position. The result is that one guard can refer to you as the new blood of the Companions and another calls you the Harbinger. The unoffial Skyrim Patch actually addressed that issue.

Oblivion NPCs crack me up so much. This was great. :rainbowlaugh:

Well, technically he's not wrong. You may be upper class OF the upper class, but you're still a citizen.

Amazing. What more can be said?

Twilight should probably ask Sunset about this.

Oh, there needs to be a sequel about sweetrolls...


It wasn't the crossover we wanted, but the crossover no one knew needed.

Just then, Cheerilee approached them from their right, looking somewhat concerned and confused. "Hey girls," she said. "Have you... heard of the high elves?"

Those videos played a large part in inspiring me to write this, haha.

I don't know the game, but admittedly, having a simple-minded NPC interact with the mane 6 using his limited responses was actually pretty humorous. There were some rather smart remarks by the ponies in here too. Thanks for the read! :pinkiehappy:

this brings me happyness for the day XD

Simple, but quite hilarious!

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