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Ponies ponies ponies ponies ponies. And changelings too.


It's a nice day in Ponyville. In the busy market, between two stalls, a changeling is sitting on the grass. Next to him is a sign that says "feed me".

Meant to be a nice little slice of bug horse life. A little cute, a little sad. Hopefully an enjoyable read, either way.

Cover art is by Sapphfyr

Audio reading available here:
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

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I for one would like to see more of this. His reactions to the different ponies in town could be quite interesting. Pinkey pies reaction might lead to indigestion due to over feeding.

I enjoyed it. Not 100% sure why yet, but something about it just..."clicked" with me, I guess.

I would certainly like to see more, that's for sure.

Hm, this story wasn't that bad. I wouldn't mind seeing an additional chapter or two. Perhaps you could have the changeling's role in Ponyville evolve such that he becomes something of a therapist for the town. You could then introduce him to as many MLP characters as you want and have him help them with any insecurities they might have. Sunset, Starlight, Luna, and maybe even Trixie would be good contestants.

I fuckin' love it

Changelings being changelings around other ponies is an automatic win for me. I love how you portray the feeding, and I love redeemed Diamond Tiara. The world needs more of her.

I think that this would be a lot of fun as a series of one-shots, and it would be great to see more chapters.

Okay, I did not expect to get this much support this fast. I'm gonna go ahead and mark it as incomplete, and get started on some more. Thanks a ton, you're all awesome.

Love the characterization in this. Diamond’s little “I do” was perfect. It seemed that everything just seemed to fit so well in this little story. :D

I am super glad to hear that. I imagine that, even though she's not a bully anymore, she's still kind of a spoiled child with her parents and will take every chance she can to get her way.

Getting this kind of praise from you is really fantastic. I do plan to have each chapter kind of be their own contained story, just with the same changeling and his sign. I do love DT as well, especially reformed. There is a lot of potential for good character depth there all around.

Shouldn't he go to Twilight to announce his arrival, and maybe get some tips on how to go about being an ambassador?

That would make a lot of sense. So much that I'm glad I didn't think of it myself or I might have scrapped the idea and tried something else. As it stands, I'm sure there is some awfully convenient reason that didn't happen. I'll just have to figure out what it is.

Ditto what everybody else said. It's a fun little idea, and it's easy to see how it could continue. :twilightsmile:

I can totally see this as a little series of one-shots, how Ambassador reacts to each pony's various emotions. An anthology would be great.

You don't need to go this route at all, but there's another potential route if you'd like to go with a long-term continuity instead (at least, this was the first thing that came to my mind): 9347204 mentioned him becoming a potential therapist, and I think that could work quite well. First step is to talk to clients and see if he can help out that way (the preferable way), but if the pony seems too difficult to help—since you mentioned he could drain ponies of their emotions—he could do a very selfless act and drain their negative emotions, making each client feel exponentially better, but at the cost of him needing to hold those emotions himself. Over time, holding so much negative emotion could cause him to go into a bit of an overload, and ([insert next step here]—I don't want to suggest him doing any self-harm, since he's too cute for that). Just a thought that crossed my mind. Do with it what you will.

I actually like this idea a lot. I can't make any promises about what I'll write past this story, but that is definitely worth keeping in mind. Thanks for the feedback!

Don't get me wrong. I think it's funny and entertaining as it is. It does emphasize the idea of this all being new and foreign to the changelings. What I bring up in the previous question seems like an obvious idea, but at the same time, it could be so obvious to the ponies that none thought to tell the changelings, who never had an ambassador or such before, about doing so, and they not thinking about it because -- again -- this all all new to them and something they have no experience with.

Reminds me of the Bucking Nonsense story about free hugs.

OK, so no one can say I never read this. This story featured a simpleton story with a retarded third grader-esque interaction between a bum ass changeling with no sense of his surroundings and a very out-of-character Diamond Tiara. (NO, I DO NOT HAVE TO HAVE WRITTEN ANYTHING TO OPEN MY MOUTH ON QUALITY) I get to enact my critic's entitlement now by putting this here...

I know some people don't appreciate your comments, but I still love you.

Hey, its in my tag line, I am an asshole. Contrary to popular belief, I'm not pursuing some ulterior motive related to trolling. I actually can be a pretty good sport when people can see between the lines and not get butthurt over a few thorny comments over some silly fanfics. Though the angry triggered responses are good entertainment.

I must admit this story has a lot of potential to it and a lot of ways to go. In my opinion reading how the changling discovers ponyville could be a lot of fun, can't wait for another chapter. Keep them coming bro!

well, consider me intrigued.

Well, this is pretty darn brilliant. There's not enough good Diamond Tiara fics around here these days (and don't get me started on some of the stuff that clutters up the Features Box) so this is an ideal early Christmas present for me. Thank you! :raritystarry:

I think he would have gotten better results if he had the sign say "Hug me!" instead.
It would help reinforce the notion that changeling buggos are cuddly-huggo-bugs. Better PR, I guess.

As a looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong supporter of the changling internship program, along with the changeling union, changling internships for food, the Changing placement program, and various other changing related relationship development programs and group, I support slice of life feel good changing fics


I like it, even if it kinda stings to read.

This is cute! The changeling sounds adorable. Spoiled Rich is a spoiled, er, b*tch...even her daughter isn't a happy thought. Bleh.

Speaking of happy thoughts, I found a pastel changeling plushie for sale on Etsy today! Yay. Finally. I've been wanting to add a new-style changeling to my massive collection of pony toys that totally belong to my kids and not me for a long time.

Oh, well, that’s easy. Look at the rest of the way he conducts himself. He probably didn’t tell Twilight because the thought honestly never even occurred to him.

I found it a little strange that any changeling would be nameless, judging by how that doesn't appear to be the case in the show - I feel it was more a case of individual names not having much use until the changelings moved past Chrysalis's old hive-mind setup, but it's a small observation, really. :twilightsmile: Very cute little story. Good, very unique character interactions - Tiara and Spoiled are the last characters I'd see interacting with buggos, but now that Tiara is reformed this sort of thing is entirely plausible.

Buggos should set up shop in the Crystal Empire as well. I hear those guys have all sorts of love to give. :trollestia:

Link? Now I am curious, I've only seen Thorax and Pharynx as plushies. :pinkiegasp:

Yeah, this is actually exactly my reasoning for most changelings not having names in my headcanon. Hive mind communication making them unnecessary. I like to think Thorax was kind of a rebel and wanted a name even if it was looked down upon by the queen. And even after he took over and they reformed, some of them just still hadn't bothered getting around to getting names. I imagine the hive mind is something that still exists for them, just interconnectivity between them that lets them instantly communicate thoughts and ideas to each other. And some of them just didn't really care about having a name until it became convenient. As for Pharynx, he was important enough to have earned a name, I think.

I'm sure none of this would hold true in the show if it came up, but it's how I like to imagine things being for them. Anyway, thanks so much for the feedback! And everyone else too, all the comments and stuff are really amazing to see.

Very interesting, I'll have to follow this

A random changeling was named 'Cornicle' in the S7 Premiere, but seeing as that was Twilight's fantasy it doesn't really count I suppose. I could easily see Thorax encouraging everyone to find names for themselves, in such a headcanon. :derpytongue2:

those prices are a smiged out of my price range

Interesting. You need more chapters. As many as you feel like I suppose, but more regardless. Any Background or even main ponies you feel like including and psychoanalyzing :-)

Normally, me too. However...I do need to buy myself a Christmas present. What's better than a brand new adorable toy?

Oooh, okay. That's cute, too. :3 I'd start throwing money away for regular reformed drones tbh. Maybe just a set of three or something.

This is no normal Changeling Drone, It's actually...... media1.tenor.com/images/5a7e3f2635a57c64676048a5305e1afa/tenor.gif?itemid=3576408
Ryback impersonating a Changeling! I swear!

Oh man, I was leaning down starting to get into it and then it stopped. I suppose that's kinda a good sign. I enjoyed it. More por favor.

Here's hoping we get to see Ambassador get up to some actual politicking in Canterlot, or nobles coming to Ponyville to attempt to garner favor with him. So much potential, I look forward to more!

I imagine that, over time and as he meets and gets to know ponies, his sign is going to change a lot and become a lot more detailed.

Wait Astral I have a question. Do you plan on continuing this as a series or wait a bit?

I plan to write at least a couple more chapters, more as standalone stories about the changeling and his sign than a tightly knit complex story. As in, the chapters will kind of loosely lead into each other, and there won't be some complex problem that gets solved. I guess the focus will be things that happen to him from day to day, and some character development of the sign. And the changeling I guess.

She instantly felt an odd and somewhat uncomfortable sensation. It was as if some kind of hole had been opened into her soul, and at any moment it could slip through and be lost forever. She felt incredibly vulnerable

This is an amazing interpretation and description of it. I'm probably going to steal it.

That picture is adorable. Where's it from? Also, the story you wrote is quite cute too.

Just a picture I found on derpibooru, by an artist named Sapphfyr. It really fit the description well, being the right shade of green and also sitting down. And it's just cute as hell.

This was an engaging first chapter, and a well-written one-shot. I like the way you described all the emotions around him. Ambassador is a rather polite one too, and it's nice to see a story showing Diamond Tiara in a positive light. Thank you kindly for sharing. :twilightsmile:

It was as if some kind of hole had been opened into her soul, and at any moment it could slip through and be lost forever.

That sounds a bit unnerving. She wasn't in any kind of danger, was she? :rainbowhuh:

Thank you! That means a lot coming from a master of slice of life like you.

And no, no danger unless he wanted to harm her. I imagine that for a changeling to drain a pony of their emotion, they have to place them into a very vulnerable place first. They're forcing access to something that ponies should inherently not be losing. I dunno, that's just kind of the best way I could describe what I imagined she would be feeling as a result of him accessing her emotions.

Aww! "a master of slice of life"?! I'm touched. :raritystarry: Thank you for the compliment. :twilightsmile: Ahh, I see. Thanks for the reply. :derpytongue2:

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