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That guy wot does the kissy horses, usually of the pink variety.


The brown note is legendary among researchers and common folks alike as a source of intrigue and comedy.

For Clockwork, an earth pony whose real talent lies in repairing nearly anything, it’s been a never ending source of pain and isolation. Seeking a quiet place to spend the rest of her days, she closes her humble mechanical repair shop in Canterlot and moves to Ponyville. Unbeknownst to her, Ponyville is anything but quiet, and a chance encounter with its resident alicorn sets her life on a course she could never imagine.
Despite the name, this fic features no explicit content. This started as a mini-crackfic that eventually turned into legitimate romance story. Takes place before Starlight Glimmer is reformed.

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Wait what the fuck you finally unleashed it?


Nah, seriously, about time Damnit.

~Skeeter The Lurker

On one hand, a good character with interesting qualities, on the other hand... The voice thing, ew. The premise seems like it would lead into a fetish-heavy clopfic, but instead we have a story with actual plot, engaging characters, and no sexualization.

Weird premise, great writing. Really curious to see where this goes.

I liked, keep going!

Just one question. Will we get an answer to what's wrong with Clockwork's voice? Or did I miss it? Love the story anyway. We need more like it with Twilight and somepony new getting together. Especially another mare.

The answer will be addressed in the story later. In fact, the story is pretty much complete. I just have to finish one small scene in the final chapter and then proofreading on 5 of the last chapters. I made sure that I wouldn’t start another story unless I could complete it. I’m glad you enjoy what’s here so far, and I believe you’ll really like what comes later.

Thanks for taking the time to let me know how you feel so far!

twilight is the type to make professionals weep in shame at their inability to do in years what took her a day or 2

Would like to see more soon and hopefully sooner for reset of them :) and if Twilight will be able to help her voice. I also hope that Twilight, after some interaction with Clockwork, will understand how much it hurts her not being able to talk to anyone.

Great fic! I like the manner-of-fact way you handled the actual "effects" of her voice. Some people can get very......creative in these scenarios.

Ok, I literally just finished a discussion with a friend about the Brown Note. So I need more of this, and-

Dang, there was a part of me that was hoping this was bad so I can make a shit pun but I just cant. XD
Weirdly close to the realm of that kind of fetish though so I think I'll stick with just one chapter, just in case.

Like what I see so far. Don't stop now!

Never occurred I would see a romance containing that particular South Park reference. I’m curious to see where this goes.

There will never be any sort of fetishy content in this story. In fact, there will be no explicit content in this fic. I understand if you don’t continue, but yeah, this story is gonna be played straight. That was the challenge, after all.

I won't comment on the scat since this story wasn't intended to be fetishy.

I really feel for Clockwork and I hope Twilight can set her voice right.

An interesting story. If it gets too detailed I'm bailing though


I've already read a pretty damn large chunk of it though...

Oh, and for everyone with misgivings about the subject matter:
This story definitely does not devolve into any sort of fetishistic shit-fest. Very well written and not at all what one would expect, given the premise of the story.

Well, okay then.

I admit, this is almost something I'd expect as a premise for one of Kuzdu's works (and again, it wouldn't be a barfy scatfest), but so far, so good.

Interesting premise but too early to tell if it'll be good.

Interesting idea you have there. The beginning doesnt feel rushed and your character development isn't too outrageous so far. I look forward to more updates.

I had to look up what bed clothes were... where I’m from it’s just called a doona :p

So far it’s a pretty interesting premise! Keep up the good work!

Still, its like looking at a piece of art where the feet are incredibly well detailed and nothing else is. Sure the picture might be fine, but you just know the creator is into that fetish, which detracts from the overall piece.

Yeah no, I’m not into that sort of thing and would appreciate you didn’t imply it. This was just a crazy idea that someone challenged me to make an actual story out of.

I didn't mean to insinuate, merely to explain. My apologies.

"I mean, just think of the possibilities!" Twilight continued while rummaging through a pile of equipment. "Wars that cost countless lives could be ended in one swift, embarrassing blow. A whole new field of non-lethal deterrence could be available using the power of your voice!"

I LOVE that Twilight immediately thinks of the positive practical applications of Clockwork's vocal "problem."

Well yeah, Twilight was the one who accidentally weaponized parasprites. Better to do it intentionally.

To be fair, That's what I first thought of too, Not the writer's fault though, it's the internet's fault for ruining our innocence.

all i wanna know is what's on Clock's face in the cover art...? kinda looks like a muzzle to me but idk.

9192170 Alondro slips an altered music sheet into your recorder practice. :trollestia:

But really, if her voice is the problem, that's easy to fix. Just punch herself in the throat a whole bunch or scream until her vocal cords collapse. She can drink acid, infect herself with Strep... lots of simple fixes with probably no horrendous long-term side effects! Easy-peasy! :pinkiecrazy:

That assumes the change in pitch wouldn’t make things worse.

Oh? And if the '[Target Experiences Gastrointestinal Distress]' part of whatever magical nonsense is happening was one of the lighter possible effects? You might end up changing the effect to a much less friendly one.

Seeing as it's auditory, I'm guessing some sort of throwback gene to Sirens in her ancestry. So you could end up with any litany of 'control' based effects. Instead of [Crap Yourself] you could accidentally end up with [Kill Yourself].

But this seems to be a lighthearted story, so I doubt it'll take such a turn.

When I think about it , she is pretty much a less dangerous version of Quiet from metal gear solid 5.
Let's just hope she looks where she walk , because stepping on a nail in the middle of the marketplace would have interesting results.:pinkiecrazy:

Surprised Clockwork didn’t try to strike up a conversation in the box after it was established recorded audio didn’t trigger anything.

I had an idea similar to this, but the scene was a bit too disgusting to make the story. It was in preparation for a festival and she accidentally hits her own hoof with a hammer. In a busy marketplace...

Honestly, I'm not feeling a thing ffrom whatever your talking about in the author's notes. Yes it is weird that it happens. But you know what?

I know people who can't controll their bowel movements at all. This is nothing compared to that.

9194471 It wouldn't just change pitch. It'd turn you into the Pit Of Despair albino before he clears his throat.

9194614 That's what EXPERIMENTATION is for! Sure, some ponies might die. But it's for SCIENCE!, thus ALL DEATH IS JUSTIFIED!! :pinkiecrazy:

The thing is, when people see a story about the subject matter involved, they usually expect it to be some sort of gross out fic, sometimes with sexual elements. I knew going in that some people would be apprehensive about it. That note was just to let those people know that it isn’t the case and they needn’t worry.

I was a bit apprehensive about the subject matter but this is a cute story so far.


during her first visit

Missing capital

Nearly every surface had a sparkle to it and shined in an otherworldly glow.

Shone, not shined

Fixed and fixed!
Thanks for the heads up, I’ve had proofreaders, but some things just slip through the cracks. I’m glad you like it so far and I hope it continues to please you!

A unique concept, but I can't say I really like this. Clockwork is not a particularly likable character, and the rest of the cast makes me cringe, especially Rarity.

In the various tests Twilight did with the sound booth and recording gear, I'm disappointed that asking her to whisper (as in talking without your vocal cords vibrating at all, not just talking quietly) was not included. :fluttershysad: Presumably, judging by the fact that Clockwork doesn't just go around whispering to ponies, there would still be some unpleasant effect (unless it's just a plot hole), but it would've been a more thorough set of tests, and I'm curious how that would have gone. :twilightsmile:

9196078 Ah, but unlikable characters can often be the most interesting ones.

For just a second, I considered disliking your comment, but then I remembered... Opinions are real! :pinkiecrazy:

I passed on the story a few times under the mistaken assumption that it'd just be a derp ripoff of a South Park episode or parody of Death Note. I'm pleased to see it's neither.

Though a Death Note idea might be more amenable for preventing wars.:rainbowwild:

Oh my god, could you imagine the potato chip scene if this were a parody of death note? :pinkiecrazy:

Believe it or not, there is a video which encapsulates this perfectly, and anytime I get heated up, I put it on.

Ok so the title of this story really intrigued me. I had no idea what the brown note even was until I read the first 2 chapters and looked it up. Needless to say I am very intrigued by this one. Really excited to see what twilight comes up with to help clockwork

They definitely can be, and there are some good stories wrapped around annoying or hateful characters that still manage to be interesting. But I don't find this character's brand of unlikable very interesting, and her voice isn't enough to carry her by itself.

Probably better that this is the last chapter that includes the "uncomfortable subject matter". As much as I'd like to see Rarity soil a pair of pants, shorts, or panties, I know she wouldn't take it as well as Rainbow Dash and Twilight did, and plus the author made it clear it's not a fetish fic.

Yeah, stories with that in it usually are disliked, but due to lighter use of it and not being too explicit about it, or it being the main focus really, this story seems to be really popular.

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